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  1. i got in contact with astro gaming customer support about raceiving my astro scout pack. It's been over 6 months. Jun 28, 3:22 AM PDT "Hello Kristopher, Thanks for your feedback. Could you reach out to teambeyond again and ask them for the contact person with Astro, so we can verify if we really are responsible for the shipment of your item? Thank you & kind regards, Vanessa-Naomi" ASTRO Gaming Customer Service
  2. Also new to these forums, hoping to use them more now. I qualified yesterday for the EU Pro League alongside Flamez, Buk 57 & Buk 20. Qt & Twitter: @Qristola
  3. @@Clicked any update about when i'll be getting the astro scout pack? Looking forward to having it when going to events & hopefully qualifying in the proleague Qualifiers & having it with me when traveling. Thanks
  4. I dm'd @@Clicked my info oñ this website a few days ago, he still hasn't read it yet. If someone could let him know I'd appreciate it, when I get a reply it will give me assurance that i'm being acknowledged. Thanks.
  5. @@CyReN He got back to me, I sent him my details. Thanks, Qristola
  6. Okay, thanks... when you get the chance if you could just ask him to read it, that would be halpful. I've sent him messages in the past & have never got a response, thanks.
  7. I got third place in the most recent halo 5 1v1 tourney & won a astro scout backback. After the tournament, i didn't hear from anyone about my recieving it (giving my postal adress) & still havn't. i'm sure it's a mistake because it has nearly been a month, if i could get a response from an admin i would be very grateful. it would be awesome to have because i'm flying over to england to compete at 157 & plan on competing again in future events. Please respond ASAP. thanks, Qristola.
  8. i'm supposed to be playing BxbyJ, Raaayne isn't even online. im waiting for the bracket to change
  9. GT - Qristola ( lot of experience playing h2a 1v1's) sign me up boss

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