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  1. I'm glad the Forerunners passed down their most legendary accomplishment: corrugated metal.
  2. The dedicated push stick forward button.
  3. They were ancient humans. Not the ancient-est humans mind you, who - despite warping canon to make the Forerunners a separate species from humans to justify dumbass creative decisions like making Didact look like glowstick-Voldemort - were apparently spacefaring. The Prometheans are from a civilization of slightly less-ancient humans, who were reverted to the Stone Age (presumably again?) after a war between the Humans and Forerunners that predates the arrival of the Flood and also adds nothing to the canon. It should be noted that the actual event that produced the Prometheans is a completely separate event from this supposed war, and is an event in the Forerunner-Flood war - which is the one we're actually supposed to give a shit about. Also interesting is that later the Librarian presumably visited the Earth to collect all the surviving humans and then automatically reseeded it after the fact. The knots all this shit ties the continuity in sort of makes Earth look like some kind of goddamn Mecca of alien encounters of the third kind. I like the idea of bigass digital sarcophagi as enemies. I don't like anything else about them. Not the physical design. Not the behavior. Not the name. I don't really understand the Prometheus implications. If I could rename them I'd restructure existing Forerunner artifacts after, like, pieces of the Underworld. Maybe the layers - Tartarans/Elysians - or if that's too cliche, the rivers: Styx, Lethe, Archeron...the other...two... Visually I think they need to be tan, or maybe a deep bronze with some sort of dark marble highlighting, with something actually mummified inside (it can even glow with Forerunner designs in important bits I guess). No squirty orange juices (in fact, let's forget the Blue/Orange dichotomy entirely) and if any piece of it emits light, it's during actions or abilities. One of Destiny 1's only ideas that really appealed to me was a mission towards the end (I never played enough to remember which it was and jesus fuck is it complicated to go back and figure it out six years after the fact. It's entirely possible it's actually in HoW and not Vanilla, that's how far behind I am) where the player makes their way through a field of dormant Vex statues - all just fucking chilling. I think nuPrometheans would have to blur the line between statue and robot also, and interact with the player in not uniformly aggressive ways, if at all in some cases. I think they'd have to look ghostly, wading through the environment with quiet, fluid movements. If the Flood are the diseased image of undeath, the remaining Forerunner artifacts are the poetic visage of death. Mechanically, I think they could play a unique role in non-linear story environments. Either as BioShock's Big Daddies: dormant optional encounters that drop a bigass gun or important asset you can use in an upcoming fight, or potential allies to be collected and utilized in an upcoming fight. In either case they'd have to feel like a miniboss, and be part of some ingame ecosystem or economy the player is working in. Edit: also holy shit sorry to derail the conversation lol.
  4. Ye basically a 3d Metroidvania, but on a continental scale. Areas are still, mechanically speaking, dungeons traveled through in one or two directions, but with open-world conventions and sensibilities. Then you'd be altering the world map in dramatic ways, shifting continents or draining oceans or connecting celestial bridgeways to orbiting satellite environments, all in an effort to reshuffle the game world so stuff is where you can get to it easily for whatever your next big challenge is. I'll check it out, thanks.
  5. I still don't understand this. *Surely* it couldn't have broken that much to turn one fucking graphic off. Like, why isn't that just a handful of event handlers? Surely that is just not displaying information. What mank threadbare half-assed set up breaks if you fiddle with the fucking UI?
  6. Is this revolutionary though? Compared to...Halo 2...it's just kind of an extra thing. Maybe some kind of nonlinear singleplayer thing aping 'Halo' and 'Silent Cartographer' from CE. Some sort of open-ish-world 3d labyrinth. I've had an idea in my head for an FPS on the interior of a fully rendered hollowed out structure, where the player is essentially solving a planet sized Rubik's cube to create pathways or change connections between areas, or radically alter the environment and world geometry. That would be its own thing though, good for an singleplayer game. Maybe there's merit in Halo separating its singleplayer and multiplayer components into separate releases, but I'm not married to the idea. Another idea would just be some kind of procedurally generated PvE a la chalice dungeons from BB. You'd need to seriously reconsider the player abilities, weapon sandbox, and probably overhaul the fuck out of the enemy NPCs and their interactions. Some blend of less stupid Spartan Ops & Firefight
  7. Also Halo 2 was an online juggernaut on the fucking Xbox. In 2004. Xbox. 2004. This is the same year the PS2 reached 70 million total units shipped. Halo literally started opposite the steepest and most unfair competition in the history of the motherfucking industry.
  8. This one's a winner. Although the actual portal placement seems a bit redundant. Maybe just having one pair stretching the length of the map would be the most interesting.
  9. Motherfucker I was 9 months old when Quake 3 came out and I know this is bullshit. Ima blow your tiny mind - but good design doesn't fucking age.
  10. Remind a noob what the point of having the reticle an inch and a half lower on the screen achieved? I wasn't around for those conversations.
  11. I know four different people who replay Hollow Knight habitually to try out new shit. It's literally doing the exact same metroidvania shit everyone loves about Dark Souls lmfao. I do a full annual playthrough of Bloodborne around October. I think I've started somewhere around 15 characters across three platforms in DS1. I still crack open Shadow of the Colossus or Ace Combat when I can and I'm doing a completionist NG+ challenge run of Sekiro. Idk what rock you've been under but single player games are the shit right now. I don't begrudge anyone for having different tastes but for the love of god fam that was obdurate af.
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