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  1. Yeah the mods are certainly a little banhappy.
  2. Yeah no I like being able to ditch bad teammates after 1 game, and having a 5 game series will just make it terrible for anyone other than teams of 4. Furthermore, if it's basically for teams of 4 only than why not just do custom game scrims? Perhaps there should be a way for players to search for customs instead? That would knock out many birds with one stone.
  3. I just think it's funny that so many people here have no hope for halo, and think it is and will always be complete trash. I mean, if you really don't have hope for halo than why are you still here? You're just wasting your time for what? Venting anger? Venting regret? Just leave to make it good for all of us. I for one agree with ghost that things are certainly improving and honestly I don't find halo 4 to be *that* bad- I still think that v4 halo 4 is far better than cod, battlefield, etc. even with sprint and no descope. Honestly, I have fun with halo despite its flaws- and despite it being worse than halo 1,2,3 it's still a good game. And I do believe that halo 5 will be better.
  4. You people. It's a remake of onslaught just for a smaller 1v1, of course it's going to have fucking "onslaught" in the name and look like onslaught. I for one think the map looks sick for a 1v1.
  5. I never saw any button combos while I played for what it's worth, but their aiming is a tad bit better.
  6. nah the button combos can be made much easier on pc where you can easily sit your fingers on all the required button presses. It just becomes a matter of timing as opposed to a matter of timing + dealing with putting your hand in an akward position. (one could actually easily make a macro bxr, bxb etc. with the touch of one button) Also, while it is certainly a difficult learning curve to having to deal with auto aim + mouse, it ultimately becomes best, but not by too much so like I said I wouldn't even worry about it and I personally still play with controller instead.
  7. Yeah the port was shoddy as far as pc ports go, people negged you because it seemed like you were just bashing halo 2. Besides, the shoddyness of the port is easily look overable for me since the base game is so damn good.
  8. Actually, as far as reddit is concerned, just realized that /r/halo sticked the agl news to the top with big green font. http://www.reddit.com/r/halo
  9. new pit is work the couple bucks over forged stuff.
  10. ..... and then the other person just waits for a different powerweapon. But as I said, you really just need good small maps that hiding isn't even viable in.
  11. YOU ARE THE BEST ROOSTERUUUUUU And yeah I haven't found competitive games but I love them sniper/br foundry matches I've jumped in. Also, in case someone doesn't know you can always plug a wired controller into your laptop/pc and use that to play (although you will be at a disadvantage to those who use mouse/keyboard).
  12. like powerweapons? 1v1s are fucking awesome. You just have to have good small maps to play them in.
  13. Yeah I've had a couple problems with the mods too.
  14. awww shit i gotta wait a week or two. Goddamit synth.
  15. I agree with this, but I sure as hell would not call player generated movement "random". That's just a bastardization of the word "random". Player movement is not "random" it is decided. Same with strafing- strafing is sure as hell not a "random" feature of the game, it is a controlled feature like aKG said. Don't rape my English language- random elements in halo = bad. Controlled elements in halo = good. The good examples that you listed OP are "controlled", not "random".
  16. More competitive settings have been introduced with the update and v4. And the growth has been rather gradual and expected rather than "miraculous". Yeah I agree. I'm starting to post competitive links in both /r/halo and /r/competitivehalo. the /r/halo ones get ignored for the most part but it's a start.
  17. And here I am playing on a 40+ inch tv. I do what I can.
  18. Hey I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but This thread was recently locked: http://teambeyond.net/forum/index.php?/topic/2186-what-did-halo-4-do-right/page-2 And I'm just curious as to the reason that it was locked. I don't particularly care that it was locked, but I would appreciate knowing the official reason.
  19. lol wut Thank you monotyou and shadow for actually staying on topic.
  20. Honestly more than half of these comments are still continuing the complaints about halo 4 stuff- which is entirely not the purpose of this thread to discuss. As for the halo 4 sounds- I can understand that this is a hit or a miss thing for people. Very much subjective. It's better though to have a comparison video where they are presented side by side. To me, it just feels as if the halo reach weapons are faded in comparison. I agree man, the base movement in halo 4 is godly if you remove sprint. (although strafing is still too slow.)
  21. 1. That's honestly debatable. You just need to severely decrease ammo. 2. scattershot is still greater than boltshot. I would still trade. (boltshot should not be a loadout option though).
  22. I have to disagree with you on these 3. 1. The beam rifle is a power weapon in halo 4. It is ok to be super powerful- that's the point of it. Really it just needs to not be infinite ammo in team snipers. 2. yes, there are definitely reasons to pick up the scattershot and shotgun lol. Scattershot destroys up close. 3. There was more aim assist in halo 2. Maybe you still would like it to be smaller than halo 2, but you can still have a competitive game with loads of aim assist.
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