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  1. Damn I shouldn't have to cut my reading speed in half just to get an idea of what he's trying to say.
  2. As I think about it more the less I like it in theory. It removes surprises which is huge even with other powerups like OV, invis, rockets etc..
  3. My point stands even more now with knowledge that you actually thought he was cheating and reported him- like so many terrible, stupid 12 year olds, and couldn't escape a "spawn trap" on abandon. (I know the "trap" you are talking about and it's really easy to duck into cover at blue or whatever off the spawn if you are being shot. You probably charged him over and over like some of the people that I trapped on abandon. a.k.a. don't take this personally but you're a noob bro.)
  4. Too be fair- that's not a map pickup though where there is only one that both teams must fight for and once you kill the guy it never comes back. I say it's worth a test for 4v4s.
  5. Also, I would not want to see active camo as even a map-pickup since it only works when you aren't moving a.k.a. it promotes camping as opposed to dynamic engagements like camo in halo 3.
  6. I agree that a lot of pros are arrogant as hell about being good at halo, and care perhaps a little too much. But that's not why halo is dad.
  7. I think prom vision could work as a central powerup that both teams would actually need to fight over. It's extremely powerful and you would not want it to fall into the enemy team's hands.
  8. If you couldn't get 1 kill I think you had other problems haha.
  9. Please type normally, your last few comments hurt my eyes.
  10. I want to wear the color black as my primary armor color. They took it out because they feel that people can hide in the shadows.
  11. Yep, and it will be returned probably by the end of the day. Also, this only affects the pc version- the phone version is fine.
  12. only if you quit before the games starts.
  13. If you have Spartan assault please note this thread: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst224985_-Operation-F--Update-Reset-All-Prior-Progress.aspx before downloading the update.
  14. ninja will get knocked out a round earlier than expected on Onyx. Calling it now.
  15. Yeah I think that's a good idea- and to also bring in campaign leaderboards for both highest points and speedruns.
  16. I'm kind of meh on the announcer for campaign. Maybe if it was only if you were playing the score-based campaign and not narrative.
  17. ^^ yep, you're not angry at all. Regardless of whether or not the implication of your words was intentional or not, it is certainly how others viewed it. EDIT: really? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tone_(literature) (you may be notice that the tone of what I just said above "really?" followed by a link to a wikipedia article could be described as mean-spirited and laconic. My point is that tone exists- intentional or not, what you said about a game that plays well is a purposeless statement unless it carries with it the undertone that previous titles were a disappointment. Not too difficult of an idea to understand really. That's all I'll say on the matter.)
  18. I'm soooo happy I decided to watch this show I couple of weeks ago. Binge watching 5 seasons in a few days cannot be healthy.
  19. strongside-pistola finals is the safest bet imo. Yoshi will not make it, and neither will the other unkowns.
  20. The obvious undertone of that comment. Connotation exists y'know. The whole point of this thread is to not bring in the negative/debate. Back on topic, as far as medals are concerned I agree that less would be better although I do like the additions of snapshot, distraction, and hail marry.
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