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  1. @@Shooter Thanks for the full insight and I hope to see your team join a good org, you guys deserve at least that.
  2. So with Ace sticking with Str8, what player options does he have?
  3. Part 2 of SnakeBite on 343's thought process (on The Rig-Blue side): https://clips.twitch.tv/snakebite/BrightOpossumBlargNaut There was a bit more but it was longer than 30 seconds and of course it's all in good fun edit: format
  4. Anyone else's skin glitch out? Got the CLG skin, checked it out in a custom game. Jumped over to Warzone and I started with default pistol and ar.
  5. Just a reminder for you guys Both Org and Montage reveal at 12pm EST. Words cannot express my excitement...so conveniently here are some little faces courtesy of Beyond. edit: :holmes: no one saw that right? right. carry on.
  6. When EG and CLG Scrim each other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=12u1nA7bXzc&feature=youtu.be&t=1m25s edit: im a beyond noob :/
  7. Guys. Can Neighbor compete at all? Like at this point are we 100% sure?
  8. iirc, at the pre-launch invitational for MCC they had a physical sticker or something similar on their monitors to cover up the radar since it wasn't a final build. I'd imagine its the same here for this event?
  9. Definitely interested. GT: Dark Scheme TM
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