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  1. Sorry about that, I've now opened up my recent broadcasts and highlighted the No Radar Scrims so people can watch https://www.twitch.tv/septiq/v/95797361 My thoughts after playing that series...most fun I've had playing Halo 5. Seriously even when we were getting beat it was fun. Mostly down to knowing that people have to make smart plays in order to win. You feel more accomplishment from smart plays, such as flanks, out smarting players in a 1v1/1v2 situation, felt like a true competitive Halo game again. I forget what it was like to have awareness in Halo, but you seriously need good knowledge of spawns and rotations to know where people will be sprinting to etc. Felt good man. Now I was a big advocate for removing Radar AND Automatic weapons entirely from the competitive settings, however after that series, automatic weapons are only used as a backup in most scenarios, rather than your primary weapon in current settings, and for once I wasn't triggered by dying to them because I know that my positioning wasn't the best against them. On current settings you abuse the radar and stare at it with your automatic weapon at the ready basically waiting for a free kill. There was none of that in this because you don't know where and when an enemy will come, so you don't want to be at a mid-range fight with your pants down having your Storm Rifle out, because against a good player it will not work. I rarely used my AR incase I had to, so that meant I was being in more pistol battles. The pace of the game changes too, I feel like it's a bit faster since you can move more without the thought of "what if there's a guy here crouching with his AR out". My initial thoughts of no radar would be it would play slower because more skill based fights, resulting in longer battles, but that's not the case at all because you can actually move around the map more fluently. So for me, the only real changes I'd like to see after that series would be to remove radar and clean up a few of the maps (Fuel Rod on Truth for example. Needs removing in my opinion, Sword is really powerful on No Radar so placing Sword top mid on Truth could be better) Literally all 343i would have to do is give us the go ahead to remove radar this week, it's takes 5 seconds to change the settings to no radar in a custom, and they can just roll those settings out in the next Arena update. Job done, no testing even required, it plays fantastic as most of us would imagine. A tone more fun and way more competitive. We even tested Pistol only starts with no radar (not streamed) just earlier, and although it was a lot more competitive, it felt something was missing. In a way I kind of feel like at this point Halo 5 needs to keep the secondary automatics in, it was a weird feeling not having it as a backup, but maybe that's just me, I know a few others agreed with me. Also played No Radar on Mercy and I can see that being in the rotation next season for Strongholds and Team Slayer, felt it played better than most current maps in the pool. TLDR: Halo without radar is incredibly fun and competitive Automatics aren't used as often and are more situational, good positioning beats them Sword is really powerful Sprint is not OP Spartan Charge is not OP (With good awareness you won't be getting spartan charged all game long) Requires awareness and knowledge of spawns/rotations
  2. It was a tough decision to make since obviously us Euros want Gfinity involved, but obviously everyone still wants to see MLG back involved so that got my vote. Gfinity is the UK version of MLG anyway, if MLG come back, Gfinity will most likely follow in Europe (I hope)
  3. Well wouldn't I look like a fool then haha. But nah could get the entire EU scene to back me up with this one, it's been an ongoing thing for a while. No legitimate proof was ever found. But who cares about EU Challenger scene drama anyway
  4. Oh yeah I know, I'm just saying one was accused and prosecuted with no proof whatsoever, for a full 2 season ban. HCS obviously don't have any legitimate lawyers involved for this nonsense, so they just wing it as they go along. Banning Cratos and/or the entire E6 organisation/roster would cause too much awkwardness in the Pro League, but banning one player from the EU Challenge scene? Eh no big deal We need some #JusticeForStellur & #JusticeForGodshot
  5. In the real world, that's like saying a girl at a bar accused you of raping her and you get thrown in jail without any proof of it ever happening, whilst being completely innocent. (Whether he was innocent or not is irrelevant, it's the proof that matters) Whereas with E6 there's proof in laying down on table in front of them so they throw a measly "not as much money for you this season sir".
