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  1. Keeping track of rockets isn’t circumstantial. But even if we pretend it is, it’s hilarious that stumbling across abandoned rockets isn’t okay, but getting gifted a rocket in ordinance in H4 is somehow better.
  2. Yeah that’s totally how that works...
  3. Beast makes a good point, but we don't want another H5 "social" on our hands. I think we're all on team Party Restrictions, but I think it should decay over time. Like, if you're a to4, it should try for 60sec to find you a game against any to4. From 60-90, expand it to include 3 and a solo. 90-120 includes 2 and 2, etc. And make that transparent to the user. Social is about quick searches and connection quality over fair matches. Obviously try to match parties, but if I want to play with 3 friends, I don't want to not be able to find a game in f'n social just because I have too many friends online. A hard restriction wouldn't work for social. And the solution to horribly matched TS games, or any game for that matter, is a god damn vote to forfeit option. Quitting should be penalized because it gets really bad when it's not, but there should be a way out of terrible matches.
  4. It was. You're right. It just sucks that we can't play LAN/custom quality settings in MM bc people can't handle a tough game.
  5. @Squatting Bear, @Basu, I saw y'all also posted on Tommy Kost's newest podcast. Regarding the bit starting at 55:08, I posted this in reply. I feel like it's important to get my side out there, seeing as it was buried by Ogre 2 and now Tommy Kost. My comment below: I feel obligated to comment about the change to the Halo CE score limit, since it was primarily my idea. I'm very active in the Reclaimer group, particularly for CE. The 4v4 core gametypes as we know them in MM (TS, King, Ball and CTF) are primarily my design. I wanted to increase the score limit in 4v4 TS because we were using the same score limit as 2v2, and every game was only lasting for 5 minutes. Catching a team in one good spawn trap, which is frequent in 4v4 CE, netted you about 1/3rd of the game. You only needed to win a handful of powerup cycles. It was a fraction of a game. Imagine playing 4v4 H3 to 25. It's stupid. We wanted a game that lasted 8-10 minutes. That was the rationale for the change. Resistance came from 2 separate arguments. The first was tradition. Back in 02-04, MLG's tournament settings for 4v4 were to 50 kills. Okay, but that's only, ONLY because the game didn't ship with a 100 option. Given that they had the sense to play 2v2 to 50, and given the MLG settings that would come in later titles, do you honestly think they wouldn't have used 100 if it were available to them? I know it was available on modded boxes, but no tournament organizer was going to use settings you needed a modded box just to practice. The tradition argument was one born from restriction, NOT merit, so it's bullshit and should be disregarded now that we don't have the same restriction. The second argument holds more weight. People will quit, particularly when they're getting shit on, and particularly when they know they're gonna have to die 25 times before the game ends. This argument makes way more sense. Playing hide and seek for 15 minutes is awful, and that's usually what happened when the best player in the world searches social (especially with a to4 ffs). I view this problem as more related to quit penalties, time limits, and lack of incentive to finish games than I do a problem with the score limit. A game with no quitters/afk to 100 lasts about 10 minutes. Tell me again how that's unreasonable. I found it frustrating that for Halo CE and CE only, we were designing our settings around the possibility that someone might quit. I wanted the potential for a great game to exist every time, instead of kneecapping every single game at 50, just when it's really getting going, just in case someone quits. I think anyone that has played legit games of 4v4 CE to 100 will tell you, it feels like a full, real game. Not this mini-game BS to 50 that's over before the rockets can respawn twice. Now, I understand that this panel wasn't comprised of a bunch of CE guys, so I don't fault any of you for not knowing how CE plays. But I did find it funny that that whole rant about CE settings came just after talking about how we shouldn't get feedback from people that don't play the game. I was trying to make the game better, and it got ruined by quitters. I still believe to this day that 4v4 CE should be played to 100 (double the 2v2 limit, imagine that...), but now with the benefit of hindsight, I know that people are soft as baby shit, and will quit at the first sign of adversity, and so that reality can't exist in MM. I will say though, that I can commiserate about the twitter polls screwing over the game you love. The first time the kill limit was reverted back to 50, I remember reading loads of comments akin to "Every other game plays to 50, why should CE be any different?" Gee, maybe bc it plays differently? They just give away the game right there that they don't actually play the shit they're voting on. It's frustrating as hell, and I feel you there. Anyways, I love your channel, and I'm looking forward to the next video. Take care. -Hard Way
  6. He might be onto something making it unranked, especially once progression is released. It’d still be segregated from Match Composer, so people looking for it know they’re searching a competitive playlist. That alone should make for reasonably skilled opponents most of the time, and it would fix the search times issue and the smurfing issue.
  7. About the level of arguing prowess I’d expect from a sprint advocate on reddit.
  8. @ExidrionYou fed him drama. That’s like getting a Gremlin wet.
  9. I would be, but it seems our cabinet is in a private club. I drove over there to check it out and couldn’t get in. No hours or anything. I found them on FB and reached out. These are things H1 guys will do to play a good game
  10. @Humpflung I did look it up, and now I’m dying to try it. There’s a cabinet here in Cbus but it looks like it’s in a rape dungeon. If I never post again it’s on you.
  11. I’m surprised, going into Year 4 of H5, that they haven’t disabled that for social. Seems like a logical thing to do this year.
  12. Found out today I may not need to attend our unit's annual 2 week training block in early August, which means I might be able to attend, and cast, Beach LAN 8.

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