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  1. It’s such a simple map, and we have 4 years of active tournaments with it already (and 12 years of total playtime). To say it’s stale is a massive understatement. We can do so much better than that. It just feels like a copout.
  2. If they remove Battle Canyon King, they're fools. Especially if they're thinking about replacing it with fucking Onslaught. HARD pass on that bullshit again. I'd be okay with either bomb gametype, but I think I'd like to see Splash KotH the most out of these, just to see something different. And I'm fine with Simplex Slayer replacing Penance. I'd rather they just tweak the weapon layout on Battle Canyon than remove it.
  3. CE AR for damage profile, mag size, situational use and niche traits (quick camo, quicker/longer melee) H4 range and bloom There. Next weapon.
  4. @MultiLockOn hit him with the brute pr/ar clips
  5. Every time I see a downvote that makes no sense, it’s Vyrst.
  6. It seems like people thought I was talking about specific people when I wasn’t. People statting in obj is nothing new. But it does beg the question, why on earth would someone think that?
  7. Unreal Tournament’s Bio Rifle would be sick in Halo.
  8. I went to Patch/Nistic’s house last night to to LAN H1 and watch the Conor McGregor fight. Teamed with Patch against Nistic and Wraith. I’ve never had to think so fast in my fucking life. What a fun night.
  9. Currently, the v7 lineup is as follows: TS: Zealot, Countdown, Sanctuary, Battle Canyon, Penance CTF: Zealot, Countdown, Sanctuary, Pit King: Nexus, Battle Canyon I think the first thing we need to address, even before we get into editing and replacing gametypes, is that our tournament structure is different now than it was in 2012. We don't run extended series Bo11's anymore, but rather bo7's with the potential to play the same team twice (or even 3 times). I think this requires 14 unique gametypes. I think a typical series should cycle through CTF/Assault, then TS, and then King/Ball, with TS always being the Game 7. With that goal in mind, we need to add 1 new TS and 2 new KotH/Ball gametypes to hit 14 unique gametypes. We also need to take a hard look at the gametypes and maps we already have. It's no secret that Penance TS and Battle Canyon TS play very slow with their current map layouts, and I don't think anyone is in a huge hurry to play Pit CTF all over again instead of something new and fresh. Our current version of Sanctuary isn't faithful to the original, and better alternatives exist. Also, and this might be an unpopular opinion given my memory of voting habits in the MLG playlist, but I think Sanctuary TS is ripe for replacement as well. Some safe, conservative changes we can look at first include using the GoldPro layouts for Penance and Battle Canyon, and switching to the K25 version of Sanctuary. This would instantly improve Penance TS, Battle Canyon TS, Sanctuary CTF, and Sanctuary TS if we keep it. Before we look at what we might consider as worthy additions, we should examine where our needs are. The following are what I believe to be the gametypes safest from change (but all of this is up for debate): Zealot TS, Countdown TS, Zealot CTF, Countdown CTF, Sanctuary CTF (pending map revision), Nexus King, and Battle Canyon King. That's 7 "safe" gametypes. 2 TS, 3 CTF, and 2 King. So if we go forward with that info, that leaves us with some holes to fill in a 14 gametype lineup. We still need 4 TS, 1 CTF (or Assault), and 2 King (or Ball). I leave those variables in because I don't yet know if we'll have the zero bloom option available to us without mods. If we do, then I think we should split the objective gametypes 2/2. 2 CTF and 2 Assault, and 2 KotH and 2 Ball. And yes, that would mean changing one of the CTF gametypes into an Assault. I also think we should make an effort to avoid using the same map for 3 different gametypes. That way, we should never need to use the same map twice in a single bo7. If we edit Penance and Battle Canyon and remove Sanctuary TS and Pit CTF, that leaves us with 2 brand new TS maps to fill, 1 brand new CTF/Assault map to fill, and 2 brand new King/Ball maps to fill. Some promising ideas I'm seeing floated around include a forged version of Unanchored to replace Pit, and Powerhouse KotH. But even if we hit on those, we still need to fill 2 TS's and 1 (preferably) Ball map. Now is the time to start digging up promising maps, planning your own forge maps, and organizing playtest lobbies. Let's use this thread as our hub for spitballing ideas, showcasing potential maps, and organizing playtests.
