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  1. No I was in on the discussion leading up to it. Uniform aiming was not the goal. I’m not convinced they even realize how they ended up changing it. Their only goal was to eliminate trigger-hold spread when you’re not holding the trigger. Instead, not only did they NOT accomplish that, but they also changed the way the aiming works entirely. And enough kids were hitting center-reticle shots after the patch that they used to miss bc they were shooting wrong, that they thought 343 actually fixed the problem. It’s even worse now because you don’t have the magnetism to offset the spread, so all you can do now is shoot slow as fuck to try to hedge your bets on spread. It’s bananas inconsistent. You’re right. Ranked playlist uses zero spread, and it doesn’t feel like this. Ask @OG Nick. The CE guys tried to get them to do this as a stopgap measure until they could *actually* fix the pistol, but they said no and cited their intention to stay true to legacy as their reasoning. Lmfao, if that isn’t the cruelest twist of irony I’ve ever heard. Now it feels like this. I addressed that in this video I made a few months ago (also, compare how consistent the pistol was for me back then with proper aim technique compared to now):
  2. Which is doubly frustrating because the whole reason they changed it to begin with was to eliminate that.
  3. If it actually worked, it’d be fine. It doesn’t.
  4. Up until May, you could aim with the edge of your reticle and get reliable magnetism most of the time. Now, you don’t get that magnetism, and you need to aim with the middle of your reticle. Sounds great, right? Well, now shots just go wherever the fuck they want. There’s no consistency. Gauging a proper lead is impossible. TLDR my average shots to kill is like 3 shots higher.
  5. I watched an old video of mine recently with some MCC CE footage in it, and I forgot just how much more intuitive and predictable the pistol used to be before they fucked with it a few months ago
  6. Map control / map presence and exerting pressure are much more important in 8v8, because one person can’t affect the game as much. Flanks are less valuable. All-downs are super rare. Coordinated pushes are more necessary. It does play pretty differently, even if you just took 4v4 maps and upscaled them for 8v8. And each style has their own merit and are both highly enjoyable.
  7. I swear to God you need to lead like 3x as far as you did on 360 when you’re scoped. It’s insane. And no one ever talks about it.
  8. Tommy Kost has a video on that subject.
  9. I usually just link Favyn vids
  10. I feel like this is letting H5 off the hook for its social MM back when they were populated, in Year 1. It was just ranked without a graphic next to it. And I know we’re not gonna have a thriving ranked scene in this game, but we can do SO much better than we are now. Just bc it won’t be perfect doesn’t mean nothing should be done.
  11. I got a notification for this. You wanna try again?
  12. I don't know why I've never considered this, but now I want it really badly. I don't even care if the classic style has a campaign or not. Launch it with Firefight as the main PvE mode (both holdout style and L4D, A to B style), and then just give us classic style 8v8, 4v4, 2v2, 1v1 and FFA.
  13. I agree that one vehicle should not last you all game. This is why I prefer utility weapons doing damage to vehicles like Reach/H4/H5. If you put in the time and ammo, you will eventually get rid of the vehicle. The vehicle's health should be the timer on its usefulness. The amount of shots it takes to progress into the next damage state should be one of the most finely tuned and thoroughly tested aspects of any vehicle. That said, I'm not opposed to an ammo system either. But I think if you're gonna limit a vehicle's ammo, you need to allow for a way to refill it. Otherwise you would have people getting out of perfectly good vehicles and blowing them up just to put them on respawn. Yes, but the game should just consider it a Tier 4 weapon (a superweapon). Spawn it with one shot. Let it spawn a full minute slower than whatever other main power weapon is on the map. This 5 shots every 3 minutes bullshit is why the gun is whack. But if you do that, make it comically powerful. Fatten up the beam a bit, and let it shoot for like 2-3 seconds straight. Give it a badass sound effect after you complete the charge, but before it starts firing, where the whole map can hear that you're about to fuck shit up. It should be the most badass, sought-after, satisfying weapon to use in the game.
