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  1. Goes all the way back to XBC my man. Idk why that country in particular loves CE so much, but God bless em. Rumor has it some of them are coming to Beach LAN this year. Their connections are dirt though.
  2. Read your own sentence back again, but slower this time.
  3. I disagree. People get along fine in Gears and Overwatch or any number of shooters without a HUD widget that tells you where bad guys are. It's a crutch that Halo has been unnecessarily leaning on for way too long. It's only necessary for FFA. Take it away and act like it's genuinely not supposed to be there, and the masses will accept what they were given. In situations where you're dealing with a lack of discerning taste (people that like radar), developer intent goes a long fucking way. God forbid they think for themselves.
  4. I think those should be options that you can choose to always have toggled on. Maybe they're forced on for your first 10 games or something. You could have loading screen reminders about the setting.
  5. Bad CE is still way more fun than any other game on the collection.
  6. I could have understood if he wanted Longest TS removed, or even Wizard, but Priz and Dere? At that point you just don't like CE 4v4. For the record I think Wizard 4v4 is fun as shit. It's just that most people are bad, and that map REALLLLLY exposes it. Spread out, hit your shots, climb the fucking ladder backwards, and get powerups. Use quick cloak effectively. Maybe learn a nade trick to knock them down. The map is fine, but you are expected to fight off spawn. You aren't entitled to a safe spawn on Wizard, and neither is your opponent. It's just a really fast map.
  7. This is why we desperately need a filtering system and a “343 approved” filter where someone is paid to spend time in people’s lobbies Secret Shopper style, and give them more visibility if they do their job well.
  8. I always thought it was a bit of a shame how rare well-made, regular gametypes were on any given custom browser or Halo 2 on XBC. Like, good luck trying to find a BR starts, no radar game of 3 plots or 1 Flag. No one does it. It's either goofy party games, MLG but only like 2 gametypes, or fake MLG where it says MLG but the settings are wrong. Or Blood Gulch/Coag CTF. That's it.
  9. Holy fuck. Good thing I'm off today. I let you mf'ers take 3 of my hours to get caught up and make one rebuttal post. Shows what I think of you nerds <3
  10. Jeez, I take a break from the forum for a few days and it takes me two hours to get caught back up. I think what Multi or Xandrith (I forgot which) was saying about powerup spawn cycles dictating your choices for you does have merit to it, but only on maps that don't give you enough options on how to play around the pickup. For example, Damnation is great about giving you options to play around the camo. The entire metagame of that map is outplaying the other team around the camo spawn. Top team can jump for it. Bottom team can bait it. Bottom team can nade it down. Top team can nade it back. Top team can snipe attempts at nading it down. Bottom team can port and challenge the sniper. Top team can drop, or port down and flank, or camp the portal. Bottom team can nade the top of the portal. No two cycles should play out the same way in any given game. That's why the map is awesome. Teams will adjust to the other team's strategies, and counter them. NONE of this happens without an item as important as camo (or grenade physics on powerups....). Where Multi/Xandrith do have a point, is a camo like the one on Chill Out. That one is sequestered into a pretty safe part of the map, and usually acts as a consolation prize to rockets. Placements like these dictate map flow in all the wrong ways, where you're forced to go somewhere or focus on something, but there isn't good variety on how to play around it. Personally, I'd like to see the entire wall separating Camo Room from Main Room be removed. You should be able to nade camo down to left pillar in main room. You should be able to shoot directly from snipe spawn to rocket spawn. That would make the map less campy, and would offer more interesting setups and counterplay to the camo. I've been a fan of Multi's maps for like 6 years now. The style of map they're talking about absolutely can and does work. I'd love to see more of them in Halo MM. However, that does not mean that I think maps that revolve around a powerful pickup or a powerful location are inferior, just like I don't think Damnation is inferior to Midship. They're totally different styles, and I want to play them both.
  11. I'm just gonna keep fucking posting bc I'm way behind and I'm too drunk to multiquote. Sorry Shekkles. Pickups add an added importance to fights that I appreciate. They give the gameplay structure. They make certain things matter more. Imagine a pistols only game of Chill Out. Nobody would have any reason to be anywhere. The gameplay would feel random due to lack of incentive. It's kind of why Rock Paper Scissors is a game of chance instead of a game of skill. Imagine if winning with Rock gave you 3 points, winning with Scissors gave you 2, and winning with Paper gave you 1. The gameplay would have way more structure, because you could use players' goals to predict them or outsmart them. I, for one, would actually enjoy the example you laid out of a certain window of time offering more reward. Arbitrary? Sure. But it gives the gameplay a structure and players a motivation to play around, and I think that's a good thing. That's what power weapons (and moreso the fight over them) do. As long as the weapons aren't totally free kills, which I don't believe anything in CE is, then I'm okay with a hard-earned hefty temporary advantage, because I think it benefits game flow. That's not to say you can't have good gameplay without this. Midship/Amplified/etc prove this concept. But the map needs to be structured in a way where map control becomes the power weapon. Where there's nowhere to hide. I don't think this concept can work well with a room-based map in a TS game mode, because there's nothing to structure the gameplay and drive player motivations. Edit: Or perhaps we just need better room-based maps. Idk. I've seen "different but equal" pickups work well in UT and Quake, and I think it can and has worked well in the past. But I also think some maps offering very powerful items is a style of gameplay with strong merit that should be respected, because it too has had a great deal of success.
  12. Bro I feel like I'm talking to Ice Princess. Go ahead and waste your 45 sec of camo on Dammy camping a corner. That's a W for me. The skill cost is in being there and getting it and getting away with it without dying when everyone knows it's there. After that, you earned it.
  13. If you lose track of him, play slow, and reduce variables. Let him burn his time. He's easy to see if you're standing still. Also, like you said, he's camouflaged, not invisible. Stop being hyperbolic about this.
  14. Alright man. We're just gonna fundamentally disagree. You seem to want to throw your hands up in the air like Camo is impossible to play against, and I'm no longer interested in the discussion. I think you're a prisoner of theory, and you need to actually play the game with some good people. The shit works fine.
  15. Yeah I just don't use it much. "Hard Way #1695"
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