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  1. I can say with about 95% confidence that I would never want, nor give a shit about any screenshot or video my teammates might send me in the middle of a game. I would turn that shit off in a heartbeat. Not only does it take up a ton of screen space, but even if it's used in good faith exactly as intended, it is still a convoluted way of delivering information that would not be easy to ingest and process. But it would absolutely not be used as intended. Your screen would be spammed with bullshit that was intended to be funny, or a mundane play that the player thought was cool, or the info they're sending is obvious, or it's irrelevant, or it's outdated. There's just so many ways that would go wrong. That might be worse than Boyo's famous chin-controlled fly by wire rocket idea a few years ago.
  2. It doesn't feel cheap to me at all. At a certain skill level, you just know it's coming, and you have your rear-most player already anticipating the ball's respawn. It's not like it's a surprise that he's gonna do it. You just play around it, and it's fine. And then there's those times where someone clutches up and kills him before he can even do it, and it's a big play because you inherit their setup and save a ton of time. I don't want to get rid of that. And it beats the alternative. I played a lot of H3 Throwback in Halo 5, and they had ball on some whack ass maps. They were bad for ball because they had both of these traits: Lack of circular flow, and no way to play the ball. Ghost Town, the ball never leaves the pipes behind the score spot in 1 Flag. High Ground, the ball never leaves the SAM site at the back of the base. Citadel, the ball never leaves the shotgun hall (oddly enough this map would be amazing for Ball if you blocked off the shotgun halls). So then you might say, "well that's a problem with the map, not the gametype." Well okay, but then you force yourself to play on a fraction of the maps that might play it well. All because we can't wrap our brain around the fact that the ball guy is probably gonna play it before he dies, in a gametype that's been trusted to be played for tens of thousands of dollars for 20 years. This is a classic case of "if it's not broke, don't fix it." It ain't f'n broke. I would be open to trying this as a variant, but you absolutely cannot make it require you to hold the ball for every last second before it respawns. Maybe if it's not being held, the time remaining on it reduces at half the rate, but you can't expect teams to send a guy to go get the last 2 seconds of the ball in a soon-to-be irrelevant spot, just so the next ball will spawn. We saw this in H4 KotH on Complex, with the hill above the garage, before they changed the Hill system. It was AWFUL. No one would touch it because they didn't want to sacrifice position when the next hill came up. But at the same time, I think if a team can't crack a single setup when one of the enemy players can't even fire their weapon, they deserve to beat their head against the wall until they lose. The only value I see in this variant is artificially encouraging players to hold setups in unconventional places by spawning the ball there. But even then, I think regular Oddball does a pretty damn good job of this naturally on maps that are good for the mode. Maybe this could be the solution for making maps like Ghost Town and High Ground and Landfall great for Oddball, but I don't see a ton of a value in it for maps like Lockout and Guardian. I think Smite handled vote to forfeit perfectly. You can't do it for the first 5 minutes of the game, bc you just know kids would be throwing up the vote after losing the opening rush. But after 5min, it's readily available from the pause screen. But that's it. I don't think kids need any help finding it. Just put it next to the option to quit. Maybe you could flash a quick 5-10 second reminder prompt during the player's first death after someone on his team quits, but that still feels insulting to me. Players are going to see the vote prompt often enough from their teammates. They won't need any help from the game to remember the option exists. Seems to work pretty well in Gears of War.
