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  1. Radar iz skill
  2. A quick video I made a few days ago using the Xbox One's game DvR. Nothing too crazy, was mostly showcasing a few double-shot multikills I had gotten since I've been practicing them lately. Contains Halo1/2/3 and a few overkills etc.
  3. Team Name: Butt Buddies Winner: Butt Buddies Round Number: Round 2 Score: 2 - 1
  4. Team Name: Butt Buddies Winner: Butt Buddies Round Number: Round 1 Score: 2-0
  5. If anybody wants to scrim, add the gt: cto brett
  6. Also, in Reach, Vapoureon was pretty sick at 1v1s. He doesn't really play Halo 4 anymore though.
  7. I'm Canadian..May not be known but I have made $150 in total in online FFA's in H4 and consider myself to be at least half decent at Halo 4 lol. I also choked in the Last minute of the Outright Gaming FFA Tourney on Saturday, and got 2nd and as a result didn't end up winning the Squid Grips.. Lol
  8. The 2 added perks/armor mods aren't going to be the only things added in this TU, lol. Well if they are, then I'd cry..
  9. Oh and Voodooman, my internet sucks balls now so if my internet decides to not lag, or lag me out of the game then i might place well lol.
  10. Titand Wrath- Add GT: tourdewalshffa. Its the account Jinxer runs.
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