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  1. Yes. I do think it would be difficult for ghost to have modded settings put in team throwdown. He *may* get no sprint, but only from a nonmodded gametype, and even if throwdown got no sprint and descope it would still be more like halo 3 than halo c.e.- which was my original point. You have to do some *serious* modding to make halo 4 more like halo c.e. than halo 3. Not to mention some serious forging.
  2. You still are under the delusion that you can stat trying to find who is "working their ass off". You assume that k/d is an accurate measure of which player on the team is being "a good teammate" that is trying his "ass off". It could (and often is) a common occurrence for a player to have a worse k/d assists ratio but still do more for their team. It is more common for a separation of players such as -3 and -6 (where k/d is alone cannot accurately determine who did more) than it is for a separation like -3, -17 where in 99.99% of cases the player who went -3 obviously did more for his team. Like I said- individual csr is decent for when there is a massive difference in skill between players, but if there isn't than trying to stat the game will only make it worse. It does not matter at all whether your individual csr only takes place on the losing team- all what that means is that stat whores will be rewarded on the losing team. So if you are losing a game of CTF you might as well say "fuck it" and just try and pad your k/d instead of helping your teammate capture a flag by distracting his pursuers. Just take out all the excess garbage, and I agree jermoesix that simpler is better- to determine whether the previous game had a positive or negative effect on your placing should be as simple as knowing whether you won or loss.
  3. And every other playlist with individual scoring other than rumble pit.
  4. Boltshot all the way. Requires the most skill out of any of these to use since you have to charge it up and is not inconsistent like the scattershot. The scattershot isn't inconsistent on lan as much but online it's just a fucking pain to deal with. scattershot sux online
  5. Bro you should be locked up. You're lucky I'm not calling the feds on your ass.
  6. Yeah I agree with msnjah, you are just as guilty of reckless moderating.
  7. I don't think you understand. They tried the individual-based rankings. They did in reach with arena rankings, and they are currently doing it right now in halo 4 in team snipers/ infinity slayer etc. It's terrible. It will always be terrible. You assume that k/d matter more than other aspects of these team playlists. Someone can go -2 in a game and do more for their team than someone who goes +3. I don't care how much you weight that stuff- it will always be wrong by some margin. If you do it based on win/loss only, like halo 2 and halo 3, then that is by far better as it means that you just have to do what it takes to win- not compete with your teammates for who has the right to pick up sniper. No matter how you stat it or weight the points it will always be imperfect. Individual csr is fine for when there is a drastic separation in skill between players. If there is not a drastic separation, (as there won't be if there is a decent population size) than team csr is better any way you look at it. Currently in halo 4, if you *go* into snipers or swat that is exactly how it works. Individual csr. It's great for searching alone *in low-popluated playlists*, but if you actually use the playlists as intended (i.e. searching with a team) it sucks as you will be competing against your own teammates. I had to stop playing with my friends in all of the individual-csr playlists for this reason: it wasn't any fun. You couldn't be a player who just did a bunch of dirty work- we had to fight for kills. Team CSR works great even when searching alone as long as there are enough players to create a decent rank progression. If you go into team slayer and lose because you have a bad team than you deserve to go down.
  8. Are you seriously suggesting that Ghost magically talk 343 into putting *modded* settings into the game? like.. wat.
  9. The problem is that you think that your system can adequately measure whether an individual is "performing poorly". It can only estimate such things- and the only objective way that we can evaluate skill in team slayer is by seeing how much they win team slayer. Yes, a poorer player may be carried to an extent- but this is certainly better than trying to attach weight to k/d.
  10. What did you want ghost to do? Program the magnum into the game? No matter what you do with halo 4 it will always be more like halo 3 than halo ce.
  11. Hey fuck you cops and robbers is fun as shit. (As long as you're the cop)
  12. Let's all hold hands and say NO to individual performance based CSR. It it is a team gametype, then the only thing should matter is win/loss period. Trying to "stat" the game A: has never worked ever B: actually makes teammates compete against each other and not even want to play together for fear of being overshadowed C: never takes into account things such as good communication, and the things that it does take into account are usually improperly balanced. Win/loss only. End of story. Just use ELO.
  13. If they just make me mod all these problems will go away :maven:
  14. yeah I've been hit with a couple perma bans as well for no reason in particular.
  15. Well you see now that's the kind of thinking that got us here in the first place.
  16. Fuck it. I believe you. So much needless drama honestly for what essentially barely matters. I don't.
  17. Yeah that would be a good reason- and I do agree that half the people were just bashing the game although the thread specifically asked for only the good features. I just would appreciate maybe if the mod who locked it could perhaps leave a comment at the end of a thread that he/she is locking to at least explain why it's being done.
  18. no. microsoft / 343 are not idiots. They know that halo 2 vista exists, and they know that they are paying to keep the servers up.
  19. I mean honestly am I the only one that just does not care about this? I mean yeah maybe he shouldn't deserve to qualify since he did this (although maybe not since it was never stated by 343 that this was cheating- this is kind of a grassroots ruling by the community), and he shouldn't take away a spot from someone who did not do the sign out glitch- but this only masks the bigger problem which is that the way 343 ran this is messes up and able to be exploited. Furthermore this guy doesn't deserve to be called a "scumbag" and have a witchhunt against him. I mean holy shit, most of you people have done much worse things in your lives and at least he owned up to it and is taking the action that he will not go under that account name that used the glitch.
  20. nah dude, that's not how it works. We should continue to tweet so that they know we care.
  21. the mods permabanned the other 10,000. don't worry guys, halo's back.
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