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  1. Pretty sure I l’ve explicitly said, twice, that I’ve got it, but you seem more interested in trying out this cool new tough guy persona. It’s adorable btw.
  2. I have to go back to work, but while I’m gone, feel free to compile an exhaustive list of topics that you demand I respond to again.
  3. Well, getting rid of sprintthrustslideclamber would go a long way in helping devs control how they want their maps to play, so I’d start there.
  4. To be fair, I wasn’t caught up on the thread before I posted. But I meant actual news, not discussing the same hypothetical items for the 10th time. And I know no one cares about it. It wasn’t meant to spark conversation. It was 90% me expressing frustration, and 10% trying to help correct a bad habit. Like I said to Shekkles, I’ll stop.
  5. I knew it was petty and I did it anyways, because it annoys me to always read it, and there’s always the off chance that it might actually help. But I won’t bring it up again. My fuck we need something to talk about.
  6. Not sure how liking H1 a lot has anything to do with saying “should of” instead of “should have” in every post. That was the only point of my last post, and I’m fully aware how that makes me look. I just cringe at the thought of a college essay or a cover letter getting submitted with could of’s and would of’s all over the page.
  7. God help you if you ever need to write something important. Read a book, an article, anything where the author is held accountable. Stop writing how you speak. It doesn’t matter here (aside from being painful to read), but one day you’re gonna look really bad on something that does matter. Get mad at me if you want, but I’m right.
  8. I thought they felt like Time Splitters 2’s “Create a Mission” level of quality, with cringy dialogue sprinkled on top.
  9. Yes. Come play with me That’s fair, especially if you don’t plan to play it often. I just wanted to give you a heads up on what might be barriers to entry, depending on the skill of your opponents. Trying to help you have fun.
  10. What a weird analogy. No one expressed interest in running, or tried to speak authoritatively about why running is shit when they've never tried it. I feel like you don't understand why this started. For clarity's sake: I encourage everyone to try attending a LAN. It's fun and offers a unique experience, and you'll probably make new friends. I also understand why someone wouldn't want to go, and I wouldn't pressure anyone to go if they don't want to. That said, if you lack that experience, that limits the credibility of your opinion. And if that experience is readily available, then it needs to be acknowledged that it's a choice to not go, not some unfortunate circumstance. And finally, at that point, some self awareness would really be nice. Edit: All caught up on the thread now (I really need to start using multiquote so I can catch up before responding...my bad). @Arlong, that's sick that you reached out. Hopefully that person gets back to you. Regarding splitscreen, I used to feel the same way. I used to go out of my way to offer players full screen at LANs, because I didn't yet understand how insanely beneficial splitscreen is to H1. First of all, it gives you a much wider FOV, which helps enormously. Secondly, it gives you that instant awareness of what your teammate is doing and where he is that makes a massive difference in your timing/decision making. The game would require an insane amount of communication if it was played full screen. If you can remind yourself to look at your teammate's screen when you need more intel, you'll grow to appreciate it like everyone else has. And lastly, I would definitely advise you to spend 5min on each map in www.halospawns.com. Just see where the spawns are and try to make a mental note of where the spawns are in each room. This will help your awareness a lot. Some specifics to focus on that will help you have more fun: -Learn at least 3 different ways/places to nade camo down on Damnation, or you won't have fun on that map. -Learn where the randoms are on Hang Em High, or you won't have fun on that map. -Learn a few different ways to give a top spawn on Derelict, or you won't have fun on that map. Halospawns will give you a percentage of which spawn you will give when you stand in certain places. Knowing how to spawn up on Derelict gives you more chances to retake control.
  11. That was never the issue. That's obviously understandable. The issue is the other half of the equation. The part where he talks out of his ass about an experience he's literally never had a single time. The pressure to go to a LAN was a result of the excuses that came forth once he was called out on it. All of this goes away if the dude understands the limits of his own knowledge and doesn't try to rant about things he's actually clueless about.
  12. Chaos Theory is right up there with CE when it comes to 2v2. It's seriously fucking amazing. Sooo underrated.
  13. LAN the game once. Then try talking about it like you have half a clue.
  14. Yeah I think all of that is fair, except maybe the strafe (especially the crouch). No one really enjoys jump delay. You can adapt to it and acknowledge that it takes a bit of mastery, but I don't think it's good for the game. I prefer H2's jump height as well, and I'd love to see H1's maps scaled around H2's jump height. Regarding spawns in 4v4 and up, a permanent loading screen tip telling you to spread out (and hit Y) might help. I also think some audio cues leading into the cycle would help people figure out that items spawn on the minute, and might help clue people in on what they should be focusing on and when. Maybe add like the respawn doots on odd minutes, and the respawn doots followed by the hill gong on even minutes. Something to get people at least wondering what the significance of it is. Something like that would help them understand the pace the game should be played at, and eventually get them looking at their clock more often.

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