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  1. I could be in the minority but I tried a few 1v1s and the reticle felt like it would accelerate too slow at first then too fast once it moved a little on screen. It felt like I was fighting to aim where I wanted to on the fly. This could be because I was on a wireless controller or it could just be normal and I haven't played classic H2 in so long I forgot how to shoot.
  2. Can any players or pros at the event comment on how the game feels on the dedicated closed servers and Xbox One X?
  3. Off topic but it's good to see Goldenboy on such a large stage at a CSGO major bringing the hype with the team introductions.
  4. Why can't 343 just add a poll that pops up when you start up Halo. Don't stop at Halo 5 either. Put the poll onto Halo 3, Reach, and MCC. This seems like a simple way to obtain a fair consensus about sprint and abilities from all current existing Halo players. While these polls are running they could add a poll to the dashboard on the Xbox home and also on the mobile app allowing each profile to vote once. This will allow people who stopped playing halo to be heard. They could compare the results and use that data to further investigate who is voting for which option based on total time played in each Halo, multiplayer games played, and other metrics. I don't think they realize how detrimental releasing another enhanced mobility Halo will have on the franchise's future. I'm not saying completely remove all of the enhanced movement from future titles but at least make it a custom game option rather than a default mechanic.
  5. I really hope MLG runs open events with Gears and Halo together for 2018. My body is ready. Even if we dont get MLG back though I think a true Oddball gametype and weapon tuning will bring me back to Halo 5 until Halo 6. The stream today gave me the itch to sign into my Team Beyond account, post, and play Halo again. Well done 343. Hopefully they don't disappoint after all this hype. Cautious optimism.
  6. Ogre 2 has drastically improved. If only EG could close games and listen to each other. My LCQ prediction is ALG but I'd love to be wrong and see EG at worlds. A ton of deserving teams are left and it sucks that all but one will be left out. Also, can we get some Str8 skins please.
  7. Haven't read the forums in a few days so I'm sorry if this has been answered a million times but why is Stellur playing with EG?
  8. Is it confirmed that Naded is the reason for the forfeit or are we all jumping to conclusions based on previous events?
  9. As one of Ogre 2's biggest fans since 2005 I really hope to see him stay in the Halo scene in some capacity. No one will ever surpass his accomplishments in competitive console fps. Idc about what pros have earned the most money. Dominating the scene for as long as he did is damn impressive and he will be sorely missed.
  10. Lifestyle is the same guy who owed Gamers4Christ money for a flight out to a Halo tournament in which he never showed up. At least he had an excuse then. He should stop hiding.
  11. Just got kicked from a match and banned for 10 minutes for "griefing my teammates" because I grabbed the ball on Tyrant and jumped off the map to save an arm by the enemy team......
  12. Prediction, APG to Optic. Assault to Liquid. This is based off Assault playing in a CTF warmup tonight with Liquid minus APG.
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