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  1. I'm pumped seeing a couple of washed pros being sent into a murderous of a losers bracket
  2. Bet contra and Devon are regretting hitching up to a sinking ship #Washed #AMboxandRoy
  3. We just saw the retirement match of Roybox boys how does that feel
  4. HaHAHAHAHA to all those bashing me for calling out Lunch and Roy on being washed
  5. Lunch and Roy are washed #Washed lol top team. LAN contra and Devonator LOL Lunch and Roy losing their Sponsor
  6. Splatoon for my competitive fix Mario and Zelda for fun
  7. I'm pretty sure I would burst into flames if I put that shirt on
  8. So what you're saying is rather then one FIVE game series. Lunch and Roy where literally one GAME away from being relegated. Query how is that any better! That's so much worse! ONE game from being relegated!
  9. Except Bubudubu has been putting time into the game. Lunch and Roy have what one scrim this week. I watch a lot of Halo, and those guys are so rarely scrimming it isn't even funny.
  10. The avoided relegation by ONE series let's not pretend that they were narrowly lost their top 4 finals spot!
  11. Look I don't like ogre2 But he's been putting time in the game. Let's not forget that Piatola did 180, in the span of one season. Ogre while I don't think he's making that same turn. He's been better recently. Go watch rebroadcast from he's live stream from like 3/4 month ago to today. His improvement is actually pretty good
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