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  1. Basically my opinion is as follows: Halo is and should be an arena style shooter as opposed to a class-based shooter. This means everyone should start on the same exact footing, and utilize what they have on the map to win. For this reason AAs should continue as map pick-ups alone.
  2. With a bunch of editing it can be great. Imagine seeing sick throws (like powerweapon nading)
  3. If halo 5 is bad I'm pretty sure that's what more people will do. There are already those that continue halo ce lans. For now though- most people want to continue to try to get developer support. (which we *have* been getting)
  4. Yeah no sprint is better in general- just up the movement speed to 125% or 120% if that can't be done.
  5. bloom induces randomness. Less randomness is better for competitive play. Therefore no bloom is better for competitive play.
  6. You have to disable toggle crouch bro.
  7. Yeah, i've been saying this for a while now. Unfortunately it appears as if none of the hundreds of people who saw it other than Maven decided to record it.
  8. link: http://www.halowaypoint.com/en-us/players/abr%20halo%20master/halo4/fileshare#!/?section=GameMap&SearchDate=7&SortBy=2&view-select=Tile&startIndex=0 Will download.
  9. upload instead of teasing you fool.
  10. Yeah man, our forgers can make better new maps, why always bringing back old stuff?
  11. this map is legit without sprint. My question: why block off the sword lift/drop? I've only played it like 5 times, and each time nobody really went through sword, so I have no idea how it would play competitively, but why is it worse to leave the lift there? aPK seems to think that the lift/drop are good additions.
  12. I remember when I use to have to toss 2 plasma nades at the turret on s2 in order to jump to it from training. Also, no yellow ledge on training is a bummer.
  13. It's like that because of sprint.
  14. I actually like the armor/skins so yeah i'm buying it. I can spare $10 for the whole thing.
  15. what exactly happened to the halo council?
  16. Do you really need me to explain how this poll is biased? sigh The omission of an option to say that one did not lose interest to halo, clearly shows a bias in the poller that he lost interest, (and he assumes that you did too), and the omission of any options to choose halo 2 shows more bias that his lost of interest was recent (and he assumes that so should yours- or at least the poll assumes this.) This honestly isn't difficult to see.
  17. I hate you more than you can know.
  18. first reply to this comment gets to decide what my new profile pic will be.
  19. Yeah no, I want a visible skill-based ranking system please and thank you. Yes, I want to have an idea of how good someone is just by glancing at them in the post-game lobby. No need to hide that shit, and honestly no ranking system deters people far more than having one. Did you not hear about everyone complaining that reach didn't have a ranking system? I want to be able to work towards new goals that other people can see as well. And when we say "ranking system" what we mean is "skill-based ranking system". That is supposed to be understood, you are just being pedantic.
  20. For me, it's default sprint. I hate sprint more than flinch tbh.
  21. And he did a poor job at it as some people don't even have an option for expressing their opinion. Do you understand how polls work and how some polls can be bad or biased?
  22. that is most certainly not the reason he was saying that competitive black ops is much better than competitive halo 4.
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