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  1. So instead of having arguments against my points you just say "lol i don't care". I think it's pretty obvious who is in the right here, and that no sprint is clearly better than sprint if you examine it from any logical basis whatsoever.
  2. the no sprint gametype currently being played in customs is a mod. yes. no I do not want sprint. lol
  3. I've only seen like 3-5 comments out of all of these in this thread bashing 343 for "lying about descope" (false) etc.
  4. 6 7 pages in a couple hours. :goat:
  5. time to make the "believe in halo 5" signature
  6. Guys Guys I think I just realized something. Descope is actually bad for halo and keeping us in the past. We all just need to adapt to flinch.
  7. It may suck for some people, but ultimately this is far better for the majority and for halo. If you live close to sturgis and this is a bummer for you, consider your predicament a sacrifice for the greater good.
  8. An error occurred: You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day
  9. This is true but I don't play complex. (actually id rather LR over DMR)
  10. Br is 4 shot now while DMR stayed 5 shot. DMR is no longer an issue.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOn1htjSZic video link so much better
  12. and it won't work in matchmaking.
  13. F5 upvote F5 upvote F5 upvote
  14. Thinking of a halo with flinch and no descope...
  15. If you aren't lying OP
  16. Yeah I don't really have problems with AAs as pickups for both teams to fight for, as long as said AA actually ads something to the map/experience. (promethean vision could be something to fight for for example- at least it would deserve to be tested as a central pickup to fight over. EDIT: )
  17. If only you could learn why sprint is terrible too. I still haven't seen you respond to the points raised in my reddit comment. As for descope: I would rather have no descope and no flinch (just stay scoped and shooting) than see no descope and flinch. Yes, there would be no punishment for being shot while being scoped in, and long range BR battles would become a lot easier, but at least it would be balanced and nonrandom. Obviously descope over all though since having a punishment for long range battles makes them more difficult which allows players to move around the map easier instead of everyone having "pocket snipers". plus more difficult long range battles = higher skill cap = better game. Flinch may add difficulty/ skill cap, but the fact that its random and is only slightly difficult/ slight addition to skill cap means that the benefits of taking it out outweighs the benefits of keeping it in.
  18. Lol your analogy to flood is shit. IF flood was a mod and not just something done in custom games *than it wouldn't have garnered support from bungie*. The same thing goes for swat. If swat was a mod instead of a custom gametype than bungie would have similarly ignored it. That's what we are saying about promods. 343 won't ever put them in because it came from mods. I know you said "it came from playing the game in a way it wasn't intended" but even that statement has its problems as custom games *were intended* to be used in these outside-of-the-box ways. They were definitely intended to foster creativity in the community whereas mods were not meant to be intended *at all*. Completely different levels of intendedness and it doesn't make sense to compare them. It's a bad analogy. 343 would love to see the next flood/grifball appear from their custom games community. They would not love to see mods that half of the competitive community uses that were not built out of their custom game system.
  19. good for lan, terrible for the rest of us online. Funniest video I've seen in H4.
  20. Well I mean halo pros aren't actually making money nowadays (with the exception of whoever wins the big challenge), so I absolutely do not blame them for not putting out content. They have no obligation and only a miniscule community. It's amazing how much competitive halo has shrunken after H3.... just incredible.
  21. There are more reasons than just "get out of jail free" for no sprint. (I have posted this link before, but these are my words and I don't feel like retyping. Please read it as well as the embedded hyperlink that says "read this") http://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/1id153/legendary_slayer_has_made_me_love_this_game_again/cb3k5sr
  22. Yeah correct me if I'm wrong but flood and swat weren't modded. They were just things that people played in custom games- which has always been accepted by the developer. It's mods that they are less willing to accept.
  23. I don't really share stuff about competitive gaming on my fb/twitter but I'd happily sign in with my xbox live account.
  24. No I know that stuff about how health recharges slower than shields (and how it was possible to die from one plasma at your feet if you had just recharged), I just think it was less an issue than health packs as that health still recharged quick enough and I had an idea of when the "true" recharge was completed. Sure you can show me that, but does going in search of something a few times a game really impact the pace? I watched every reach tourney and every halo 3 tourney. Hell, I went to a bunch of them and I just didn't see this large difference in pace that you're talking about. IMO It is just another thing to consider, and if you want to run straight into battle with red health then you take that risk. If youd rather wander off to find a health pack then your lack of helping and teamshooting will also affect the game. You misunderstood my point. I wasn't saying it made halo quicker- I was saying it made other games like CoD quicker paced (undeniable my friend). Halo became slower after CE for a host of other reasons and honestly the health pack thing is minor compared to the difference between the pistol and the BR. This is true, but your original contention was that health was a significant contributing factor in the slowing of halo's pace. I simply disagreed. Pace is a funny thing though. Sure cod is quicker paced due to having such fast kill times, but it can also devolve into a slow-paced game for the same reasons. People camp because wandering is dangerous in a game where you die so quickly. I personally think h1 has had the best balance of any FPS, and is the only one with about 1 second kill times in the last 12 years. Reach anniversary had it too but it was plagued with bloom. Health packs do slow down the game, but halo CE was already quicker than the other halos to where it didn't really matter that much. I never said that it *significantly* slowed down gameplay, just that it does make it slower, and when attached to a game that is already slow (reach) it's even more noticeable. I don't play team snipers with a team, usually just my wife. The whole reason I like that playlist is that I dont have to rely on a bunch of annoying, whiny-ass teenagers to get kills. Teamwork helps a lot, but just being able to shoot your way out of situations is why I play it. I could shoot my way out of bad spots in Halo 1 but since Halo 2, the only playlist where that was really still an option was Team Snipers. Then get the headshot instead of 3 bodies XD. Point is, you should be penalized for getting pushed to within an inch of your life, and right now you are not. I can't see how that is really such a bad thing. You *are* penalized- you have to wait for that recharge. reach/ce health penalizes you more, true, but I think other factors of just shield recharge offset it. So many people talk about slowness and pacing and camping and no one talks about playing SMART. If there are no consequences for your decisions, it allows you to play without putting all that much thought into it. And I say challenging rocket guy with a dmr at a range where he can kill you is *not* a smart play, and you shouldn't be rewarded for lowering his health to red. I know what the original thread is about; I just think this detour which is still somewhat on topic is good discussion so why not?
  25. Did you forget that bungie made Reach? That started this whole mess. goddamn this thread exploded
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