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  1. also a team of 2. let me know if you wanna run some games @PrimacyHCS or my gt "Primacy HCS"
  2. Let me know if you wanna run some games. my strengths are i have an amazing shot and great communication/teamwork. i can play week days between 6pm and 11pm eastern and more on weekends. i also live in Canada, Toronto. however i have a hard time understanding people with accents so if you guys have strong french accents this wont work lol.
  3. i got a duo aswell our gts are Primacy HCS and SvmIAm lmk if you wanna run games
  4. I got every one of those down except im 17 and turn 18 in april
  5. hit me up im looking for a good team gt = Primacy Odst or my twitter @Odstboi
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