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  1. Also, to make things even more confusing: sudd1 tweeted " Just was warming up fucking around. The next match is important. All I have to do Is get more kills than 10 people out of all the rounds" yeah, I have no idea how this thing works anymore.
  2. bsangel just said that this is the best quality that the venue's internet can handle.
  3. A tourney that takes the average of 3 games.
  4. Nah, I like 3 game averages since it makes it less random.
  5. It's funny how we didn't know before now that they were adding up points from 3 rounds (8 points for first, 7 points for 2nd etc.) and top 4point scorers move on.
  6. Our hero got 5th. ): That's three 5th places in a row on stream.
  7. lol shockwav3 didn't know where the lift was off the spawn. /FailFish
  8. aight we get it. no need to repeat yourself 10 times over lol.
  9. Ghostayame never "defended" sprint. He was asked if he wanted no sprint at first- he declined since he wasn't able to playtest it at the time and he'd rather not take a chance at those settings without having the right maps as well etc, and his playlist had no ground to stand on so he didn't want to separate it from the rest of halo right at the start. Afterwards he has been asking for no sprint over and over but he has not been given the settings to playtest. He did not know at the time that this would be a "no take-backsies" kind of deal.
  10. Ogre 2 got 5th Eliminates fear auras is not a pro. If anything it's a con. Mental game matters too.
  11. But it had descope. H4 is easiest with no descope. Not even close.
  12. great point. player watching has always been an important part of FFAs. Just goes to show that these event organizes don't understand halo- or else they would have kept the names normal. Knowing who you are playing against? lol
  13. Do you still not understand the rules? Posting what you just posted is fine. You just posted constructive criticism. It is also ok to be angry. Just don't bash developers for no particular reason and make it personal and you'll be fine. Bad critiism: "lol wtf are you even doing del Hoya?!!!" Good criticism: "This stream is not going to work out unless 343 offers higher quality and gets rid of the 0000 names."
  14. dat boxart doe. LOL at it saying "inspired by halo for xbox one" sureeeeeee.....
  15. yeah no. There is a hell of a lot wrong with sprint. This is not a matter of glass half empty/half full, this is a matter of understanding basic game mechanics.
  16. You are ignoring no descope. Halo 4 is easiest with no descope, and reach comes in 2nd. I remember when the reach beta came out and I was laughing at how easy it was to noscope with that gun.
  17. No way in hell he afforded this solely off of gaming.
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