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  1. Halo 1: Rat Race - Halo 2: Midship - Halo 3: Construct - Reach: Countdown - Halo 4: Skyline - I'm not creative enough to come up with names.
  2. I was to young and didn't know about online so i never played Halo ce or Halo 2 online and it is one of the things i regret the most. I thought that ZB Halo reach is more fun than Halo 3 alltogether. I spent more time in forge than i did in matchmaking in Halo reach before ZB was released. I played Halo ce on lan with five others for one weekend, it was the most fun i have ever had in Halo. Halo 4 on launch was the worst multiplayer game i have ever played.
  3. Of course Thruster pack is better, it's not nearly as op as evade but still evade was fun to use. I would never wanna see it in competitive play, but if AA's return for Halo 5 i rather see evade instead of active camo.
  4. It would still need a nerf, but yes it could be used.
  5. I think Evade was a little too op, you could easily get out of dumb situations, but it was sure fun to use. Maybe for social play.
  6. I like the Lightrifle, it is good at long range but bad at short, it's balanced. I still think it shoots a little too fast but other than that it's a good weapon. However it should ONLY be available for pickup. If everyone spawned with something like a Lightrifle the gameplay would be too different to classic Halo.
  7. H1: 3sk pistol Maps Grenades good for more than just killing H2: 4 sk br Ranks Maps Clans Combos like BXR Movement The Arbiter :ghost: H3: Perfect online playlist system Could seriously not think of anything else Reach: Forge and Forge world Mlg v7 Custom settings H4: Developer support Graphics Hitboxes Shot registration H5 That we know of: 60 fps Dedicated servers
  8. I miss when you could accually use the grenades to more than just killing people.
  9. Ghost is to focused on getting new players into the playlist, when the game is as dead as it is he should only try making it as good as possible for those who still play throwdown, otherwise they will end up leaving it aswell.
  10. Having individual ranking in IS is ********. Your rank goes up depending on how many kills you get, it dosen't matter if your team lose. You can literally get a 50 if your team loses every match and all you does is camping the entire game. Individual CSR sucks.
  11. I haven't played Halo 4 for about two months, but I'll been thinking of playing it again if sprint is taken out. I played no-sprint modded settings on Shutout about three months ago, it was by far the most fun I'll had in Halo 4 to date. No-sprint makes Halo so much better and is to important to ignore.
  12. The competitive community only got one single playlist, why not make it as good as possible? Keeping sprint in wont attract new player to the playlist and i highly doubt that excisting players would leave because of it. I really want to hear the reason to why sprint isn't gone allready.
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