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  1. It's weird. Halo 4 feels more like Halo even though it's terribly bad while Reach felt like some weird shit. Bloom, no bleed through melees. It's just shit.


    MLGv7/ZBNS how ever >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


    With that said, Reach didn't feel that great. The graphics were meh, just felt like it wasn't done. Halo 4 "looks" and "feels" done, but there's so much shit in it.

    Basically my same opinion.


    I couldn't get in to reach and I *hated* its art style even more than halo 4.   I never even played mlgv7 since I already noped outta there.


    Halo 4 throwdown basically suffers from:


    1. sprint


    2. bad maps (this is kinda coupled with sprint)


    3. lack of population/ rank progression


    4. no descope/flinch


    5. not being v5 ):



    Everything in halo 4 feels crips though.  The base movement (ignoring sprint) is pretty decent although there is still better strafing to be desired, and I vastly prefer hitscan online.


    Some other problems with throwdown include the br spread.



    Wow. I am very disappointed with the intelligence level of this community. Just wow. 

    I really wouldn't blame it on "intelligence" but rather knowledge/experience with the game.


    I mean, the BR *is* easier to use at close-midrange than the DMR, but the DMR is easier to use at long range, and it takes a certain level of experience with the game to determine which is easier *overall*.


    I mean, the stats above show only like a 5% difference- the DMR and BR are actually rather close in skill it takes to use.


    I wouldn't call people who said that the DMR was easier to use "stupid",  just less-informed/less-experienced.

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  3. I’m glad to see PJ got on a team that can compete for a championship.  If anyone is questioning this move you obviously don’t know Snakebite.  His drive to win and succeed is unreal and with him reuniting with Dersk is a scary thing. AGL 10 is going to be very exciting with all of the new team changes.


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  4. I agree, it's just one of those.. "well it's not not aloud, It's just frowned upon." Kind of thing. I really think they should have planned ahead for this sort of thing. Like possibly only allow people to play on accounts that were a certain age, like 3 months or something. If that makes sense. 

    Yeah I agree that they should have regulated it more.  At least you're not like Horror here who misunderstands my point, calls me slow, states that my logic is faulty, and then proceeds to present an argument brimming with false analogies.  That's a no-no.  Don't do that.

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  5. I guess you are a little slow.  The glitch allows you to literally pick who you want to play against making your games easier.  


    I know what the glitch does.


    Since giggles qualified a previous week under an account that did not use the sign out glitch- his account that used the sign out glitch in a later week did not matter whatsoever.  He had already qualified a previous week so it didn't affect anything, and he didn't take the spot away from someone else.


    Please do not call me slow just because you don't understand how the system works.  Please do not call me slow just because you didn't comprehend my statement.


    You have highly flawed logic.  


    So because this Banking website has taken a lot of time to fix an XSS exploit, I am able to just abuse the exploit and log into anyone's account... And it is not my fault! Yeah the lawyers are gonna laugh at that one.


    right, well your logic is highly flawed because that's a complete false analogy. There are laws in place to prevent using someone else's money through an online exploit.


    there are no rules in place against using the sign out glitch.


    Therefore by this fact alone (and many, many more) your analogy is terrible.


    Hey look! Someone left their car door open with the keys in there... It is not my fault if I steal it, they left the car open!


    Once again, there are laws in place against stealing someone else's car, whereas there are no rules in place (let alone laws) against using the sign out glitch.


    Than I am able to DDOS anyone off Xbox Live too right?  It is the developer's fault for showing me to people's IP addresses.... So I am able to legally DDOS!


    Once again, there are laws in place against DDOSing people, whereas there are no rules let alone laws in place against using the sign out glitch.


    If a Glitch allows you to control the game, allows you to control the players you play against and picking easier competition, then it is cheating.  


    And that is your opinion.


    It is my opinion that since this glitch was not officially stated as off limits by 343, despite it being well-known to them, that it is not cheating- albeit shady.



    Here, this may help you out a bit.


    come on now  :lxthul:

  6. each point responds to each bold sentence in order


    - *future gameplay. so u admit it's 'equal starts' then?


    No.  I've already explained this, so I'll just copy/paste.  "You choose what you earn *before* you spawn.  Thus it's a difference created before the spawn that affects gameplay- and it is class.  This is different from say, choosing an AA from the drop-down menu during the game, as that decision is made during the game and after spawning."


    You do not start equal.  Different people start with a different potential.