  6. I didn't get my contract until after EMEAs but they rest of the team got theirs a couple days before we were leaving so they weren't going to sign until they got home. After we didn't qualify we knew we weren't sticking, I signed my contract not long after I got it anyway but told Odee we were making a change and he gave me some rather harsh comments. Safe to say I wouldn't do business with Dignitas again after that.
  7. That would be me, yes. I can still compete, not doubt about that, but the laws state that I can only work on campus if I was to get a job and earn money. For the most part, a salary would be done over PayPal in which is not very traceable to follow up on an earning income, so it's not like they'll find out if that's the case. What they don't know can't hurt them right? :ghost: In terms of prize money, there's no harm being done there. It's not like they ban all international students for going Vegas and gambling, or for entering the lottery, although it will be heavily taxed going into my international bank etc. In which case I could always just put it into my GF's bank account instead and avoid all of that (She's Americano). I managed to stay 9 months to and from in the US in the past year by bending the rules so it shouldn't be a problem, there's always a way around it, especially since eSports isn't really seen as a professional job, more of a hobby with benefits. However it's a different story if I was to apply for an Athlete Visa. That would have to be done by an organization, one in which has a lot of money and credibility. Which for the Halo scene it's not worth the effort and money to scout international talent that way unfortunately. If Jimbo was to join OpTic, he would have to do what I did when I joined RC and just go there on his ESTA (Visitors Visa) for 3 months max and compete, saying he's staying with a friend and travelling. Mention the word money and they go ape shit. It works in bigger eSports titles because of the resources they have but it's not a worthy thing in Halo right now. Which is a real shame because there's a lot of talent in Europe which would really excel in NA. I offered my help to Jimbo if he does decide to go ahead with the decision and if needs be I'm sure he could stay with me while he gets on his feet. Nothing I want more than to see EU succeed internationally and take the next step forward, something I'll also be putting a lot of time into the next upcoming season when I'm back stateside.
  8. Man, can't even play the game casually without being screenshotted
  9. From what I heard they tried inviting mainland European teams but they can't go due to passport issues, didn't ask us after all that, and had sorted a team out before UK Finals was finished. My guess is it's an Australian team. I'm sad But if I'm right would be good to see how the Australians have been doing, haven't had them internationally for a while!
  10. So you're saying you're "terrible" yet got a 1v3? What does that say about OG Breakout then lol The only argument I've seen so far for OG Breakout is these "1v4 clutches" which never happen against good people anyway. You should be punished for going 3 down, not have a inch of a chance to get back with beatdowns and random grenade kills. That makes no sense at all to defend OG Breakout because you can be more clutch. In fact with rockets and sniper in Arena Breakout you have just about the same amount of chance of getting a 1v4 as you would with OG Breakout. Then they'll just run the flag and win the round like it's there for I never want to play OG Breakout again after playing Arena Breakout. It's so boring and very inconsistent (Probably because there's no such thing as European servers) I can't think of a good point to keep OG Breakout at all. Yeah Arena Breakout right now could use a lot of tweaking (Maps being too small so people cap flags without even killing anyone). Empire, Regret etc need to go. I'm not sure if it's possible (Maybe now with forge) but have a one clip Rocket, one clip Sniper etc. Arena Breakout reminds me more of Gears of War Execution rather than CoD SnD. Which has full health, power weapons on normal maps, just with a flag in case people are camping for a tie. Edit: Not to forget the maps in OG Breakout are awful. Small and linear, sound whoring is a big part of it too since you can hear people so well on the floor.
  11. Sorry haven't been posting much here recently will start to more frequently I'm back in EU now until after Worlds because I'll need surgery (deviated septum) so playing in EU until then. My team is Vibe: Myself, BlackJack, Fuzion and Respectful
  12. Nah we just beat them in scrims and they went off mad. They've been tweeting like this since the game came out. I understand their POV the settings can be so much better but they're going about it in such a bad way lol. Their attitudes to this game have been awful, wouldn't surprise me if they don't make finals.

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