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  1. Is it an online tournament? My partner and I have been running mainly H3 but will play if you need teammates!
  2. Interested. Mainly ran H3 Doubles Ladders with my partner. We have been playing together since H2 but only got into 4v4 a few times as we were too in love with Doubles. Play MLG/Hardcore a lot as well. Got out of the scene for H4 and Reach but looking to get back into it for H5. Running MCC every night right now. Just looking for the parts were missing to make a team.
  3. As all of you know it is no fun at all running in any sort of game while going +15, then losing by an embarrassing amount due to somehow getting the three worst teammates in the world of Halo. I'm just starting to get this thread going to add some people to my newly acquired Xbox One/New Gamertag Friend List. I'm looking to get back serious at it and get a team going. I have a partner that I used to run GameBattles Doubles with so we're looking for one or two guys to get the ball rolling. We play mostly a couple hours on weeknights and all day long on the weekends. Down to play anything in MCC. Favorite games were H2/H3 but will probably starting running a lot of H4 to get ready for the new H5 game. Hit me up if interested!
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