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  1. Did you seriously not know what you were buying? lol, I kind of agree with Heathen on this one, yeah those things sucked, but we knew about them before the game came out. I knew exactly what we were getting into with halo 4. It sounds like you just took info from 5 months before the game came out, preordered it, and then never looked at any halo 4 news and just bought it day one. Also I don't remember them ever confirming "in game" ranks, or that it would come "before" 2013. And to be fair there really are a ton of customization options compared to other console fps's. Also it really is competitive friendly- we're just spoiled with the original trilogy being so much better. I mean, I'd still take halo 4 over CoD competitively. I enjoy watching the events. It may not be the competitive bombshell that we wanted it to be, but it is "friendly". You don't like the weapon additions? Or hitscan? I mean jeez, I understand that I probably look like a halo 4 apologizer right now (i'm really just playing devil's advocate), but this thread is about what is good with halo 4. We already have 25 other threads about what is bad, but so far only like 2 people have stuck with the topic, while the rest continue the same old bashing halo 4 dialogue that we already have enough of (me included in that conversation!) I hate the stuff halo 4 did like the rest of you but can this please just be one discussion about the positive aspects?
  2. I have never heard my opinion voiced by another person: I think it absolutely sucks that there are maps that are *almost* symmetrical but then the developers fucked them up in some slight way. I mean, if you are going to go for asymmetrical, than *make a good asymmetrical map* like guardian, abandon, lockout, etc. Examples: Haven- the structures above the crack over the walls on red and blue street are slightly different. Thats why the pressure jump only works on red (i believe). Also, those pillars in top mid? Yeah, they fuck up the symmetricality. I recognize that it's likely only effected 1 out of 10,000 game outcomes, but it just fucking bugs me that 343 was *so* damn close to keeping it symmetrical. Solace- was almost symmetrical, but 343 decided to fuck with the bases on both extreme ends. I have no idea why they didn't think that maybe it was a bad idea. Construct- so damn close to being symetrical but they made one side open and one side closed. Like I'm saying, if you only go halfway asymmetrical than it's worse than if you just made the map symmetrical. Pitfall- from the videos it appeared as if there were slight sand displacements on both sides. once again- this won't actually meaningfully effect the vast, vast majority of games, it just kinda irks me.
  3. PLEASE no class based halo. I can play other games for that. k thanks.
  4. So I was thinking... and if you think about it this whole forum is essentially the biggest #FirstWorldProblems of all time. I mean, nothing but page upon page upon page of text put in about complaints about what in the grand scheme of things are minor grievances. So, in the nature of Dersky optimism, but mostly just in the nature of curiosity, I'd like to pose the following question: What did halo 4 do right? What were the additions/ changes made in halo 4 that you feel need to stay in for halo 5? DOESN'T JUST HAVE TO BE ABOUT MECHANICS! I'll start: I think this game obviously looks incredible. It plays very, very smoothly too. Impact looks so goddamn amazing. traditional halo jumping height made a return- which is awesome. I personally like hitmarkers The sounds are fucking awesome. Every weapons is just great to hear. They were built from the ground up for this game. Weapon skins are a nice addition. Obviously I don't think anyone here really cares about this, and I'm probably just making myself sound like a complete noob by even voicing this, but I think a little aesthetic customization on your weapons is cool. hitscan. No more shitty online halo 3 BR. People may argue which is better for lan, but I don't think there can even be a question about which is better for online. Promethean weapons!! The lightrifle is a fantastic addition to the halo sandbox. Many people even wanted it as the primary competitive weapon. Boltshot is like a more skilled version of the mauler, although it definitely should not be given as a loadout option. Promethean nades too. And don't forget. Sarah Palmer. So without further ado, what would you like see added or subtracted from this list, and do you have anything else to say about what I have in it?
  5. The video skipped a minute for me at 30 minutes in. And the Beyond video #10 simply ended at 1 hour in . Twitch video got some probs.
  6. Listen, regardless of the fact that he is paying PR even with talking with fans (and I'm absolutely sure that he is genuine about it too- he honestly feels that that's the best way to talk with people: "professionally"), we knew what his reasoning was since reach has been out. One of the first things we heard was that frank doesn't like ranking systems because of the bad apples who abuse the system, and we've also known that that's a bullshit reason since the pros obviously outweigh the cons. It's better to deal with derankers than have no ranking system at all. Besides, better algorithms can further limit the amount of derankers.
  7. I think it's awesome that you're testing the new maps. Whether or not they actually get put in is less important to me since that obviously depends on how well they play- I'm just glad that you're at least taking time to try them and see if they do work or not.
