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  1. Hey this is a few pages late but since it's a recurring complaint of the utmost importance I just wanted to touch on the whole lack of moderation thing in this thread.  I have a short list of moderation requests that I think if the mods around here could adhere to, we could probably resolve this whole 'why can we talk about (a) and not (b)' thing.




    1.)  Perfection



    That should about do it.  @@Saucey for Prez


    -jDot out

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  2. Im upvoting you just to upvote that post again


    I'm upvoting you just to upvote the post that I wanted to upvote again but then saw your post and couldn't pass up the lewls opportunity.


    Trickle down reponomics, as it were.


    OT: For the love of my bias can we get Naded on a team I can actually care about?  This is w/e the fuck that team was with whoever tf Titomatic is all over again. 

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  3. Random but do you guys still play anymore? I stopped for the part a couple months back when my friends did. I hop on now to just to make sure our FFA gametype hasn't reset (happens from time to time). Was curious, while this game is technically better competitively than Halo 4, I just have no drive to play it at all. Just something about it never truly felt "Halo" to me when playing. It's a great sci-fi space shooter though.


    I've actually been playing more recently than I have in months, mostly because now that the team I coach is done playing on Saturdays I actually have free time.  What's funny is I absolutely love halo 5, but it feels like 343 doesn't even want me to play their game.  Getting banned because the game kicks you out of your fireteam for no reason is the most infuriating thing ever.  As a developer, I honestly don't understand how 343 operates in the manner they do.  Constantly releasing content that breaks things, not fixing things that are broken, terrible communication..  maybe I should go work there because if I did something like that where I work I'd 100% be fired haha

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  4. I'll drop a very quick piece of feedback on what is absolutely NEEDED to build Halo: LAN cannot be rocket science.


    I play Halo CE nearly every night with my 2 sons. We have 2 TVs/Xboxes connected via crossover cable and we quickly jump into a game. I also get some quality time with them playing split screen campaign.


    This simple facet of Halo is the cornerstone of everything: the functionality of LAN has to be easy. Whomever thought it was acceptable to take away split screen campaign and to not implement a true LAN backbone struck a grievous blow to Halo for anyone from neighborhood kids, to a LAN center, to MLG.


    I've held back from speaking my mind for a while on this because sometimes the truth hurts, but there it is, that simple thing is devastating. Fuck online servers (barely had this for H2 and H:CE), fuck dedicated servers (didn't have this during MLG years), fuck spectator mode (didn't have this for MLG years)....real LAN that is scalable is needed. 


    There I said it. 




    This has been my biggest concern going into Halo 5 since it was announced that there would be no LAN support.  I think the reason this isn't getting as much attention is mostly due to lack of education around what this even means.  You cannot have internet access without a LAN network.  In the feedback thread for halo 5 esports I stated that unless this issue was addressed it wasn't even worth discussing anything else.  If at the core of your game, you cannot even reliably host a tournament, you lose all credibility.  Having a tournament halted because of internet connectivity issues in 2015 is laughable. The stream going down is one thing, that is internet related.  But as you mentioned, people are misconstruing the benefits of dedicated servers vs. the lack of LAN support.  Hell, the way Halo 5 is coded now if internet goes out at a venue players won't even have the option to get on their Xbox's to play a custom warm up game. (suppose they could host a hotspot wifi custom game, but shiiiii) 


    Last time I brought up these concerns in the Halo 5 esports thread, I was given the response that Halo 5 would not have LAN support, however they would work together with the tournament providers to provide a local dedicated server if necessary.  As impractical of a solution that is versus just making you game LAN compatible aside....That's great if that happens, but again raises concerns.  This means that unless you are either a big house tournament provider, or have a partnership with 343, tough luck.  Buying a local server just to run a tournament is not even economically feasible for smaller orgs that may be trying to grow.  


    I'll end by saying dedicated servers are a major step forward for Halo in general, but lack of LAN support is about twice as large a step backwards, especially in 2015.  I hope, sincerely, that there is a plan in place behind the scenes that just hasn't been unveiled for how 343 plans to reliably host tournaments.  I've been a die hard halo fan for over a decade now, I just want this franchise to be great once again.  


    For as much hype as I have for this game coming out, if I have to watch another tournament affected by Xbox Live issues I may (will definitely) cry.

    That moment when you realize you've secretly been a fortune teller all along.  Well 'Yonders it's been nice, but I'm about to drop everything in life to pursue my newly discovered talents...
    Ok in all seriousness.. @@Saucey hit the nail on the head with my above post; why risk hosting a tournament if you aren't even sure you can keep the lights on? I've said it since day one the biggest hits that Halo 5 took was lack of split-screen and LAN capability, which until the Xbox One were synonymous with playing halo.  My brothers and I have a deep bond over playing halo together, yet last Christmas it required each of us to have our OWN Xbox one, halo 5 disc and separate live accounts. (like, what??! it's fucking 2016..) It goes back to the fundamental design of the console experience being flawed, 'immersion' means shit compared to a tangible social experience.  I would take a tiny fourth of a 30 inch monitor over the full single player experience any day.  I know friends who have stopped playing halo solely for the fact that you can no longer play with more than one person at a time.  It's like if I went to the doctor and found out I had a torn ACL in both my knees, then brought that information to my team trainer and he says 'well lets just tape up those wrists for you and make sure your helmet is buckled on'.  Gross exaggerations aside...
    Just my two cents. @ you are spot on as per usual and it's not just for nostalgic purposes that I miss MLG.  The level of knowledge that MLG has in terms of console gaming/esports/doritos is second only to the passion that exceeds it.
    -NostraDotmus out   
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  5. > Halo CE.  Hmm what's this?  Cool campaign turns into going to lan center and playing on massive Tube TVs with local kids who all think they are gods

    > Halo 2 --xbox live-- 'nuff said

    > Halo 3, played obsessively with my older brother.  Every weekend, you know the grind.. 9am - 3am until Dad comes down yelling at you to STFU cuz it's 3 in the fucking morning.  He doesn't know you just landed the 24-24 tiebreaker headshot.  Silly Dad.


    > learned about MLG the summer after my senior year of HS in 2009.  

    > spent the summer rewatching every rebroadcast I could get my hands on.  

    > Football camp freshman year of college, I spent my downtime continuing to binge watch in my room

    >it was a disease, I was afflicted and addicted.

    >Dallas 2009, watched the entire event live.  Carbon vs. Str8 Rippin.......  Heard that Naded roar of "OH MY [email protected]%[email protected] GOD' for the first time ever live and there it was.  Favorite player of all time.  Favorite game of all time.  Never looked back.



    Love this community.


    -jDot out

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