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  1. GT - Serenity SHINES MM/Customs - Onyx FFA/doubles on new acc East Coast
  2. Their last tweet was 18 hours ago saying "patch is live" The PR and transparency at 343 is pretty ridiculous. Going on 1.5 weeks of a broken game, seems like they should have a very honest rundown of whats actually happening imo
  3. I find myself not even enjoying the game as much (when I do rarely get into one) because of how frustrating this whole thing has been. Could understand a day 1 issue but going on 11/13 and all we get is "We understand some players are having slow matchmaking" is pretty ridiculous tbh.
  4. So pretty much everything about MM is bugged and the last tweet was 5 hours ago saying if you can't find a game back out and search again... lmao the amount of money that was just spend on this game to have this big of a cluster is kind of a joke.
  5. Team Name: Without a Doubt Gts: Motif the Great Mr Toxic Rush
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