    - 'game-affecting' doesn't only mean gameplay. but even if we define 'game-affecting' as changing how a game plays (not how it looks, feels, handles etc) a lot of additions do this.


    Ok, so now you're literally just arguing semantics.  The last point you made had me worried, but this just proves it.  Obviously I meant gameplay-affecting.   This will not be worth my time if your points aren't legitimate but rather random grammatical/word issues that are irrelevant to my actual point.  You knew exactly what I meant.


    - so if the mechanic isnt bad, then this argument is over.


    No it's not.  The whole purpose of my argument is that the changes you are describing would make it class.  That was my argument.  I'm sorry if you did not catch that- but it's been my argument the last 10 or so comments.   


    That being said, I do believe that system would be bad.  But let me put it this way:


    If they turned halo into a functional equivalent of Shadowrun- where everything played the exact same but with a halo skin, this would be a good game.  But it would also not be Halo.  


    So even if they figure out a class-system that is good, I would not want it as it is not what I purchase halo to play.



    - i dont think ur understanding what im saying at all. what ur arguing, and what ur english teacher will tell u, is that u dont need "i believe" as a prerequisite to inform the reader that you are expressing an opinion. ur arguing an entirely different argument im afraid; im not accusing u of stating opinion as fact, im accusing ur opinion of being ignorant of others' preferences (a keyword i originally used, but which u transformed in post #65). im not even accusing u of being unaware that other opinions exist, acknowledging existence != consideration. tell me if i say "visible ranks should never be in halo" is this not an opinion that disregards others, whether im aware that people like visible ranks or not? anyhow this meta-argument is irrelevant to the debate on the inclusion/addition of class-based elements.


    No, the statement: "visible ranks should never be in halo" is not an opinion that "disregards" other's opinions.  I have no idea where you got the idea that if you state your personal opinion you must therefore be disregarding others.    That just makes no sense whatsoever.


  7. So, how would Halo work if it had a League style leveling system for AAs. Everyone starts with nothing, and then as the game progresses, the points they get from kills/obj work could then be spent to buy different AAs and improve the one you already have.


    Say with thruster, you buy that at 60 points,and then another 60 points you can upgrade the thruster with more distance. 50 more points and the thruster can be turned into a jetpack.


    And, in order to not disrupt the flow of the game, you'd only get a chance to buy something on your death screen

    Since this occurs after the initial spawn (later respawns are not initial spawns) sure.  It's actually very similar to what is currently in place with throwdown where you do get to choose between 3 AAs after getting a certain number of points.  This fits under my definition of an "arena shooter".


    *that being said* I would prefer it if there weren't killstreaks- but for other reasons which I'll get into tomorrow if you really want.

  8. this is so true. i typically prefer ranked but if say i'm tired, or just wanna relax or maybe i'm just playing a match or two alone i want to play casual. i mean i understand the need to have some sort of matching based on skill even in casual playlists to a small degree to try not to match lesser skilled players with highly skilled players bc it just ruins the gaming experience for lesser skilled players. (this was noticeable in h3 like if you made a new profile you would match against very low level players in social gametypes) 

    Also, I'd like to point out halo 3 had separate k/d for ranked and social. Some people, and i used to notice this a ton back when koth and oddball were playlists, is skilled players would go into casual objective games and just try to stat to pat their k/d. And it would drive me nuts. I'd almost say don't even track k/d in playlists like action sack or grifball. 

    I'd almost say don't even track k/d at all.



    But really what would be better is if more relevant stats were tracked- not less.


    I just hope that k/d is not front and center, but rather your rank and games won/loss or something more relevant.

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  9. no it adheres perfectly to 'equal starts'. there is potentiality to receive different armour abilities via on-map pick ups, there is also potentiality to obtain a different weapon than the standard starting rifle in every halo game. does this mean the game becomes a class shooter? u still start the same, u still gain advantages by obtaining items on the map, u still earn ur abilities with skill. the only difference is u choose wat u earn; how exactly does this destroy the integrity of the halo experience or defile its arena shooter aspect?


    You choose what you earn *before* you spawn.  Thus it's a difference created before the spawn that affects gameplay- and it is class.  This is different from say, choosing an AA from the drop-down menu during the game, as that decision is made during the game and after spawning.


    this is a game-affecting difference, true, but everything is a game-affecting difference.


    Not everything is a game-affecting difference.  Choosing what color you wear is not a game-affecting difference, yet it is made before the match.


    what you fail to identify is if this effect is bad. btw just because it offers a different halo experience (or not even a 'halo' experience by some people's definition) doesnt mean it is bad.