  8. Yeah, you do realize he just said "that makes sense but...." because he was disagreeing but because he talks to disgruntled fans all the time (even from the casual sector- "where are my brutes in campaign!!!???") he's really good at saying "yeah but..." in a way that calms the person down. Basically in PR fashion. Basically he played you. He's already made his decision, and any time people ask him questions about this stuff its always in his style to agree with them and then say what he thinks is good in a convoluted way that usually doesn't answer the question. You can find this happening at various panels he has answered questions at.
  9. Try this: http://www.twitch.tv/gobeyondent/
  10. http://www.twitch.tv/gobeyondent/ discuss bitches.
  11. well it *is* on maps to be picked up for long range engagements. I'm guessing it being not used as the primary is the same reason why the DMR isn't: with no descope they become pocket snipers and map movement sucks. I agree that it's pretty hilarious that OP didn't just ask for LR and people are scrounging for halo 2 e3 videos of the gun instead of just looking at the LR lol.
  12. fall damage - no All what fall damage does is limit map movement. It doesn't make verticality more important, if anything it reduces its importance because you can no longer jump off of high places to escape (a previous + of having height control). It adds negligible skill to the game because once players know where they can and can't jump off *they just don't jump off anymore* unless they have to. Regenerative Health - yes Health packs slow things down to where people will have to leave engagements to go to the outside of the map and find a healthpack. Plus Ilike having my br battles be on completely even ground. No hidden information in terms of health/shields. Hitmarkers - yes I like hitmarkers in general as it removes the guessing game of "did that nade hit him?". More information presented as to whether their shots and nades are hitting = better for online. I don't see what no hitmarkers adds (that you can't know if you hit someone around the corner?) but having hitmarkers does add to the experience with both scouting and knowing that if you were hit with a grenade that person may come after you even though you are around the corner. Shield Recharge delay - 4 seconds 4 seconds of course, but that's only with no sprint. 6 seconds is needed with halo 4 sprint. Secondary Weapon icon - yes I don't really see a reason to not have this. It surely helps new players keep track of what they're carrying more easily and takes up such a small part of the screen that it's pretty much negligible. Dual Wielding - yes More fun for noobs and It can definitely be balanced as a short range powerful gun in which you cannot throw nades. Ordnance - no just no. Not in matchmaking at least. Projectile or Hitscan - Hitscan Hitscan all fucking day. With projectile, yeah you have to lead hosts but 1. online is a bitch and 2. it often becomes a luck game of "guess where he will strafe next" and whoever is luckier gets the kill. With hitscan you still have to put your shots in the same small area, it's just that your shots will actually register and there is no luck game involved.
  13. Yeah why not. If it's tested and it works I see no reason to use these new features as powerups.
  14. Remove dispatch. Adrift just has some spawning issues that will be fixed in v5 but otherwise has always had exciting games on mainstage (as has been voiced by :saucey: and :ghost: ). I'd rather kill station 9 in all honesty as that map is boring/ confusing as fuck for viewers (who never know where they are).
  15. Can someone explain what the "loophole" is? I understand the kyle fighting with angry ex's part, but why is he called "loophole" lion? (never saw the video which was taken off the net)
  16. I don't like giving noobs tips because it makes it harder for me to stat.
  17. I will eat shit if 343 makes a comment about these mods. it just aint gonna happen.
  18. With the shuttle going from airport to event for $20 this honestly is not as bad as was originally thought.
  19. Yes i know that it was at an event but I still think they are completely overrated. That snipe was not "unbelievable". There have been much better clutch plays and much better snipes on the main stage. The goofy snipe was a single snipe to bring it 49-49 while he had OS. There have been better snipes and snipes to win series. It's completely overrated. A good clip but not "the most clutch play" as some people call it. The walshy double kill was pretty sick, but people consider it one of the top 5 halo clips when honestly it isn't even top 10. I know it's at an event; doesn't matter though because much, much better plays have happened at events. Many that weren't even recorded as youtube clips. The 41-0 in general matchmaking is definitely more impressive than the double kill that walshy got mainstage. Much rarer of an event.
  20. I have uploaded this to youtube to be preserved in a better format. (first time i've ever done anything like this so it took me several hours to figure it out.)
  21. it was already posted... My opinions: Goofy snipe is overrated The first walshy double kill is definitely overrated. A sick play, don't get me wrong, but people equate it as being one of the top halo clips of all time (which it just isn't). The 41 kill streak is awesome, I'm glad you reminded me of it. Somehow I still remembered the number "41" when I saw ogre get the killing spree medal, even though I had completely forgotten that clip. The neighbor clutch play is probably one of if not the most clutch play I've ever seen. Catching the oddball then staying alive on that tree branch was pretty incredible. I know montages aren't what is asked for, but I think these are an exception:
  22. Thank you for coming here to discuss. Would be happy to play some halo with you.
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