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  1. Here’s Part 2 of the series I recorded on what I would change about MCC.
  2. Were public flights/beta just completely abandoned for Infinite?
  3. False. I distinctly remember myself and others looking at the "Most Played" in the Microsoft Store, and seeing H5 waaaaaay down after only like 3-4 months. The game's population retention was a joke compared to the trilogy (and even Reach). It's not like the game was dead. You could still get games in everything (except Warzone Assault if you were Australian), but it was really bad population retention for a Halo game. You don't get to change history here.
  4. Fast turnaround here is awesome, but it does make you wonder why other similar things can't get fixed sooner.
  5. My personal bar is "better than H4 Legendary Slayer", and so far I still feel optimistic.
  6. My favorite part is when he tells me what happens at Beach LAN.
  7. That wasn't why I used that reaction. It was about niche guns. H5's sandbox was so fucking dull. I'd way rather have a weapon with a long kill time that can stun or do area denial or instakill from a flank than just have every fucking gun in the game behave almost the same way. I've seen good players use the PR on LAN, and it's not as niche as you think it is, especially if it were zero-spread. I want an AR like the Lancer from Gears. Low, easy damage out to a good range. For the AR only, I would prefer bloom to recoil.
  8. I hate the extra damage and trait modifiers that active reload gives, but I love the way Gears 5 does it with loadout weapons, where it's purely about speed. Also, it's either naive or intellectually dishonest to say you're never under pressure while trying to get an active.
  9. Agreed on both counts. I always wanted to see a 1-life mode where one team gets a VIP and needs to get him from A to B, with like a 2min time limit. You could also do a mode with 2 VIP's where there are points on the midline of the map that the VIP can score points for his team by reaching. That would reward map control and punish campy, passive play that 2-VIP/Team Regicide typically has. As for Ricochet, I'm a huge fan of the mode (and Bombing Run from Unreal Tournament). I'd love to see longer respawn times and smaller, 2-dimensional goals that are raised off the ground to prevent roll-ins.
  10. Exactly. This aspect of the game gets circumvented at every available opportunity. It adds so little and hinders the growth of new/intermediate players so much. People aren't even playing the real game until everyone is timing, and in most cases, that's a tiny fraction of the playerbase. Just let everyone play the real game up and down the skill ladder. It's not worth it. "If it were a more obscure and unintuitive mechanic like button combos or ghost-ledging, I'd be all for it." It doesn't get much more obscure or unintuitive than H2 and H3's weapon respawn system.
  11. That game was sick as hell and way ahead of its time.
  12. I would throw a smoke nade just to the left of the library door on Lockout, so that it blocks both the door and the window, before pushing for BR3 I would throw a smoke nade on the plat on Pit before pulling the flag to block S2's sightline. I would throw a smoke nade towards top gold while getting hill time in a top hill in Construct KotH. I would throw a smoke nade before attempting an Extraction Cmon guys, this isn't hard. It would be useful. Maybe not "time it" useful, but if you put it in weaker spots of the map to help break setups, it would see tons of use. Give it a big cloud so it's useful, make it take 2-3 seconds to build up before it turns off aim assistance (and hitmarkers) to prevent escape cheese, and make it explode on impact so you can put it exactly where you need it. Put one of them on the map, and give it a 1 minute dynamic respawn after use.
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