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  1. Hey man I'll be hittin you up tomorrow sometime in the afternoon. Me and my teammate Whomp gnar are a to2. Whomp was semi pro back in h3.
  2. http://www.twitch.tv/deejluvsu Thanks @@TheSimms this is great for the community and streamers ❤️
  3. Hey man I'm interested in running games. I also have a lot of exp and been in the competitive scene since halo 2. Do you have a Twitter? I will add you tomorrow. I have off work woot woot
  4. I'm interested in running games if you're are still looking. I have event and LAN exp. Gt: Deej luvs u
  5. I'm interested in running games. I have past event exp. and LAN exp. gt: Deej luvs u
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