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  1. idk. ramirez doesn't really do butthurt. mild loathing and condescension, yeah, but he doesn't really shy away from shit. if we said something really heinous to piss him off he'd probably chime in but I don't think this is his scene. Basically what I'm saying is don't talk shit about my homeboy Ramirez. Waypoint Warriors stick the fuck together.
  2. That wouldn't just help Mexico either. A whole host of oppressive Central and South American regimes would get shaken.
  3. I'm not even remotely close to being a climate scientist, but the IPCC uses a sensitivity of 3C per doubling of ppm based on the accuracy of these models from years ago at predicting the current temperature. How bad do they look? https://www.carbonbrief.org/analysis-how-well-have-climate-models-projected-global-warming
  4. 1.) Not remotely the same fucking sunk cost for a problem that doesn't require it. 2.) Didn't fucking work. Whatever effect illegal border crossings has on this economy wasn't curbed in the goddamn slightest by militarizing the border. Shit increased until the banks crashed everything in 2008, where it leveled off and has been steadily decreasing since. So - hear me out - maybe, if our goal is to get rid of opportunistic illegals in our own country and curb their arrival, we can invest money, not in a stupid fucking wall that only solves one of those problems anyway, but in Mexico's own economy, helping to make it less of a shitty place to live so there's less impetus to leave and more impetus for state-side illegals to go home. I've never heard this considered once among the right in the conversation. Nationalist dick-stroking to build a giant authoritarian eyesore, sure - very commensurate with Trump's "we win so they lose" bullshit - but nothing about a mutually helpful solution. You can't tell me it's stupid either. Trump tried to tell me Mexico would pay for it. This was never about problem solving. It was always about cruelty. And you wonder where the 'racist' image problem came from.
  5. And people are being pissy about it in twitch chat. @VinnyMendoza wtf bro.
  6. Removing the second amendment (or at least putting some fucking boundaries on it) would save more lives than building a wall. It will never happen because the right wing won the culture war in the US 40 years ago. @RVG E Nomini Elucidate.
  7. We play this game every damn few years, but this time around I'm hoping that Microsoft has seen how explosively successful Sony has been by investing almost all of their creative capital into first-party titles - hence acquiring Ninja Theory and fostering this Grassroots scene. Then again, you can also probably argue this has been their strategy since 2014 and they've just been substantially more shit at it than PS4.
  8. That was me calling Eco an H5 kid. I'll own it. I started that conversation smh.
  9. Speaking of which - poor fucking Nighthawks. 44 - 15 and they have to replay it for technical difficulties.
  10. Yeah, but some of the biggest (not only, obviously, but still dramatic) offenders in that respect are China and India - and their fossil fuel burning seems to be directly proportional to their ballooning population and insane energy needs. (Or at least I guess. I haven't actually looked at the history.) Still, Saudi, Russia, and Exxon can go suck shit - you're absolutely right. I've never found the arguments against Nuclear very compelling when I've done any amount of research on it. The hazards aren't actually that significant in the modern era. Fukushima's ecological impact was severely overblown, for example. Also my dad's degree was in nuclear engineering so I just grew up thinking it was normal.

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