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  1. Heard the Chili's baby-back song on the radio omw to work today.. then hopped on the forums and a weird mixture is brewing here..


    Now, in my head all I hear playing over and over is:

    "I want my Naded back Naded back Naded back, I want my Naded back Naded back Naded back

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaded, Nadeds back yea.   *bass voice* "RoyBox Sauce"


    And loop.





    Going to be an interesting day I think.


    -jDot out?

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  2. Well, as much as I love a good ole fashion game of he said/she said/omgwaitshedidwhat/noway/omggawwddddwhatabitch let's bring er back down a notch here..


    back to the...


    HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE.  @@PaPaMikwen has the right idea here 'yonders, we have finals/relegations in 10 days :O :O :O


    Who's taking home that glory?  Is CLG poised to don the spanking glove once more and dole out some of that ruthless corporal punishment?  Will the ironically named team Renegades step up when it matters?  BUBU. FUCKING. DUBU.  Or... is the stage set for the return of the white wizard Ola?  (queue gif of gandalf in front of theoden but with Ola's face over Ian Mckellans, idk i'm at work just picture it)  


    Will the proverbial HCS diaper be passed off from either Liquid or Optic to a contender?  Who will proudly step up to the stage to snatch up that coveted pampers plus 7th/8th seed?



    Idk, just a little food for thought here eh?  I come here to escape the Kween Kardashian vs Queen Swift bullshit and all I see is some petty junior high note passing and locker room gossip.


    dehike those skirts 'yonders, we've got a league to hype here.


    -jdot out.




    p.s. @@Saucey for president.

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  3. I've quietly been an NV fan for awhile now, and with Naded taking a step back they immediately became my undisputed favorite team.  Couple takeaways from last night for me:


    Ola and Frosty are freaking fun to watch.  Whether it's first person or spectator outlines, their movements are honestly top tier.  I'm one of those old school halo codgers who's been hesitant to become a fan of new talent.  I've recognized the talent up to this point, but last night officially made me a fan. Holy. Shit.  If you want an example of how this game's meta has evolved in it's short life span, look no further than that series.  The pace would change on a dime, and it's so fun to watch how two top teams instantly respond to each other.  On that note..


    Strongside and Elamite are definitely improving, which is encouraging.  I like both of them as personalities, but I think they are still getting a feel for this which is fine.  A perfect example (I dont have a clip) was SS pointing out the 'quiet' moments during matches and his voice would get almost whispery.. then a big clip and BAM he hits us with the hype.  THAT is how you cast a match.  But pleeaaasssseeee for the love of god (to both casters) if one of you makes a point don't hammer on it for 2-3 minutes while way more significant stuff has already happened.  Example of this.. when sniper was down red cave and 2 minutes later Elamite is still bringing up how a lesser player would've stacked rockets/sniper.  SS made the point immediately, analyze it briefly and move on.


    all in all.  HCS is HYPE.  I'm sleep deprived and love it.


    Back at ya 'yonders,


    -jDot out

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  4. *This hour on ESPN we bring you inside coverage from NFL team the New England Patriots training camp*


    ESPNDot:   Rumors circulating around camp that the Patriots *insert whatever team didn't perform well in last nights scrims* considered trading Tom Brady *insert whatever player we want to over analyze and scapegoat* after he threw an interception in an intersquad scrimmage.  We caught up with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the matter:


    ESPNDot: "Josh, at what point did you realize Tom was the root of all evil and had to go?"


    Josh:  Well Dot, to be frank we didn't go too in depth with the decision.  What it actually came down to was an inebriated fan near the picket fence booing Tom after he had a particularly poor scrimmage.  Now I know what you're thinking, it's just practice why would we even pay any attention to that.  Well, turns out we went back to the STAT sheet and saw that Joey G had actually outperformed Tom by a 10% completion percentage.  HOW could we ignore that?  


    ESPNDot: "Years of proven mettle and consistency?"


    Josh: *slaps knee* Oh Dot!  The naivety, I used to think as you do.  Let's place less importance on sessions designed solely to improve performance and focus only on the outcome in actual pressure situations.  I think if we would've realized the errors in our ways early on, it's safe to say we never would've lost anything.  Scrims, games, playoffs, hell other teams probably would've just hung it all up.


    ESPNDot:  Well there you have it folks, practice is everything. 

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