    I never stated that it was bad- just that I would prefer to play an arena halo.  I can play other games (just as good if not better) that are class-shooters.  Right now I believe the problem with halo is that it is trying to stradle that line, and is in an identity crises.  When really the most successful class-shooter *are full on class shooters* where the differences in classes are stark, and the most successful arena shooters are just that- arena.


    i agree, but u can remove segregation/dissimilarities by simply adding a class-based playlist in BOTH ranked and social sections. wowza!


    As long as it is in the minority compared to arena-playlists.


    also, yes you were. its not like u cant share ur own opinion and forget others' at the same time. "This would still make a halo a class shooter- which it is not and should never be" roughly equivalent to "class-based gameplay of any type should never be added to halo", how exactly does that not forget the fact that other players like classes and feel it belongs in halo?


    I don't think that you understand how sharing an opinion works in written language.  Just because I didn't say "IMO" or "I personally believe", does not mean that this wasn't my personal opinion and that I recognize that others exist.  I would not have shared my own opinion if I didn't recognize that others existed, as it would be purposeless to do so.


    Ask any freshman english teacher.  Any.  And they will tell you to remove any instances of "I believe" or "I think" from your paper, because it something that is inherently understood and does not need to be explicitly mentioned.  (assuming that you are the sole author and you are speaking for yourself.  If you are an editor for the NYT and you are sharing an opinion that you personally hold but that the newspaper does not, you may be advised to explicitly state "In the opinion of the author" so as not to create confusion.)


    When I stated "This would still make halo a class shooter- which it is not and should never be" it was implicitly understood that this was "my opinion".  I should not have to state "although I know other opinions exist" every time I share my opinion, as that would be tedious and ultimately redundant- since it is already inherently understood.


    Seriously, this is a well-known fact about writing arguments.







  10. If anyone cheated it was Contraaa. I knocked him out 3 times on 3 different accounts. I'm more pissed about people making 5+ accounts per week than I am about anyone using the sign out glitch. 

    imo though, that's all fair game since 343 allowed it.  Including the sign out glitch.


    yeah it sucks- but I don't blame the *players* for utilizing what was at their disposal in the same way that I don't blame people for camo crouching with boltshots.  If it's in the game- it's fair game.


    (although perhaps I can entertain the argument that sign out glitch is not "in the game".  It is still however a function that can be achieved by simply pressing buttons on your controller- without having to modify anything externally- so it's 'fair' to me, although certainly shady.)


    Basically these were oversights made by 343, and the blame should be put on them rather than the players.

  11. the mechanic i suggested, whereby usage of armour abilities requires a sort of fuel, adheres to the principle of 'equal starts'. fuel is also obtained from the map, fitting in the 'fight to acquire' aspect of halo.


    It does not adhere to "equal starts" as there is still the difference that different players will have the *potential* to receive different armor abilities based upon what they choose *before* spawning.  


    This is a game-affecting difference that exists between players off of the initial spawn other than spawn location.


    The effect would certainly be smaller than it currently is- but it would exist.


    Sort of like how you cannot use an aa right at the beginning but must wait for it to charge up first- the class-difference exists because you have the *potential* to achieve differing characteristics based upon what you choose before spawning.





    and ignoring the fact that this form of loadouts doesnt destroy halo's arena FPS aspect, u also again forget OTHER PEOPLE'S PREFERENCES. not everyone is like you. not everyone hates loadouts, and some prefer it over classic halo. why not offer these people the option to play as they want, even if its only in customs? if ur gonna respond along the lines of 'oh but itll affect the game indirectly eg) even if sprint was optional, maps wud still be big', well realise that an option can be implemented without the core game being based on it.

    I would prefer it if halo is roughly the same game throughout so that there isn't such a sharp divide between ranked and social playlists.


    However, more realistically class-based playlilsts will continue to exist in halo, and I feel that those should be strictly kept in the social arena, with arena-combat taking up the ranked playlists- or at least the majority of them.



    Also, I am not "forgetting" other people's opinions, I am simply sharing my own.  I have no obligation to share other people's opinions, although I do recognize that they exist.

  12. He certainly didn't pass up many opportunities to remind people that it was asymmetrical.

    I think it is gameplay affecting though- although perhaps not noticeably so.  


    The difference is there though, and it's large enough to matter (like open/closed on construct basically.)

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