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  1. Why do you think Halo 4 is the best Halo?
  2. Soo who wants to be nice and invite me to the X1 Preview Program GT: iLLamuh
  3. GT: iLLamuh Any East Coast Currently at 1900 elo anyone around the same HMU
  4. I keep getting this error "You cant join this party. Please wait a moment and try again later". I downloaded using an ISO file and everything ran smooth in the installation
  5. I really dont like the sounds in H2A. Sounds just like Halo 4 and that was just all a bad memory
  6. Or they're trying to appeal to the left handed gamers. Great job 343i
  7. Thats not entirely true. The smash community understands that SSBM is a better and more competitive game than SSBB so the community gets behind SSBM tournaments and supports that game more. They have tournaments by VG, CT, and MLG. I agree Dev Support will be behind Halo 5 because that is the newest game in the title but let's say H5 is absolute shit (And was killed by the Guardians), and if the community is confidently behind the Master Chief Collection, then MLG and other venues will pick up Halo because that is the best competitive title. But tournaments for The Master Chief Collection and Dev Support will definitely happen. No doubt in my mind
  8. That tackling scene was just the beginning to an assassination. You see the red spartan coming from behind so that "tackling" concept isn't going to be anything new
  9. So are we all going to hold hands and sing kumbaya or are we gonna think of another reason to hate each other.
  10. I really like RUL and Greenskull on their Halo news. He tells you the facts and then goes off on a tangent on what he would like or think would happen but he makes it very obvious that this is just his predictions and not confirmed. He appeals to a more casual audience but you will no doubt get any new information very quickly
  12. I think this article is confusing Competitive Multiplayer for eSports. There isn't a game out there that isn't competitive they just want someone who is used to making PVP Multiplayer not necessarily someone who knows how to make games tailored to eSports
  13. Flamesword, Ola, Ace, Enable. That's like SQ but with Ola instead of Assualt
  14. I think this article just game me cancer. Pls send halp
  15. That's an interesting approach. But I don't see the comparison with LoL working out even if that's what the ultimate Meta ends up being. With LoL, the Minions path is predictable and a wave always spawns from 1 origin every 30 seconds. From what I've seen, the AI spawning and pathing in Titanfall look random and can be predicted as much as you would predict a fairly average player. Also, the Minions in LoL give you gold which in turn can let you buy a wide range of items that can completely change the way a game can be played. I understand that AI kills in Titanfall give you EXP or something which then lets you call in a Titan but that isn't the same as the Gold Earning system in LoL. There is one Titan you can call and this will just lead to a repetitive end game and a stagnant meta. I feel like this game was just made to be super chaotic at all times with no real strategy in Pubs. Blops 2 was a competitive title and I'm pretty sure a League Play playlist, Spectator mode, 1M Tournament, Active banning and nerfs to weapons is more than "a little developer support". I can't see this game being competitive the way it is now. Maybe if there was a playlist without Titans and AI's but that's going completely against how you think the game should be played competitively
  16. If there is a multiplayer for H2 Anniversary I really wish it was on the H2 engine. That's probably not going to happen but I would really like to play some H2 Multiplayer again
  17. I'm not sure if I believe this since 343 already hinted at saying that there were no plans for a H2 Anniversary. I wish it was true but I just dont think it will happen =(
  18. Titanfall is coming out on both PC and XB1. If the community does push for eSports one what platform will they play on? I doubt MLG will pick up the Console version and the PC version. Unless console players would play on the PC and hook up their controller. But then they'll be at a disadvantage from the Mouse/Keyboard
  19. Favorite: Rumble Pit and Team Throwdown I like the competitive 4v4 settings and I enjoy playing FFAs alot Least Favorite: Regicide or Infinity Slayer Regicide honestly turned me off as an FFA Player. You get punished for pulling ahead of other players by having a waypoint on your head. It doesn't lead to strategy it's just stupid. You outshoot everyone in the game and everyone knows where you are at all times and just spam you with grenades. And the random Ordinance drops in Infinity Slayer is just stupid. I know everyone knows the problems with random Ordinances so I wont go on a rant.
  20. He played on Relay Splitscreen with no screen lag at Dallas

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