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  1. Guys Penguin is streaming and only has 16 viewers. Lets give him a team beyond boost. The guy is an absolute animal and knows some pretty neat jumps.
  2. Clearly clg is the best team but I think this was a very good sign for EG
  3. I think we can all agree we wont be happy until CLG and RNG scrim
  4. Down 7-0 to RNG last game they blew an enormous lead, not so hot.
  5. Maniac: " i've got so many viewers right now, why do people watch me" LOL
  6. Naded after they won that TS: "GREEN WALL LETS FUCKING GO" hahahahaha
  7. Sounds like them Cali trees got to Maniac based on his cough
  8. Once FS and Maniac actually start to play more and catch up to other pros this team is definitely promising. Maniac is playing like poop and they are still competing
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