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  1. eh, first two kills were really easy, it was basically that one outbr (which was sweet, don't get me wrong) and very montage worthy. I just wouldn't call it "amazing" or anything.
  2. Yeah I know I did. I played a couple games or so but I was preoccupied with school anyway.
  3. Basically my same opinion. I couldn't get in to reach and I *hated* its art style even more than halo 4. I never even played mlgv7 since I already noped outta there. Halo 4 throwdown basically suffers from: 1. sprint 2. bad maps (this is kinda coupled with sprint) 3. lack of population/ rank progression 4. no descope/flinch 5. not being v5 ): Everything in halo 4 feels crips though. The base movement (ignoring sprint) is pretty decent although there is still better strafing to be desired, and I vastly prefer hitscan online. Some other problems with throwdown include the br spread.
  4. lol, I love how this is like a slightly above-average play, but we all just love it so much because it's fucking halo 2.
  5. gunfights would become 10x more annoying, and more guesswork would be involved as people shoot/move through smoke towards one another. Plus this is a defensive nade, when really we need more cool, skillful, offensive capabilities.
  6. I really wouldn't blame it on "intelligence" but rather knowledge/experience with the game. I mean, the BR *is* easier to use at close-midrange than the DMR, but the DMR is easier to use at long range, and it takes a certain level of experience with the game to determine which is easier *overall*. I mean, the stats above show only like a 5% difference- the DMR and BR are actually rather close in skill it takes to use. I wouldn't call people who said that the DMR was easier to use "stupid", just less-informed/less-experienced.
  7. Yeah I agree that they should have regulated it more. At least you're not like Horror here who misunderstands my point, calls me slow, states that my logic is faulty, and then proceeds to present an argument brimming with false analogies. That's a no-no. Don't do that.
  8. I don't know if someone already posted this, but here's formal's vlog: ALSO, here's this chick that looks like a female version of Matt Piper aka formal that I found in the related videos to his vlog.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOSZETPCh4M lol
  9. alright. Gotta get my sleep though first. It's 5:42 AM over here.
  10. Since this occurs after the initial spawn (later respawns are not initial spawns) sure. It's actually very similar to what is currently in place with throwdown where you do get to choose between 3 AAs after getting a certain number of points. This fits under my definition of an "arena shooter". *that being said* I would prefer it if there weren't killstreaks- but for other reasons which I'll get into tomorrow if you really want.
  11. I'd almost say don't even track k/d at all. But really what would be better is if more relevant stats were tracked- not less. I just hope that k/d is not front and center, but rather your rank and games won/loss or something more relevant.
  12. imo though, that's all fair game since 343 allowed it. Including the sign out glitch. yeah it sucks- but I don't blame the *players* for utilizing what was at their disposal in the same way that I don't blame people for camo crouching with boltshots. If it's in the game- it's fair game. (although perhaps I can entertain the argument that sign out glitch is not "in the game". It is still however a function that can be achieved by simply pressing buttons on your controller- without having to modify anything externally- so it's 'fair' to me, although certainly shady.) Basically these were oversights made by 343, and the blame should be put on them rather than the players.
  13. It does not adhere to "equal starts" as there is still the difference that different players will have the *potential* to receive different armor abilities based upon what they choose *before* spawning. This is a game-affecting difference that exists between players off of the initial spawn other than spawn location. The effect would certainly be smaller than it currently is- but it would exist. Sort of like how you cannot use an aa right at the beginning but must wait for it to charge up first- the class-difference exists because you have the *potential* to achieve differing characteristics based upon what you choose before spawning. I would prefer it if halo is roughly the same game throughout so that there isn't such a sharp divide between ranked and social playlists. However, more realistically class-based playlilsts will continue to exist in halo, and I feel that those should be strictly kept in the social arena, with arena-combat taking up the ranked playlists- or at least the majority of them. Also, I am not "forgetting" other people's opinions, I am simply sharing my own. I have no obligation to share other people's opinions, although I do recognize that they exist.
  14. For me the part that got me was when he was looking up, got shot and appeared to descope, and his aim shot up quicker than before- classic signs of someone being descoped.
  15. I think it is gameplay affecting though- although perhaps not noticeably so. The difference is there though, and it's large enough to matter (like open/closed on construct basically.)
  16. No it's not. To OP, check it again since these things *can* get glitched up.
  17. Actually I agree with OP. The video is pretty damning. Worth testing out the glitch to check at least- not saying it was for-sure there but the timing was impeccable.
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