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  1. Halo 2 MCC 2v2 tournament on June 4th at 6PM. Crowd funded, no entry fee. Everyone is welcome to join. Prize is at $100 so far. Info in link below, any questions send me a message. https://www.gofundme.com/257w798
  2. Pre-season Halo 2 league draft going down at 10pm EST. Will be a 5 week season then open for new members. https://www.twitch.tv/sepseven If you're interested in joining the next season join the discord and start practicing, we have over 100 active MLG h2 players that run customs every night. Will also be having FFA,1v1,2v2 tournaments during the summer. https://discord.gg/0uqMLfsvV2PeKrdl Any questions msg - XbL Gregor
  3. I'd like to see them make Team Hardcore 8 man joinable, matchmaking is already a joke because a level 50 can match a level one, if you don't go in with a party of 4 the games are a joke regardless. If we had Team Hardcore joinable with parties of 8 we could have dedicated servers whenever we want. We already set up games in hardcore but it's kinda a pain unless it's really late at night. If you play customs with 8 solid players the team with host is going to win the very high majority of the games.
  4. A lot of us from XBC have a community discord if anyone's interested in joining, I think we're getting close to 100 people. We do a lot of custom MLG 4v4 and FFAs, we also set up games using dedicated servers in hardcore. https://discord.gg/0uqMLfsvV2PeKrdl (requires no download and hides your IP, just need to make an account) Running FFAs right now, msg me for an inv. GT: XBL Gregor
  5. Myself and others from H2 XBC have been running competitive H2 MLG FFAs and 4v4s, normally starting around 9PM EST. Feel free to add me or send me a message if you're interested in joining us. GT: XBL Gregor
  6. myself, Wild Cherry and knightyknight need 1 to play with at midnight. Add me XbL Gregor
  7. Me and Wild Cherry need 2 good halo players to run some Bo3 with at midnight. Add me - XbL Gregor
  8. Your Team Name: High Society Winner: High Society Round Number: 3 Score: 2-0
  9. Your Team Name: High Society Winner: High Society Round Number: 2 Score: No Show
  10. Team: High Society GTs: XbL GregoR, Scotty Pwnz Message me on XBL for scrims.
  11. How many are confirmed so far? Also, I got all my streaming equipment so we're good to go on that.
  12. I'm going to see if my laptop is powerful enough to stream, I'll let u know in the next few days.
  13. I'm planning on attending and can bring my stream setup, what kind of internet you got?
  14. Didn't know him well but been playing against him for 8 years, consistently good halo player throughout the series of games.
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