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  1. Are you talking about Stellur, or some new kid named Bumble Bee?
  2. @Sitri, any footage of somebody running plasma pistol/ jetpack for the insta-soar, and switching to snipe for the clips? Haha
  3. @Basu, @Sitri, @Warlord Wossman, you guys did an incredible job with that mod. I love those changes. I'm gonna share that in Reclaimers and see if it inspires anybody to adjust some things. Stuff like oddball rolling and exploding nades on the ground just seem like no-brainer changes that can't really be argued against. The concussion rifle and focus rifle seem like that to me too, but I'm sure I'd get the "hurr durr legacy" argument, even though no one uses them.
  4. Haha I guess the only thing that’s left would be the TTK and movement.
  5. The point I'm trying to get you to understand is that H3 isn't popular because people are just so in love with the game mechanics. It came out at a very special time in XBL's history. It had loads of features outside of it's gameplay that helped foster a community. It had an incredible art style and graphics that hold up to this day. It finished the story arc (which let's be honest, is probably more influential to its popularity than any other factor). Citing it's popularity as a means of supporting its gameplay mechanics is a fool's argument. That's not why it's popular. You don't feel a difference from OG to MCC in scoped shots? Does anyone else? Am I going crazy? I'm gonna have to cap gameplay and test this shit. I've always been surprised how no one really brings this up, but I've never known H3 people to be the most perceptive group of individuals.
  6. It would appear that clan recruitment customs are really popular. That must mean they're good, right? I don't have a side by side comparison, but I'm very tempted to make one. It feels very different to me. I played the game for 3 years straight. I don't remember scoped BR shots feeling weaker than unscoped.
  7. On MCC H3, when you scope in with the BR, I'm convinced that the bullets travel slower than they do when you are not scoped in. Scoped shots feel way, waaaaay less effective than they did on OG. Something feels very off with it. You have to lead quite a bit more when scoped than you ever used to, and as a result it feels like scoped shots do tickle-damage.
  8. If they can fix the scoped shots issue, I'd be on board. If not, I'd say leave the velocity alone.
  9. I would be fine with the H2 style, if it just had fast item timers on static spawn, an excellent utility, and diverse, skillful, and useful weapon sandbox.
  10. There's all kinds of things that could improve with CE, but it's foundation is so good. That's why I'm so frustrated that we can't just take those gameplay pillars that make CE great and apply it to a newer game. As much as I love CE, I would much rather have a new Halo game with CE's structure than a CE with its flaws fixed somehow.
  11. When you load up the custom browser, what percentage of games would you say is some sort of recruitment lobby or assassinations only lobby?
  12. I heard last night that you can boost your K/D and W/L for this site (and in MCC in general I believe) in custom games. Regardless of how tiny your penis would have to be to actually do this, it should probably be addressed.
  13. @Arlong, I'm curious of your opinion about clan recruiting lobbies in custom browsers, or assassinations only games in the custom browser. @Shekkles, I'm all for no-spread H3 as well, but why do you want to decrease bullet velocity? You trying to offset the newly expanded usefulness of the BR? I could understand that, but just bear in mind that on MCC, scoped-in shots travel slower. I wouldn't want to exacerbate that.

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