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  1. (a little late)  Tuned into the Daytona event... *internet issues, tournament delayed* ... *opens this thread* ... *cracks a beer* ... *sigh*


    also lol to every post in this thread against LAN.  I mean I get not understanding the importance of LAN, but to come back and say "times are changing, progress or get out."   Ignorance is bliss though  B) 

    Anyways, halo 5 is fucking awesome.  They absolutely nailed it, super excited about the potential this game has to be played a high level.  Just really hope when 343 announces all the HCS/HWC details that they address how they plan to run tournaments smoothly without LAN support.  


    If we have to go through 2016 reliant on connecting to off-site servers..(to play with the 7 people in the same room as you.....) well let's just say I bought a BIG case of beer.  


    J-Dot out, happy friday y'all.

  2. This has been my biggest concern going into Halo 5 since it was announced that there would be no LAN support.  I think the reason this isn't getting as much attention is mostly due to lack of education around what this even means.  You cannot have internet access without a LAN network.  In the feedback thread for halo 5 esports I stated that unless this issue was addressed it wasn't even worth discussing anything else.  If at the core of your game, you cannot even reliably host a tournament, you lose all credibility.  Having a tournament halted because of internet connectivity issues in 2015 is laughable. The stream going down is one thing, that is internet related.  But as you mentioned, people are misconstruing the benefits of dedicated servers vs. the lack of LAN support.  Hell, the way Halo 5 is coded now if internet goes out at a venue players won't even have the option to get on their Xbox's to play a custom warm up game. (suppose they could host a hotspot wifi custom game, but shiiiii) 


    Last time I brought up these concerns in the Halo 5 esports thread, I was given the response that Halo 5 would not have LAN support, however they would work together with the tournament providers to provide a local dedicated server if necessary.  As impractical of a solution that is versus just making you game LAN compatible aside....That's great if that happens, but again raises concerns.  This means that unless you are either a big house tournament provider, or have a partnership with 343, tough luck.  Buying a local server just to run a tournament is not even economically feasible for smaller orgs that may be trying to grow.  


    I'll end by saying dedicated servers are a major step forward for Halo in general, but lack of LAN support is about twice as large a step backwards, especially in 2015.  I hope, sincerely, that there is a plan in place behind the scenes that just hasn't been unveiled for how 343 plans to reliably host tournaments.  I've been a die hard halo fan for over a decade now, I just want this franchise to be great once again.  


    For as much hype as I have for this game coming out, if I have to watch another tournament affected by Xbox Live issues I may (will definitely) cry.

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  3. We asked Josh Holmes about offline LAN support in our interview with him during E3 and he said that offline LAN support was not going to be supported but they would work with tournament providers to provide a local dedicated server or something like that.


    Tournament providers won't need to pay for anything. If you are planning on hosting a HCS event, the HCS team will work with you for it.



    Yea I actually found that article after my post while I was researching this.  Unfortunately his response doesn't really offer up much detail as for how exactly HCS will help.  I suppose as long as this issue is being addressed, then I'll be content with whatever solution they implement.  I just had a nerd moment since I work in IT and am super passionate about halo; can't say those two things usually relate to one another  :)

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  4. Halo 5 won't have LAN. 


    HCS events will have some sort of local dedicated server.

    Thanks for the reply, do you have a source for this by chance?  I'm asking not due to doubt of your answer, but rather I'm genuinely curious how they plan to resolve this issue from a technical side of things.  Unless I'm mistaken, dedicated servers do not eliminate the issue of needing to connect to the Xbox Live service.  Even if there is a locally hostable xbox live service I'm unaware of, the overhead cost for purchasing a server in order to host tournaments is worrisome.  It's a big 'F off' to grassroots organizations that simply won't have the funding to support that type of financial endeavor.  


    Also, for relevance I'll site why this is such a worrisome topic to me.  I convinced several friends to sit down and watch the tournament with me this weekend.  For context, none of these friends has any sort of background with the competitive halo scene.  However, once the games started it was easy for me to breakdown the game play and have them appreciate the high level of competition they were witnessing.  The hype was real, and I was excited to have introduced my friends to the scene.  Then, the disconnects.  They lost interest immediately, and I can't blame them.  If HCS wants to garner growth with Halo 5, then the issues at a fundamental level have to be resolved.  It was very evident by the drop in viewership numbers after the disconnects the impact the interruptions had in interest.  


    Again, if anyone has any further insight into this I'd immensely appreciate it.

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  5. I haven't seen any replies on this yet, but what's the status of LAN going forward?  The feedback for settings and production is great, I just feel like without addressing this glaring issue first it becomes less relevant.  If you were organizing a sporting event in a venue that was experiencing constant interruption due to power outages, would you not first address that before offering any other feedback for the event itself?  I'd love for someone to fill me in on whether this has been officially addressed somewhere already.  

  6. I'll just preface this by saying I haven't researched too deeply into this, but....LAN support?  From my understanding the disconnects were caused because the consoles need to periodically ping XBOX live and when that was unavailable it caused the player to disconnect?  Before I continue on to a long rant, can someone confirm that the issue is console specific versus game specific?  In other words, does halo 5 have the capability of resolving this or is the issue inherent to the console itself?  



    I suppose it's irrelevant to the fact that 343i NEEDS to address this glaring issue.  If LAN support is unavailable for the future of the HCS, that is troubling.  I'll say with confidence that this league will never experience significant growth until this issue is resolved.  


    Here's to me naively hoping that someone links me to an article of 343 addressing this issue and an explanation of how they plan to resolve it..  

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