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  1. For all this fuss for reach I can't wait till we get to the hit registration of Halo 2 and 3 for K+M vs Controller. Haha. I think it wont matter as much as we say, but we have to understand that some people have preferences. But for now, I think it's best we let people use what they want and let people enjoy the game. Reach released with right settings and strong interest, so over time most people will settle to the more popular Halo games, and it's looking like Halo 3 has the most hype and interest from the general fan base. Let's just grow and play the game, I think people who are better will still be the better players in the server from what I have seen. There may be small advantages and bullshit, but this is Reach and we knew what kind of game this was, I mean it was the game that kinda killed off competitive Halo even though people enjoyed it.
  2. I can see why a lot of people would prefer controller. The game has an 'ancient' feel to it, with all the sliding and hopping around in FPS games nowadays, especially with overwatch introducing character abilities that we see in almost every AAA FPS with multiplayer. There's not as much that you have to do, and moving from K+M from controller without looking at my key bindings did make it feel jerky and sporadic at first. But after a few hour sessions playing I would argue that the long-run move would be to move from controller to K+M if you want to take this game seriously. I think right now we see a lot of stubbornness when it comes to just playing it out, but I wouldn't be surprised if some pro players were the exception (but I doubt that would benefit them when top players get used to K+M).
  3. Alienware is giving out free keys yall. It's made by former H3 players. Hope to see people play it this weekend. https://na.alienwarearena.com/ucf/show/1994136/boards/contest-and-giveaways-global/Giveaway/splitgate-arena-warfare-closed-beta-key-giveaway
  4. I'm personally waiting for a version of Halo to be on Steam. There's no other game like Halo for PC, in terms of the mechanics and gameplay. While CS:GO and OW are fun games and competitive, I will always jump back to see what is new with Halo. I have Halo 5, haven't touched it in months, that and Gears 4. I feel bad, because I know back in 2008,09 and those years, they were among the most popular shooters out there. The devs have moved on, and the new developers are out of touch on how to make the games enticing for this generation. Like all things, stuff comes and goes but Halo will be around until of course it isn't.
  5. LegitLegend

    NBA Thread

    houston in 7 tho
  6. I think the key point is that most players do not feel rewarded when they reach a new tier. It seems odd that ELO is way more important and doesn't matter if you're getting into competitive until you reach 1900 but most players wont be able to see those kind of gains. I cannot attest to Overwatch as I do not play competitive in that, however as someone who plays League, you can see that even the "worse players" feel accomplishment in reaching Gold or Platinum, whereas in Halo the elo-gains make Platinum and Diamdon ranks feel scrubby. You can tell when people doing their placements complaining about being placed in a high tier is scrubbish or noob. No one looks or respects being Diamond or Platinum. I feel like the the distrubition in Onyx and Champion is extremely large because most players right now be placed within Platinum whereas the grind from Silver to Platinum is quick, easy and unsatisfying to the point where you reach the wall easier if you're not as good in Halo and assuming you are a top player and reach Onyx, then you run into a problem where the rank Onyx itself is watered down because so many players reach it and then start grinding ELO. There is no satisfaction in achievement until you reach Champion which should be reserved for our pro players or players who want to become pro. If achieving Diamond 6 was as hard as it is in League of Legends mid Diamond, people might see more satisfaction in the tiers.
  7. FAB games put on a good show as well. Was fun to see the gametypes played at such a good level. Splyce may have got 3-1'd but it was close games.
  8. Gears of War 4 shaping up to be great. Out of the information everything seems fine. I'm curious about Escalation though. Seems like too many rounds and doesn't make sense on how it will work out in best of [x] series in tournaments alongside execution. Maybe a third additional gametype will balance it out but generally you don't want series to last too long and have too many maps. It only works for H5 because it's so fast and the maps end quickly.
  9. Saw it. Super Bump. Playing it. This game is for people who are interested in good mobas for console. Surprisingly good if you're a fan of good MOBAs that keep the same 5v5 general lane, turrets, minions, kill nexus, jungle theme but adds own flair and different system for items (use decks of cards). good game
  10. I will be on this heavily. So if anyone wants to play just add my PSN: Herbspls Idk how the cross play works, hopefully it has it's in-game friend system or some shit
  11. Doing some research on Astral Authority and I can't seem to find any information on the CEO except he was a heavily involved COD player. No real mention of any sponsorships that seem noteworthy outside Arma Centrum, which seems to be a popular jersey site for eSports teams (more noteworthy). They had a League of Legends team that was on their brand...then left...then came back to the brand after the one they switched to (possibly failed). Must be some guy with a decent sum of money trying to make a team splashing around in multiple games. Those never fail...lol
  12. To make MMR or ELO focused on stats and not wins is kind of ridiculous. At the end of the day, your ability to win the match should be the most important aspect. The higher your win % means the higher your win shares which is the the best individual stat a player could have when it comes down to it. I don't think certain statistical prowess does not need to effect MMR to be important. Like people said before you can't put point allocations to certain aspects because that kinda ruins game modes and how Halo is supposed to be played if you want it to stay a team game in solo queue. I mean at the end of the day you don't improve to have good stats and in Onyx with like a 10% win rate because you have bad teammates.
  13. Then never. As long as developers own their ip's this will happen in most esports titles outside of valve and smash.. Sadly it isn't 2005 anymore where developers are turning a blind eye to the money potential of hosting their own leagues/adverting their game through the leagues. To answer the question, no. International scenes need to be developed for a further outreach and stronger viewership numbers. That's not a problem with Halo persay, but console gaming in general especially for a title like Halo which is on the X1 and has not the strongest numbers outside the uk and north america.
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