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  1. They're already two guns, dude. Did you forget that Reach has both a DMR and a Pistol? I'm not inventing anything here. I'm suggesting what I'd like to see changed with them. How about instead of continually misconstruing my posts, you explain why the status quo is better than what I suggested?
  2. Not if you keep the faster RoF, faster TTK, and faster draw time. I hated the H3 magnum as well. That's not at all what I'm looking for.
  3. Because it’d still be more accurate and have a bigger magazine? Also I’d prefer if the pistol had no bloom and no zoom. And okay...it’s fine for Race gametypes. A thousand apologies.
  4. Cmon man I know they’re separate, but if you cut 3x scope to 2x, it’s implied that you’re reducing RRR alongside it. But 2x would make descope battles less obnoxious too. I forgot how much harder it is to recover with 3x.
  5. This makes me sad, because I think this playlists' popularity might influence stuff down the road. Maybe not future gameplay mechanics, who knows...but the settings? The settings in this playlist are literally perfect. Shit that Bungie and 343 have been fucking up for the entire franchise is all perfect here. TS, CTF, KotH, Ball, Assault, perfect score limits/caps to win, no radar, perfect return times, flag at home to score, static hill rotations, static weapon times, static ball respawn location, fucking all of it. Like, they finally got everything right. I just want it to get noticed and do well, because for once they really deserve it.
  6. Cutting 3x to 2x would reduce the RRR. But yes, reducing magnetism and unscoped RRR would help even more. I'm still convinced that the only real issue is map design. Hemorrhage has no business being in matchmaking. That map is an abortion being propped up by nostalgia and a lack of discerning taste and gameplay scrutiny.
  7. Reach, even without any bloom whatsoever, still has the slowest time to kill in the entire franchise. This is a complete non-problem.
  8. Jesus dude, he's asking you why firing at max rate of fire should have any penalty to accuracy. Why not just allow your bullets to hit exactly where you're aiming, regardless of how fast you're shooting? Why try to enforce an artificially optimal rate of fire, when you could just program the actual rate of fire to be what you want it to be? Bloom on precision weapons adds nothing good to the game. "Spamming" should just be shooting. That's it. We're done.
  9. I remember that was one of those moments where I knew I'd never love this game, no matter how hard I tried.
  10. It's definitely shit, no matter what you do. But I did make some changes that alleviated my most frustrating problem. On higher accels and lower deadzones, I was noticing that it felt like I wasn't getting very much reticle friction in fights, and my aim would slip off of people pretty easily (and meanwhile I was getting perfected seemingly effortlessly). I initially bumped it up a long time ago because it felt a lot smoother to just look around the map. My buddy I was playing with told me he uses much lower accels and higher deadzone than I was using, and told me to give that a shot. Sure enough, I'm landing way more perfects because it feels like my reticle snaps to players again instead of sliding off. I compensated for the more sluggish looking around with higher sensitivities, which don't have as big of an impact mid-fight, since I'm making smaller adjustments. So idk, maybe give that a shot. It helped me. I think I'm running default deadzones (12% I believe, up from 10%), and 2 accel (down from 4). I upped my H and V sens up 1 each I believe, to compensate for slower looking around. I had a pretty massive improvement over the course of a single long session.
  11. There are still things I'm optimistic we can improve. Mostly gametype settings things. We're probably not getting ZB across the board, but we can probably get a massive increase to DMR starts in FFA, 100% DMR starts in obj (if we don't already), better respawn times in obj, better territory placement, score limits, arm times, sequential headhunter rotations, things like that. Duck has proved to be pretty reasonable about getting this stuff implemented in the past. So, it can and likely will get better, but it'll likely just be improving upon what we already have.
  12. Or why you should continue to vote for education funding well after you or your kids are in school.
  13. Sorry to hear that. I wasn't running into any trouble. I've been having a pretty awesome time with it so far.
  14. The thrust in Mythic is about half strength, with ~6 second cooldown. I would prefer if it weren’t there, but it’s honestly not that bad, and it can def help you make a clutch play. It’s so much less obnoxious than default H5. Seriously, this shit is here for 2 weeks. Play the fuck out of it.

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