  14. Yeah, that map looks like a "My First Forge" playset. It looks and plays like Lockout's inbred little brother. I think think that having all of the games side by side like this has shown us that none of the games are perfect. Many of them come really close, but they all lack something that another does much better. I can't speak for everyone, but I hang around because, 1) Even imperfect, broken Halo is better than any other shooter on Xbox right now, and 2) I still hold out hope that we'll eventually get a game with the best parts of each title. I wouldn't be opposed to rotating stuff out. I'm a big advocate for rotational ranked playlists. The playlists just need to feel special, and need to incentivize everyone, not just the sweaties, to care about them. Currently they're failing hard on that, and it shows in the population. I disagree. I think Halo 3 had it perfect. In Social Slayer, I was pretty much guaranteed competent teammates and competent opponents every game. It was rarely a ranked-caliber challenge, but more often than not my teammates met baseline expectations and would damage what they saw. When I played as a guest on my friend's account who rarely played, it was night and day different in terms of skill we went up against. It was extremely apparent that skill matching existed, but not to the overbearing and suffocating extent that it did in H5, where every game felt like ranked, and not like MCC where it tries to balance the game by giving you a squad of people that can't move and look at the same time. And when I searched with a party, we hardly ever played against 5 solo's. H3 hit that sweet spot with social matchmaking, and it should be what they strive for now.
  15. Of course you have more time to push and play the objective; you're getting bailed out of half of your respawn time on most of your deaths. The only way to make this happen less often is to make the full wave timer unbearably long when you catch all of it. It's just not worth including in non-classed based games. I don't want the game to just hand you coordinated pushes. I think there's something to be said for having the discipline to wait for your team and actively give them a safe spawn.
  16. The overall layout wasn't that similar, but the typical engagement and teamfight was. A lot of corridor fighting. The top mid room with the rockets and the first extraction zone reminds me of dance floor. I can't remember if Station 9 had a teleporter on the perimeter of the map, or if that was a man cannon. I think it had something like that. It's been forever since I've played it, and I didn't get to play it that much. I always kinda liked it though. It's something different, and I feel like that's what any game's map pool should strive for, without getting too gimmicky or cheesy.
  17. I'd be perfectly okay with this. It's not long enough to where you can do anything cheesy with it or take undeserved ground like in Gears, but it's long enough to let you figure out where you are so you can fight back. I'd give a visual cue on the player model to show the effect, like higher contrast or something. Wave spawning is fucking dumb. If you die, you deserve the whole respawn time. If I kill you, I deserve that time to play the objective and take ground. No one should get a bailout just because they died at a convenient time. The only games that could maybe get a pass on this are class-based attack/defend games like old school Wolfenstein for the OG Xbox. There was a Normandy Beach map that was super popular in that game where the Allies needed to storm the beach and plant dynamite by one of two walls, and then defend it from enemy engineers trying to defuse it until it exploded. Only the engineer class had dynamite, but all he had was a shotgun. He needed soldier/sniper/medic support. Spawning alone in games like that, where you're intrinsically dependent on your teammates, would be the only exception I can think of.
  18. Station 9 was like a spiritual successor to Rat Race. I'm def on team "faster timers", especially for TS, but if the utility is as weak as H3's, then the weapons would need less ammo if they're coming up more often.
  19. @_Synapse, I find most people that love Halo but are terrible at it, tend to be huge Melvins. One of the main character traits about a Melvin is deep insecurity. He cannot be wrong, ever, and tends to live in denial towards people that do the same things they do, but better.
  20. Most of the equipment feels pretty fuckin gimmicky when you die to it or it prevents a kill. Let's be real here. But aside from that, I agree. But this is also coming from somebody that is so starved for just a decent Halo that I find myself accepting H2A. I think the CE and H2/3/v7 styles of Halo both have merit, and I could enjoy either one. I just don't see why we can't take proven core principles and apply them going forward: 1. A strong sandbox headlined by a utility that allows good players to distinguish themselves. 2. A static item spawn system that is fast enough that it makes camping completely unviable. Pro tip: If the utility weapon is strong, you can get away with faster timers. 3. Let *frag* grenades and physics significantly influence items again. 4. A spawn system that allows players to significantly influence their own spawns.
  21. I was actually about to make the same point. I agree with Basu, but H5 isn't exactly alone in that regard.
  22. H3 sweaties don't have discerning taste. They play what they were given and never questioned it. Proof: Naded and Trippey playing H3 MM sweatlords in a bo11 custom series using MM doubles settings, and they actually played 3sec respawn AR starts KotH with a straight face. I've been saying for years that it feels like H3's BR bullets travel slower when you zoom in. I never used to have to shoot like I'm playing CE from street to street on Construct on OG, but I do on MCC. You have to aim entirely off-body to get some bullets to count at pretty common ranges.
  23. I would add brute shot to that list. I think the weapon is fine. And carbine, even though it’s just a worse BR.

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