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  1. Its not like he said coL is past FB. He said they are approaching and he gave some logic. He said "The competition now (in CoD Ghost) is higher than it was when FB dominated. All FB had to do was beat 3-4 teams. Theres way more teams (In CoD Ghost)" um.....
  2. You are taking this way too literal... Its his opinion. Who cares Edit: And to answer both your questions. yes and yes
  3. Its not that serious or meant to be taken that literal. Its what he thinks and nothing you, me or anyone can say will change it. If thats what formal thinks, than thats what formal thinks
  4. Well its his opinion. Can't say an opinion is stupid
  5. Ogre 2 said it in his stream yesterday
  6. Snipedown is going to AGL 10 with 2gre, roy and FiS Ola and legit aren't going Formal is gonna go (90% sure) and has a surprise squad (I'm guessing heinz, lethul and enable)
  7. Ogre 2 was never the best player in halo 3 You guys are either blinded by this "GOAT" thing or have very short term memory Especially not in 2009 with those putrid placings
  8. I did think about it and they probably prefer having no descope. Its makes shooting easier which makes the game eaiser.
  9. I was asking myself the same question.
  10. I actually agree with about 90% of what goldenboy said 1. Casuals don't care about descope 2. Having a ranking system is the number 1 factor why people aren't playing Halo 4 3. Nothing good will come out this switch to H3 as far as H5 goes. This is pretty much a big middle finger from the competitive scene to 343. 4. Pros should be doing more content Only thing I dont agree with is him saying 343 gets it. I still don't think they get it and I don't have much hope for H5
  11. The v8 settings are perfect I don't see one thing that needs to be changed
  12. Why do people want citadel wth?
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