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  1. I like you. I'll try not to be a dick to people who go neg 15 in throwdown from now on.
  2. I agree. The people that like competitive settings left for the most part- that's why it appears as if more people like randomness.
  3. I don't think I've ever seen that before lol. Alright CT YOU'RE GOING THE FUCK DOWN YOU PIECE OF SHIT makeitstop, on 02 Aug 2013 - 11:32 PM, said: You are right I didn't play CE competitively, only reach with healthpacks, so ultimately I defer the issue to you and accept your opinion over mine on the matter, these are just my thoughts.
  4. it's easier to search alone in IS. Also some of my friends IRL don't like throwdown because they care way too much about k/d and other stupid shit, and they rely on radar way too much so they won't play and just get frustrating after like 3 games that they aren't going +20 every match.
  5. "imaginary" numbers have always "mattered" in gaming. I personally care about csr a little bit- even if no one else will see it, simply because I enjoy reaching new goals in gaming. 8==D
  6. The problem isn't CSR. It's individual csr. And the same exact deal with me: can't play with my friends in infinity slayer when we all try and get a 50 because we'll end up stealing each other's thunder. Individual csr is just terrible. team csr is fine (although obviously it needs to be visible in game for it to matter at all).
  7. Yeah no, it's easily demonstratable that the opposite is true. Plus you aren't considering how terrible jumping was in reach. It pretty much removed an entire halo metagame of sick jumps etc.
  8. ehhh. It's a bit overblown to say that downvoting a comment is "embarrassing to the community". We are online, and there are always going to be people who abuse the system anonymously.
  9. Oh boo hoo a single person downvoted you. Instead of trying to "reply" to the quotes, why don't you just reread them and try to soak them in and understand the points being presented.
  10. I'm pretty sure this is already what we're kind of doing. We're just voicing what we'd want the most and at the end of the day everyone is willing to to accept the changes in team throdown or what AGL is doing even if we have minor disagreements. As a community I think we're doing fine, we just need to get bigger. To do that we need halo 5 to be awesome, and so we will continue to voice what we'd like to see out of halo 5, which as I've stated is what we are already doing. I don't "hate everyone" else in the competitive community, although I do agree that there was a time where settings differences splintered some people off earlier. I just don't think it's fair to label us all as people fighting each other. I mean, I'm in a debate about health packs/no health packs right now but I'm pretty sure we all agree that either way it isn't the most important thing that needs to be done and we can all pretty much compromise with each other if need be. (I am certainly willing to play a halo game with health packs).
  11. Then you are sane. Congratulations. (from what I've heard from a friend (i honestly haven't watched it) the show itself isn't bad- it was written by the same people who made foster's home for imaginary pets (which I do know was a solid cartoon), but the brony obsession over it is ridiculous, half the time contrived, and ultimately weird.)
  12. Ok, I'll respond. It slows down gameplay when you're less likely to push out and into engagements and when you have to go back in search of health packs. Halo 2 did away with health packs and revolutionized fps's in this way (hello CoD). Action became quicker paced and more exciting. It's not like picking up, say, powerups because powerups are in central positions that both teams fight over. Health packs are placed off to the sides away from the central conflict areas. Removing health packs was a change for the better, it's great to be able to jump into a battle after a previous one without having to first make a pitstop back at your base- perhaps it removes some strategy but in its place it increases the importance of pushing out and being quick as fu-- to get to the position on the map that you are needed most, since the other team has also recharged their shields. It also makes dying a bigger deal since you can't just say "well at least I made the guy with rockets red bar." If you die in a stupid engagement you get punished more. Also 50% of the primary multiplayer halo games with health packs were terrible, whereas only 33% of the primary multiplayer halo games with no health packs were terrible. XD
  13. I already included that in my comment at the end. I said, and here I quote, "until NBNS". Still though, please don't say "it never existed." It certainly existed and was the reason why I and many, many people and my friends left halo reach. I didn't even know about NBNS until halo 4 was about to be out because I simply stopped caring about reach. Also I'm sorry I don't have much to say about v5 since I agree with most people here and the point that pitfall obviously needs to come in.
  14. Doubles pro is awesome. I just think that railgun is a little bit too strong for doubles and should be replaced with concussion.
  15. Honestly the biggest thing to bring a ton of people into the game is to bring back ranked/social and to have a refined ranking system even better than H2 or H3. Something like what they do in LoL with ELO- this will keep people playing their asses off. I honestly think it's a bigger deal populationwise than say, no descope. (80% of players probably have not even realized that it changed to no-descope from halo 3.) Luckily 343 did hire the guy who did the rankings for starcraft, so we'll see how that pans out.
  16. Reach's base movement was the worst in the series (ignoring sprint). IF you take sprint out of h4 it's movement >>>>>>> reach. Plus if the primary utility weapon had severe randomness incorporated with it.. (until NBNS).
  17. Why are you spewing these falsehoods? http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1806-v5-testing-discussion-thread/page-11
  18. possibly. Or you can just have a health system like H3 where it regenerates immediately once regaining shields and it won't even be a problem.
  19. Im kinda angry this got deleted. Now I'll never see it.
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