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  1. Going forward, any discussion about vibration should be under the assumption that shooting and getting shot do not cause vibration. Other things that can be conveyed with a single pulse of vibration, like timing a reload or a spring jump, are the actual point of discussion. I think we all agree that status quo vibration is unhelpful garbage. We're talking about new, unintrusive, helpful ways vibration could be used. Just because it has only ever been shitty doesn't mean it can only ever be shitty. Hopefully that helps focus the discussion onto something interesting.
  2. Finding out that you don't actually read is probably the least surprising thing I've read in months. Perhaps if you actually read what people say before talking more (you know, on a forum, where you come to read), you wouldn't come across as so god damn ignorant all the time. It's a few paragraphs dude, and it's about something you're interested in, and it's written by someone that knows more than you. Grow the fuck up and read. I love how you follow up admitting that you gave up on reading by literally guessing at what he took the time to tell you (and getting it wrong, shocker). If you had a respectable level of reading comprehension, you would know that his points about sound were not meant to say that it's distracting and unnecessary, but instead that vibration could be as beneficial as sound if it were implemented correctly. Thus far, with very few exceptions that he was kind enough to point out, it hasn't been implemented correctly. You ignored this portion completely while you skimmed over his post, and then thought you understood it well enough to retort. Instead, you just shit on the status quo implementation of vibration, which he already said was shit. So good job completely not understanding what you're fucking replying to. I also love the part where you say he's "denying history" even though he literally fucking directly addressed it, and then say "magically work" like he didn't just give excellent examples of how it could work. Then you say he wouldn't know it would work, when he again gave real world examples of it having already been used well. So now I'm just curious at how little you actually read and comprehend before you hit that quote button and start typing. What is your actual thought process like? Do you just read the first sentence of each paragraph? Exactly how many lines does a post need to be before you give up? Is there any lingering doubt in your mind while you're typing a response that maybe you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, because you didn't finish reading what you're replying to? Or are you just supremely confident that none of it was important, and only your words and your uninformed, ignorant opinions matter? Does it make you feel stupid when these things are pointed out to you, or do you just get angry that they were pointed out to you, and choose to learn nothing from it?
  3. No, I think it's great. I think there should be something in place to prevent people from spamming it and being obnoxious with it though.
  4. Reading this made me want to play Shadowrun again (Enhanced Vision vs Smoke). Dammit Larry. Im very open to new powerup ideas, but I’m just not in love with this one. I think it would play better if it was player outlines instead of waypoints, since that would be quite a bit of visual noise coming at you when you grab it. Also, real-time updates are a little OP, and imo cheesy. Like, I would just wanna set down my controller if I knew my opponent could see me through walls until one of us died. Even if it could expire (it should, btw), that’s still just supremely unfun to play against. I would either do pulses, or better yet, only let it work in a narrow cone of your vision, so you actually had to actively USE it.
  5. https://southpark.fandom.com/wiki/The_Ungroundable?file=UngroundablePic9.jpg Please not "Vamp". That's all I picture when I hear that. "Leech" is a good name. But the asymmetrical timers is a solid idea there. It's one of my favorite things about Hang Em and Rat Race.
  6. Ideally we could use either the sprint or the thrust button for it, since those wouldn't be in the game. I picture all this stuff like Jump Boots from Unreal Tournament. 3 uses. That's it. Pretty quick respawn, maybe every minute. They'd be like equipment from H3, except good. But I wouldn't drop them on death. If I had my way we'd use a static item spawn system like H1, and that might make for too many pieces of equipment in play at once by the end of the game. Also, every piece of equipment needs a visual tell before it gets used.
  7. Probably better. I was never that big of a fan of dying to an armor locker when I'm in a vehicle. I didn't like that you always had to wonder if they had armor lock or not. It'd have to be very brief though, since I imagine you're still moving when you use it? Idk though. That ability was in Titanfall 2 and it was pretty broken. Making it a map pickup with limited uses, and a much shorter duration would help, but it still conjures bad memories. Maybe if you could still see a static effect or apparition so you could track them while they use it it'd be better.
  8. If it was a map pickup, had 2 uses, and each use lasted only half a second, I think it’d be cool. It was fun to block grenades, rockets and splatters with it. The problem was that you could spawn with it, and treat it like a time-out button in a fight while you begged for help from your team. If you had to earn it, you could keep the good and ditch the bad. Also it could never be in KotH or Strongholds. Also ditch the EMP and being able to turn your camera while you use it.
  9. You are so ignorant it actually hurts. Stop talking about shit you don’t know anything about. You know it. We damn sure know it. Just stop. It’s embarrassing.
  10. I love you Soul, but that’s a real “Well ahctually...” right there.
  11. It technically does, but it's negligible. Seems like a silly thing to bring up, since it has no practical effect on gameplay. Also, NHE removed it.
  12. I think that’s an excellent idea for a powerup.
  13. I feel dirty defending bloom in any context because it’s complete shit, but I would disagree that skillful pacing doesn’t exist. The example you mentioned about timing it on a meter like you’re kicking a field goal in NFL Blitz isn’t all that different from their intended implementation. The goal is to fire as quickly as possible while maintaining the minimum accuracy needed to hit your shots. So the UI element you’re syncing your shot to would be the reticle closing in on the body/head, and every moment you waste is time they could get away, or more incoming damage for you. That would be skillful, if ignoring all of that and opting for accuracy by volume wasn’t such a viable alternative. Their vision of bloom would have worked better (still flawed, but better) if the reticle bloomed out wider, and reset faster. That said, an overheat mechanic would be more fun, or Tiberius Audley’s idea of having your reticle shrink with each trigger pull, giving you less aim assistance but still maintaining perfect accuracy. All in all I don’t think firing cadence discipline, even in its best form, is really worth the hassle of designing around it. At its best it’s barely fun.
  14. If the gun didn't have any offensive capability, it would need a very fast weapon switch speed (something Halo needs in general). And what you're describing in the second paragraph is literally the H4 Regen armor ability. Say what you will about loadouts and spawning with abilities, but that thing was well balanced. If it became a piece of on-map equipment, I'd be perfectly fine with that.

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