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  1. Dynamic in 1v1 would probably be better, since it affords the opportunity for the better player to earn everything if he plays correctly.
  2. This was my favorite series from the Halo Classic in St. Louis. Super close series between two excellent teams. I timestamped it. Hope you enjoy!
  3. I wanted so badly to enjoy Mythic. The settings are phenomenal. It's the best H5 has ever felt. But good God, man. That game just feels like complete ass to play. No matter what I change, BASIC looking around/aiming feels so utterly awful. This is compounded by SBMM, where I'm playing for my fucking life every single game, every single battle. It's such an uncomfortable experience. If Infinite played somewhat close to Mythic (without thrust bc I still fucking hate it, even in Mythic), and I could actually aim in it, I'd be pretty damn happy.
  4. I understand the argument for them. There is technically skill in keeping track of them, though to me it's outweighed by needing to actually win a battle for an item everyone is setting up for (not to mention coaches negate this skill in tournaments). I think the real argument in their favor is that matches will play out differently from game to game, cycle to cycle. However, you lose the "overlap" dynamic that you get with static timers, where a powerup becomes more powerful the later it's grabbed in the cycle because you'll get to ride it into the next cycle. There's merit to both, but I prefer static because I like the idea of multiple powerups being in play at once. There's also something to be said for adapting to the way the other team is playing each cycle. Damnation and Chill Out both demonstrate how you need to show the opposing team different looks later in games, otherwise they'll adapt and counter your setups. You lose that with dynamic spawns, because the cadence of spawns is going to be different every cycle (unless there's only one powerup, which is ass anyways).
  5. This is where static 60sec timers, 45sec duration, quick camo, not decloaking when nading, and having multiple power ups on the map help.
  6. It doesn’t have to be cheap. You don’t get more damage out of a long charge. All you’re getting is ease of use at the cost of time and vulnerability. There’s nothing stopping a player from firing a short charge prediction shot and getting the same amount of damage. I wouldn’t call that cheap. He fired an unassisted slow projectile as a prediction and got the full benefit out of it.
  7. What if you increase the charge time to encourage players to pre-charge it, have an overheat meter like H2A, and the longer you charge it, the stronger the homing is. The trade-off is that if someone shoots the charging plasma orb before you discharge it, it explodes on you, and you lose your shield. You could have the color and size of the plasma intensify as it charges, to give players an idea of how strong it will home in. This way, the gun is strong enough to be relevant, but situational enough and risky enough to not be cheap.
  8. It’s amazing what keeping things simple and logical can do for competitive merit.
  9. What if XB1 could only run multiplayer? I’d be fine with a graphical downgrade in MP if it meant a bigger player pool. Or what about the ability to toggle off cross play with XB1 in exchange for a graphics upgrade? You could just turn on cross play if your search times are too long.
  10. I promise it helps if you know where the spawn points are and understand what you should be doing to influence them. Most people don’t know fuck all about the game, so it’s harder for them to enjoy it. @_Synapse, we would only need about 7 or 8 for a good playlist after you add in Slayer. Chill Out Ball Hang Em KotH Dere KotH Dere Ball Rat Race KotH Dammy Reverse Tag Creek CTF Creek KotH Longest CTF That avoids “controversial” gametypes currently in social like Dere CTF or anything on Wizard.
  11. I work in public affairs for the US Army, and we’re out here covering the Army Reserve Best Warrior Competition in Fort McCoy, Wisconsin. 44 competitors getting put through hell for 5 days. If y’all wanna see the photos and videos we’re taking, check out the Army Reserve Best Warrior page on Facebook. I’ll update this post later with some of my best pics.
  12. I think the ability to search multiple ranked playlists at once would solve most of the problems. Then just offer permanent 2xp for all ranked lists with a different list getting 3xp every week. Searching multiple player counts at once in social would be a godsend. I know I’d play a lot more 2v2 and FFA if it was available. And @_Synapse how dare you say CE Arena would be terrible for ranked? Lol I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but I would play the flying shit out of ranked CE 4’s.
  13. Can you elaborate on why you don’t like it for CTF and Assault?
  14. Dude we’ve literally already seen it in H5. Plus loads of other games do it too. You’re still thinking with a mindset about ranked that this is designed to change. And no. We need ranked 4’s, 2’s, FFA and a rotational.
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