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  1. I've been away for quite some time. Thought you guys would be a good source of information about H5. Now that it has been out for a decent while, what is the overall consensus on the gameplay, maps, ranking, etc.? Basically, is it worth the purchase? Thanks.
  2. I'm just paraphrasing here but in the video they just showed, one of the devs said "No more fighting for the Scorpion on the map, now I can bring my own into the battle!". If I understand correctly, the Warzone mode is packed with objectives that both teams can pursue, so why isn't power weapons and vehicles part of that? Long ago when I played Halo 2, there was no more gratifying moment that being the first one to the banshee on waterworks. Granted the banshee was in the starting base, but with the scale of the Warzone maps, the vehicles could have been put at a location where each team had equal opportunity but had to battle it out. Idk, I just feel that this card system cheapens that aspect of the game.
  3. If the cheaters are convicted by overwatch or VAC'd, the game is nulled. So unless the cheaters are smart and only play 2 games every 24 hours with a premade 5-queue (making the maximum number of reports they receive 10), they won't be added to the overwatch queue. However, VAC bans will catch them in time. Recently some of the biggest paid hacks were detected and many were banned. Those partied up with cheaters lose all of the wins that they got while playing with the cheaters and they temporarily lose their rank. They'll need to play one game to get a rank back, and most of the time it is lower than the rank they lost. Cheating becomes more frequent as you reach DMG - LEM, which is where cheaters usually land after their fresh accounts get 10 wins and placed into a rank. So while I think it definitely influences some ranks, I haven't had too many games where it was obvious people didn't belong in that rank. Anyways, I'm always looking to play PUGs or MM with people. I'm currently DMG. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BRFiveOne/
  4. This guy has some pretty baller speaker tags.
  5. Got Halo: CE a month after it came out, for Christmas...I was 9 years old at the time. Slowly, as shittier iterations of the game were released, my love for the franchise died. My interest peaked when Halo 3 came out, that's when I found out about MLG and the competitive side of things. Got a gaming monitor for my birthday, and bought Astro A40s for myself. After the release of MCC, I sold my xbox one (which I had only purchased for MCC and future Halo games). I bought parts to build a high-end PC, and I can't ever picture myself going back. I still follow some pros, Beyond, and some of the beyond staff on Twitter as well as come on this side every so often when Cyren or Saucy tweet out that drama is starting in one of the threads.
  6. Is entering and exiting skype chats fluid? If so, thanks for the heads up and I will definitely use it.
  7. Is anyone else having the issue of when in a party chat, you keep getting kicked out of the party chat and put into regular game chat? Or am I the only one with this issue?
  8. Not for me :\ Played 17 games, won all 17 of them. No games were close, mostly 50-20 or below. Shot right up to Semi-Pro. It just seems like it's way too easy to climb the ranks?
  9. Is the incredible range of the AR a hot topic? or do most people think it's fine? In my own opinion, I'd liken it to the SAW from H4.
  10. No. As of now, there is no way to turn off vibration.
  11. I feel like having bought the MCC was like buying a terrible third party controller...
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