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  1. I was only talking about the Warthog in H5, so everything you said that isn’t is irrelevant. Putting a Warthog to use on Deadlock, Scavenger, Altar, or basically anything was a death sentence for the gunner. It was useless as an offensive tool. After a few months no one even bothered anymore. On most maps the gunner is exposed to fire from tons of angles at once. If he has no protection from any of them, it’s too easy to pick him, and the vehicle becomes unusable. I’m not saying he’s invincible from the front, I’m saying he takes normal vehicle damage from the front. Big difference, especially with potentially 8 people trying to kill you. Remember how unviable the Warthog was as an offensive tool at launch. Keep the accurate utility. Now present your idea for how to make it a viable asset to the team.
  2. This is an awesome resource for players looking to start lanning H1, but don’t know where to begin. All credit to JohntheHero for creating this great tool for the community. Happy lanning www.halofinder.com
  3. I think the warthog gunner should basically have a Tachanka turret from Siege. Total protection from the front, head protection from the sides, and no protection from the rear. With a hitscan precision spawn weapon, it was pretty easy to pick off the gunner, especially from range. That's the problem. The driver can't make any plays when it's that easy to kill the gunner. And remember, the driver has to get somewhat close in order to get kills (which is good), so you can't shit on the driver for trying to make a play. It wasn't a problem in H3 because of the nature of the BR. I'm not saying I want to go back to that, but if we're gonna keep an accurate starting weapon, then the gunner needs more protection. Otherwise the vehicle is useless, as Reach, H4, and pre-BR patch H5 shows us. Also the H3 Warthog was only as strong as it was because of spread and shot registration on the BR, not projectile. You don't need to baby the fanbase with hitscan weapons in the name of countering vehicles. If the H3 BR had no spread, it would have been plenty easy enough to kill the gunner. You don't need hitscan for Christ's sake. Just look at CE. Tell me it isn't easy as shit to kill the gunner. You make it sound like a little red reticle leading is asking too much of the player. It's not.
  4. It’s been a while since I’ve played Reach, do I don’t really remember much about the Wraith, but I do remember how clunky and slow and fragile the Ghost was. Say what you will about the power of the H5 Ghost’s shots (they were OP), but the thing handled like a dream. Same for the Wraith. Everything felt intuitive, from the turn speed to the trajectory to the boost, I think it’s the best Wraith in the franchise. Gonna have to call out your bias and lack of experience with H5 on this one. I know you hate the game, but they did a phenomenal job with those two vehicles. Im curious to hear what you hated about either one.
  5. The ghost was shit. Almost unusable. Warthog got flipped by dmr shots and the gunner was too exposed for a hitscan precision spawn weapon. Banshee was only balanced against coordinated teams, and even still that backflip super-shot BS was stupid. Everything else was okay I guess. I’m definitely on Team “Utility Should Damage Vehicles”, so Reach BTB was okay in my book. H5 doesn’t get enough crdedit for how smooth the vehicles handle, particularly the ghost and wraith.
  6. That’s cool, but it’s too subtle. I’m talking lush green to full on infected in 15 minutes.
  7. To each their own I guess. I always thought the theme of the map was really cool. An isolated piece of land being studied to see how the flood takes it over. Pretty imaginative stuff. They would have really nailed what they were going for if the map changed from normal to infected over the course of the match.
  8. You know the worst part? All it would have taken was no plasma pistols, and the OS would have solved the problem. Maybe no doors too. The doors were a shitty idea. Also @Mow, I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but Isolation is very close to being a good map. It’s the bases and the regens that make it bad. If you block off the bases, remove the regens, and play KotH on it, I would argue people remember that map as one of the classics in the franchise.
  9. If he would have been allowed to do his thing, he could have been such an incredible force for good for Halo though. I’m still torn on which way I’d prefer to see it go. That’ll have to wait until I see his game I guess. And Fix, it wasn’t a video. It was an anonymous coward linking specific posts in his TB post history after he had already been hired. We’d all be fucked if we had someone with enough of a vendetta to pull that shit. It’s still hard to comprehend how sad of a human being you’d have to be to go out of your way to fuck over a stranger on the internet out of their dream job because you don’t like their posts. The only guy on this forum that I have any sort of bad relationship with, I’d fuckin NEVER do that to him. It’s honestly hard to imagine.
  10. Lol I know it’s in jest but others might not. I was talking about standard default MM settings, not competitive settings. Unfucking garbage ass default objective settings is kinda my hill to die on.
  11. I would recommend hitting up Postums on twitter and letting him know you’d like to see it.
  12. @Trespa5s great vid man but yikes on perpetuating the myth of an OP pistol and worthless AR. If you ever get the chance to LAN sometime, I hope you jump on the opportunity. Let me know if you’re interested and I bet I could point you towards some folks that would be glad to have you. I’m in Columbus OH if you ever wanna meet up and play.
  13. Could it be that it’s hitscan but with delayed damage delivery? (Not sarcasm)

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