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  1. I get tingly everytime you post tbh.  :ace:


    My golden birthday is next Wednesday but you may have already put the icing on the cake, if you know what I mean ;)


    They got 11-3d last night or something :/


    Ya but those 3 wins are more than enough to get a dot rockin in my stockin's, if you know what I mean ;)



    To be fair to both of you, I don't even know what I mean.  I usually don't.  But when I do... well you know what I mean ;)


    - ;) dot out

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  2. FTFY


    Wasn't my prettiest looking post, I'll admit.  Had an idea, had a second, hit a post button.  Think I got my lewlz across though 


    Seriously though, what they did with MCC should've been downright illegal I'm surprised there wasn't a class action lawsuit.  60$ of the most broken piece of crushed hopes and dreams I've ever purchased.  (plus tax) 


    MCC was essentially one of those dinosaur sponges.  I now know exactly how Bart Simpson felt.  



    ps LOL it's a spanish version god I love life


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    Group A


    • Crowd Pleasers
    • OpTic Gaming
    • Supremacy


    Group B


    • Team Liquid
    • Luminosity
    • London Conspiracy


    Group C


    • Splyce
    • Team EnVyUs
    • Team Immunity


    Group D

    • Str8 Rippin
    • Fab Esports
    • Shock The World


    DUDE THANK YOU.  I'm out here trying to just get basic info and ESL is playing where is $!*%ing waldo with the group announcements.  I was about to go pop in National Treasure to learn from the man Nicky Cage himself on how to solve complex puzzles.


    Seriously though after the first few clips I was like pausing the video and zooming in on the weapons trying to see if I was missing some hidden text..


    Overly dramatic and impossibly hard to decipher announcements aside --  





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