  3. Solitary. Epitaph. Sword Base. The unholy trinity of Halo maps.
  4. Oddball is perfect the way it is. It’s dynamic, on-the-fly attack vs defense, whose structure is determined entirely by the player. The fact that the goal is to sit still and defend is entirely mitigated by the fact that it’s perpetually 3v4, and the ball is almost always a few moments away from being in danger and changing hands. Multi’s criticisms of the mode would be totally valid if you could shoot while holding the ball, but you can’t. Secondly, y’all act like every time a team is earning time, they have a full setup. Not true. A full, competent, organized setup is really hard to get in place in time before the pressure mounts. If you can get it, you deserve a chunk of time. That’s literally the point of the mode, and I think it’s worthy of its spot as a core competitive mode. Regarding map design, setup-style asymms need the ability to play ball in order to prevent the ball staying in one spot all game. Anybody that played Oddball on Ghost Town and played games with the ball in the offense-side pipes all game know why this is important. So yes, it can be frustrating to break a setup just to earn a play-ball, but it beats the alternative. The key is to make the ball reset instantly, so as to not allow the respawning team enough time to contest the newly reset ball after losing their setup. Midship style oddball maps should not have a way to play ball. Throwing it into the middle should be how you play ball. The lack of strong setups on those maps means there is no need for a reset. I would be interested in an Oddball variant with 2 balls, but one ball awards more time than the other (and obviously they have different color waypoints). Just a simple 2x multiplier on one of the balls, but it gets the more dangerous spawn point, and the movement speed with the ball is slower, and it’s heavier so you can’t throw/blow it as far. The normal ball can be naded around like in H1, and has a generous toss distance. I’m also not ready to rule out oddball throwing. It didn’t work in H4 because of instant respawns. Just give it a long wind-up animation so it’s not an Oh-Shit panic button, need the distance so you can’t John Elway it to where you think you’ll spawn before you die, and only enable it on enclosed maps to prevent unearned play-balls. I think it has a lot of potential to create a fun meta. In fact I know it does, because I’ve played sweaty oddball games in H4 where teams had great, creative ball movement, and it was fun as hell.
  5. This actually perfectly illustrates my frustrations when the Halo community at large refers to CE. This is the shit they played, and this is the shit they’re familiar with. They think the pistol is OP because that’s 99% of BG and SW gameplay. Such a small percentage of people talking about CE at any given moment have even basic understanding of how to play.
  6. Nooow Skeeter, he ain’t hurtin nobody.
  7. Assuming you only get 3 shots with it, I think it should be strong, and all of these things are fine, assuming the respawn time isn’t as fucking stupid as H3’s equipment times. “You can make ridiculous cross map movements with it.” You get finite charges. If that’s how you want to use them, so be it. ”Take a free W from otherwise tense and crucial power item battles,” If that’s the case, then that simply means the battle for the grappleshot takes its place. ”Escape from fights with the smallest bit of situational awareness,” You need to turn completely away from your enemy and use one of your finite charges that you earned, to hopefully break line of sight fast enough to survive. That’s fine. ”and latch onto people 50 meters away with forgiving aim to pull out a hammer or a sword.” 50 meters is a huge exaggeration from what I can tell, but even if it’s not, you’ll die on your way in if that’s your plan. I also am not convinced the aim is that forgiving. I’m pretty sure the footage I saw showed a guy shooting the ground next to the target before killing him, and it was from like 20ft away tops. I think everyone is blowing this way out of proportion. You get limited charges and it’s a map pickup. It should be strong, and it should be versatile.
  8. Claw machine with bubble gum on it.
  9. Nah bro it’s just a claw machine with gun powder.
  10. You right. He’s joined my hall of shame of ignored users. Quite the lineup of trash human beings on that list.
  11. If the grappleshot is so strong that it makes getting power weapons trivially easy and “unfair” (it’s not) than that would just mean that you need to contest the grappleshot better, right? And then once you’re getting the grappleshot all the time and the game isn’t just falling into your lap, maybe you’ll realize that the grappleshot was never the problem.
  12. @Mow’s speculation about headshot multipliers against shielded players has me kinda excited and willing to forgive a longer TTK if that’s the case.
  13. I think it’s highly unlikely. TO’s and comp settings take a pretty severe hit in accessibility the further they deviate from the vanilla version of the game. I think sprint will be in unless it’s proven in gameplay to be extremely cheesable, which I think is doubtful. It’s simple risk/reward or cost/benefit analysis for them. Will removing sprint from comp settings improve the integrity of gameplay enough to be worth alienating X percentage of their audience? I think this mild version of sprint with today’s Halo fanbase leads to a pretty likely outcome.
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