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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGnxFH5SN5s
  2. This map's first version was room-based and...well, it was bad. Now I know that making room-based maps is just NOT my forte. I included some Before & After screenshots to show how the map has changed. Cordus is an asymmetric 2v2 map built on Skyward. Top Gold is the main power position in the map and it can be countered by 3 different platforms. Most of the gameplay involves controlling the map's main platforms and pushing up using several of the map's jumps and flanks. Weapons & Powerups -Snipes -Brute Shot -OS Map is in my File Share. GT: Zandril S312
  3. It's too late with MCC coming soon. But I still wanted to feature it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzmzR4w14fY
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LU-2FXDYpnI
  5. FINAL UPDATE -Changed the size of one of the hills. -Minor aesthetic changes.
  6. Cypher created by Zandril S312 _________________________________________ Cypher is an asymmetric, competitive map designed for 2v2 games. It's been inspired by Sovereign, Noro, Titan, and Haven. POWER WEAPONS -Sniper Rifle | 90s respawn | 0 spare clips | Doesn't spawn at start -Concussion Rifle | 120s respawn | 0 spare clips | Doesn't at start The map has a fairly interesting design. Action is spread throughout the map because players are encouraged to move around instead of staying in one spot. No area is too strong because of the many flanking routes offered to players. The strongest position in the map is top blue. However, it's not too strong because it's very open and there are two positions in the map that can counter it quite well. Top blue can be countered from afar by top red and enemy players can push up using top Gold. Don't fall in the acid. Many thanks to those who've helped with the map. -Not Auburn -SecretSchnitzel -TheElderBadkid -Psychoduck -Orzium -guy mandude66 -UnknownEmerald -Bibzy95 -HAL0 M4N -OminousShark
  7. MAJOR UPDATE (Check OP for link and pictures) -Red area has been reforged to improve flow. -The acid pits are now death pits. -Ledges near the big acid pit have been thickened to prevent players from falling in too easily. -Extraction sites and hills moved around. -Sniper no longer spawns at start. -Removed some of the railings. -Pulse grenades added. -Minor aesthetic changes.
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hVw7dB_B-2c
  9. I had to. If I didn't use them, it'll be very difficult to use callouts since the entirety of the map is, well, green.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6LcRdlMWnQ
  11. The title says it all. This is Nuketown from Black Ops made for the Last Stand Flood gametype. I was inspired to create this by PA1NTS's map, Farm, which was also from a CoD game. Apparently, CoD maps can make for some good Flood maps. I couldn't make the map 100% similar to the original Nuketown. I had to alter some things for better Flood gameplay. I added some crates for cover and the very back of the houses aren't accessible to humans so that they could be used as Flood spawns. Hope you guys give it a download. Enjoy!
  12. This is the best remake of Zealot yet. Zealot was one of my favorite disc maps in Reach. I'm glad to see a remake this clean and accurate in Halo 4. Great job Res.
  13. MAJOR UPDATE (Check OP for new link and pictures) -The map has been made compatible with KotH and Extraction. -Reforged Red area to improve flow. -Reforged Gold to add more traffic there. -Connected top Gold to top Blue. -Railings have been added to make it harder to run away from an enemy. -Concussion Rifle has been added. -Sniper no longer spawns at the start. -Initial spawns have been moved. -Removed mancannon.
  14. Long overdue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTtAMFwKM6Y
  15. They're both great maps. I even featured both of them. I'll just leave this here for anyone who hasn't seen the maps. But my vote goes to Salem. Slayer is the gametype and Salem plays Slayer better in my opinion. If the gametype was Extraction, that's a whole other story.
  16. Thanks for the feedback. I've noticed that it can sometimes be a little too easy to escape. I've been trying to address that problem by decreasing cover in some areas. I'll see what I can do to improve it more. As for the lift, I've just fixed it by doubling the grav lift. I'll try to update the link soon. And no, I have not set it up for any other gametypes yet. I plan to make the map compatible with KotH and Extraction.
  17. It was said that the Great Anvils held a lot of secrets. I do believe we stumbled upon one. After reporting the discovery to HQ, Commander Mirage received orders to set up a base by the doors. This was a mistake. Now, I'm in charge and she is nowhere to be found. _______________________________________________________________ I haven't made a 1v1 map in a while. Figured it's time for another. That's how Mirage came to life. Mirage is asymmetric and is built on the lovely Forge Island. Mirage boasts great aesthetics which I'm very proud of. Her smooth curves and tasteful textures make her a pleasant sight to the eyes. You can feel like you're in actual place instead of just some random arena. I really tried to make her believable. I do hope I succeeded. I also thought about where I was going to build her and I think I hit the sweet spot. The windows are placed in a way where they actually show Forge Island's great scenery instead of an empty grassland. I also placed the map in an area where the sun hits it just right. Power weapons/powerups Sniper Rifle - 0 spare clips - 90s respawn Speed Boost - 120s respawn But enough about aesthetics. Let's talk gameplay. The map is very fast paced. Due to it's size, there are few moments where players spend a lot of time just trying to find each other. The map also blends long and short sightlines together very nicely. In the outskirts of the map, players are given long sightlines while the building in the middle provides plenty of CQC action. Mirage seems like it's gameplay would be donut-ish but this isn't the case. Fights happen everywhere and not just in the outskirts. This is because of the way the middle building is merged with the edges. It's a very quick way to get from one side of the map to the other and is also fairly protected. Players spawn with their own advantages at the start of a game. Starting Blue team spawns closer to the Speed Boost while starting Red team spawns closer to the sniper. This trade off works for the map because the person with Speed Boost is given enough movement options which will allow him to get closer to the sniper safely and engage in a more favorable situation. Not to mention he's harder to hit because of Speed Boost. As for the guy with the sniper, he is given plenty of long sightlines to work with. Dat teleporter doe. This teleporter design was drawn from Dax's Ciela The teleporter is quite useful in this map. It can be used as a means to escape. However, a smart player would be able to cut off the player escaping when he comes out of the receiver. Dem curves Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z-5k3xQO31I
  18. Working on Cypher. 2v2. Asymmetric. Quake-ish Acid doesn't kill you. It just slowly lowers shields.
  19. Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep your advice in mind for future projects. I think it looks rather shmexy. The teleporters were definitely something I've debated on keeping for quite a while but I ultimately decided to leave them. That decision may have been heavily influenced by the shmexiness of the sender node. It's like the one time I let gameplay take a back seat to aesthetics. don't judge me Yes I understand where you're coming from. But like you said, it's my channel. The map IS gorgeous though.
  20. Added video to the OP
  21. Much thanks to Thunder and the modding community for making this happen. This is a great modded gametype called Territories. It's an old gametype which was in previous Halo games and is now in Halo 4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1mDwbVZ2XA8 More info: http://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/4069-territories/
  22. FINAL UPDATE -Opened up the walkway where the sniper spawns. -Opened up the middle building. -Opened up the ramp near Blue spawn. -Removed one of the Suppressors. -Spawning changes. -Minor aesthetic changes.
  23. Nearly done with the BETA of Weekend At Didact's (2v2. And yes, that's the map name) Much Forerunner. Very wow. Why yes, the waterfall. Dem windows Why yes, a shield charging station. All that's left will be expanding the map to fix the current spawning iffies.

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