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  1. If we have static timers on powerups every minute, the way God intended, then we wouldn’t need to pause the timer when one gets dropped.
  2. I’m here at Beach LAN 8, and I had an awesome series tonight. We played a gauntlet, which is all 7 tournament maps on host, and then we run it back off host. 14 games. That’s the first time I’ve done that, bc we’ve been playing Neutral Host the past few years. I teamed with Legit for the first time, a dude I’ve been a fan of since I was like 18 years old (I’m 32). He’s a local here in Florida and pops in to play for a few nights every year. I finally got a series in with him. His game knowledge isn’t that great, but the dude kills everything he see’s, and he still knows more than most people reading this. I also finally played against Finny for the first time, an excellent player that I’ve been casting for 3 years now (check out his series at UGC St Louis against ScrubTwista and Chips. It’s outstanding). And the cherry on top, Legend saw me playing and came and sat behind me for a couple games and gave me real-time advice mid-game. The whole experience was very cool for me. Beach LAN is amazing. If you’ve ever considered coming, please just do it. It’s such a good time.
  3. I’m casting the Beach LAN H:CE 2v2 tournament tomorrow (Mon) at 12est. I hope to see some familiar names in the chat. Come show some love for your Beyond fam and the H1 scene!
  4. I liked the Minigun from UT3, how it's alt fire was a slower rate of fire, but did more damage and knockback. I always found it pretty satisfying to pin someone in a corner and wail on them with that thing. But the movement speed is also a lot faster in UT, so maybe it'd be pretty rough in Halo. I'd be curious to play around with it though.
  5. I know that the tournament will be on Monday and Tuesday, and that other days will feature a set of hand-picked matches. I don't know the times yet though. I'll try to get those and post them here.
  6. If we all ignore him, we won’t have to talk about it.
  7. I think it's a good solution in Social, where you are more likely to run into players with poor discretion, and this is a good way to force them to learn it, since they are personally affected by their choices. However, in ranked, where people tend to know what they're doing and are more likely to play for the win, I think it'd be better to leave the gameplay as is. Yes, it sucks to get naded by a teammate or shot in the back from time to time, but that's the intuitive, logical result for what happened. I think changing it would mess with the purity of the gameplay in a setting where everyone is of similar skill and trying their best to win. Now, that's not to say that our current system is reaching its potential. It's not. There should be a certain FF damage threshold that triggers a "Forgive?" prompt from the recipient, instead of requiring X amount of betrayals. They both attempt to curb the same behavior, but one is far more effective than the other.
  8. No FF or self-damage FF is a good idea for social. Leave ranked alone. Although a certain amount of damage, not betrayals, should trigger the "Forgive?" prompt for the recipient.
  9. It comes across to me as something that casual shooter players on reddit or at workplaces would joke about, regarding how complicated Halo has become. I think the Dpad should be Ping, left/right grenade switch, and a distress Self-Ping like we already have with H5. Also, this sort of weapon would invite obvious criticism from anyone that has played Gears 4, and used that Dropshot.
  10. You can literally die while arming and drop the bomb in the circle, and it will continue to arm itself at half the rate. It was their attempt to increase scoring and reduce ties.
  11. Lol are you familiar with H5 BTB Assault post-refresh?
  12. We were talking about adding BTB Ricochet in H4 and maybe H2A, and I suggested that, since new map variants would need to be forged for it anyway, the forger should raise the goals off the ground to prevent roll-in goals. I actually had to defend this idea because people thought roll-in goals were okay. Unbelievable. Not just "okay", but actually preferable, since the maps haven't been made yet. I can understand resisting a motion to go into every existing Ricochet map and change it to raise all the goals (we still should, btw), but to choose to allow them when making a new map? No. You're fucking insane.
  13. He makes it so hard to like him. Just pick a f'n name dude. It's fine to change GT's when you're a nobody, but not once you're a top player. Especially not twice. SK gets a pass because Halogod was a shit name.

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