  10. See, I don't think that's it. I think there is a large subsection of AR starts advocates that fancy themselves "The Sniper", and tend to sit back with precisions. They just don't want to be challenged by everyone on the map. Just a select few. These are the same people that climbed the towers on Rogue Transmission in Battlefield 4 and laid prone with a 40x on their bolt action sniper rifle all game, going 3-7 in a 30min game. They're melvins, and there's a lot of them. Precision starts both exposes their weaknesses as a Halo player, and takes away what makes them feel special and different. That's why they hate it. Game balance has very little to do with it imo.
  11. The Library is certainly repetitive, but I enjoy it, especially in MCC with the multi-kill medals going bonkers the whole time. To me it feels frenetic and fun and fast-paced the whole time, if a little repetitive and probably 1 floor too long. Cortana on the other hand is only aggravating. From Gravemind constantly yammering on and slowing you down, to the confusing layout and ambiguous pathing/direction, to the tanky as fuck enemies that post up and melt your shields instantly, to the poor checkpoint acquisition, to the general lack of lethality you have with your mag size and dps against the hordes of flood...the mission just sucks ass. If Gravemind fucked off, the shooty-flood had about 1/3rd of their health, and it was more clear where you were supposed to go at any given time, the mission would be fine for the most part.
  12. Arlong telling anyone, much less Ice, how to to write was the cherry on top of a nice day. Bro, her and I have our differences, but she's one of the most literate, well-read people I've ever encountered. You on the other hand make me wonder if you use voice to text to compose your posts.
  13. Me personally, no. I'd be content with like a 30-50% increase. But I'm also not as intrigued by a "vertical strafe" in a standard gunfight as it seems Riddler is. I like it more for it's general utility with getting around the map, and maybe a melee buff.
  14. A "Solo Que" checkbox would be dope. Put the onus on the player. If it's taking too long to get a game, uncheck the box.
  15. Something good players will use tactically dozens of times a game and will greatly effect the meta vs Something a guest will use on accident once every three games
  16. I wouldn't mind it if it wasn't instant. If there was a brief tell on the player model before it happened, I could get behind it. Part of what I hate about fighting against thrust is how it comes out of nowhere (and how it breaks red reticle even if they don't leave your crosshair, which is bullshit). If a quickfall had some sort of telegraph, and it didn't break red reticle for no fucking reason, I'm all about it. It'd also need more fall damage than normal, otherwise there'd be no downside to just always using it.
  17. Whew. We'll agree to disagree there for sure. I fucking hate Orbital. Condemned to me is mostly just bad because there's not enough action. I mean, yeah, the fights aren't the most interesting on that map, but you have better flanking options than Orbital. Orbital is straight up just ALL headbutting each other for corridor supremacy. Condemned has similar fights around the doorways, but it's spread out a lot better, and there's no bullshit regens and bubble shields. Idk, the maps are pretty different. I only draw the comparison because fighting over a doorway in Condemned feels like every fight on Orbital.
  18. Def a lot of chokepoint fighting. No doubt there. But as long as it’s the only map in the rotation that plays like it, I don’t mind that style of play every now and then. To me the big teamfights feel a bit like Orbital in the fact that you need to brute force your way through a chokepoint, but hopefully we can all agree that Condemned does it better than Orbital.
  19. Someone tell me more about Dreadnought please.
  20. I think the issue with Condemned stems more from being a 4v4 map than it being a bad map altogether. I think it’d be really fun in 8v8.
  21. Dude, Burst Rifle was my shit. Such an underrated weapon. You hardly see anyone use it, but I destroyed with it. Easily my most comfortable gun in the game. I'm sorry, I just now realized I was 5 pages behind. Oops.

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