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  1. @@LethuL Mind unwashing my brain here, bud? Was wondering where this foggy sensation was coming from. Kind of affecting me at work, so if you could do me a favor and undo any voodoo magic that'd be bueno. Grazi, -jdot out p.s. Also Pistola + Huke = Puke? Makes sense, seeing as how sick that combo is. ohooooooooo
  2. Alas 'yonders, now comes the hour! That faint scent of a changing wind, not far chased by clouds looming yonder a distant horizon. Ever closer it creeps, the first drops of a rekindled storm bring with it a familiar feeling. Foreboding? -- Nay, we embrace the impending change in tides. In high anticipation, we now await the inevitable storm and with open arms we welcome all that is to come... *A rumble.. a crack of light.. a gust of wind* annnnnd LETSSSS FUCKKKINNN GOOOOOOO. THAT'S RIGHT 'YONDERS: ROSTERMANIA IS BACK. Each day brings with it new surprises, scandals and most of all that sweet, sweeeeeet we've all become systematically addicted to. It's like mother fucking Christmas for a straight month, and you never know when it will end. (well..roster locks but w/e fuck that you get my point) Oh, what's that? You've always wanted to see what would happen if Naded took a step into the RoyBox? Well, here have a little tease. Will it last? Has a dynasty formed? Will there be a brother on brother betrayal as we play the familiar game of 'how-the-fuck-do-we-defrost-frosty?' WHO KNOWS?! It's rostermania baby, and it's a damn good time to be alive. So strap in, sit back and watch it all unfold. -JDot out. *psyche* -JDot back in Thought the hype was done, did ya?? You were right, I got shit I need to do now. -JDot out.
  3. Heard the Chili's baby-back song on the radio omw to work today.. then hopped on the forums and a weird mixture is brewing here.. Now, in my head all I hear playing over and over is: "I want my Naded back Naded back Naded back, I want my Naded back Naded back Naded back Naaaaaaaaaaaaded, Nadeds back yea. *bass voice* "RoyBox Sauce" And loop. Going to be an interesting day I think. -jDot out?
  4. This has officially received the Jdot stamp of approval. May your hype levels never fade sir.
  5. Happy to support the work you all do here. Disappointed in myself it took me so long to go premium, been with the squad since THC days..
  6. okkkkkkkkkkayyyyyyyyyyyyy 'yonders, who's ready for some Friday hype? Copped myself a fresh Premium title, and the dot has never felt... er, fresher. I mean look at that thing!! wooowheeeee ANYWAYS. Been lurking in the murk as per usual this week and I've been torn between wanting to smash my face through my desk (let's call that the ESL halo effect) and being over HYPED for this weekend. I mean, yo, WE HAVE A LAN (read: online event where people sit next to each other) THIS WEEKEND! LETSSSS GOOOOO After watching part of the PIT, gotta call my boy @@Cratos out for a second because this weekend is not for casuals. I mean, what? IT'S FOR US YO. JohnnyBGood2008 didn't start watching competitive halo b/c they gave him a spray-n-pray toy, or that cute little radar (read: noob widget) JohnnyBGood2008 started watching halo b/c he knew that (*Simms voice*) This. Is. Halo. Competitive halo is us, and once you accept that... well there's no turning back my friends. Been up and down on this roller coaster for almost a decade so I've learned to deal with it all. Now I live and die with my kin, the diehard halo fans who set up shop to watch 12 hours of halo on a Saturday. The people who are genuinely upset when one of their passions is mishandled. The 'yonders who aren't afraid to Meme anything. (shit, I mean anything. seriously, sometimes this site.. ) I digress, gents I've been around since day one and I'm not going anywhere. So grab your Doritos, stock up that code-Red and kick your feet up. This ish about to get heavy. -jdot Out p.s. @@Cratos all love my guy, I see exactly where you were coming from with your points. It just conveniently added to my hype fire so I had to chuck some wood on that bad boy, feelz meh?
  7. I love this forum. Like.. I just love it. Never know wtf I'm about to read when I click next page. The timing of that shit with the underlined 'make sure you don't miss a match!' from ESL ..lewls guys..... Just. Lewls. Carry on 'yonders -jdot out p.s. @@Saucey has my vote for president, as always.
  8. Well, as much as I love a good ole fashion game of he said/she said/omgwaitshedidwhat/noway/omggawwddddwhatabitch let's bring er back down a notch here.. back to the... HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE. @@PaPaMikwen has the right idea here 'yonders, we have finals/relegations in 10 days :O :O :O Who's taking home that glory? Is CLG poised to don the spanking glove once more and dole out some of that ruthless corporal punishment? Will the ironically named team Renegades step up when it matters? BUBU. FUCKING. DUBU. Or... is the stage set for the return of the white wizard Ola? (queue gif of gandalf in front of theoden but with Ola's face over Ian Mckellans, idk i'm at work just picture it) Will the proverbial HCS diaper be passed off from either Liquid or Optic to a contender? Who will proudly step up to the stage to snatch up that coveted pampers plus 7th/8th seed? Idk, just a little food for thought here eh? I come here to escape the Kween Kardashian vs Queen Swift bullshit and all I see is some petty junior high note passing and locker room gossip. dehike those skirts 'yonders, we've got a league to hype here. -jdot out. p.s. @@Saucey for president.
  9. Perhaps a well timed Facebook post from the man himself and a hastily constructed gif may shed some light on such a dark thought: AHEM: With that being said starting Friday night I'm officially going to be grinding Halo 5 again preparing for the next season. Hopefully I can get on a team that I will really work well with. Also will be streaming 10+ streams again like I was doing last month before my family vacation, plus I will be attempting to upload gameplays and highlights more often (hopefully almost daily) to my youtube channel. -NADED THE PROPHECY IS UPON US 'YONDERS. LET ALL THEE WHO DOUBT BE SHUNNED. THOSE WHO KNOW, LETS FUGGGINNN GOOOOOOO -jdot out
  10. I recognize I'm in the minority on this, but it gets really tiring that 343 literally cannot please this community. I get it, economically 5$ packs means more purchases and more overall revenue to support the scene. But damn take a step back and relax.. this is still a GREAT thing for the scene. No one is forcing anyone to pay the 10$, if you want to buy a pack to show support for a team then do it. That's it. I'm personally not buying any of the team packs because none of those 3 teams are my favorite and I don't feel obligated to. If Naded still played for Optic, I would've been willing to spend 20$ and not complained. When (I'm assuming not if?) the NV skins drop I'm going to show my support by buying that pack, it's as simple as that. Can we just be excited for once? I honestly love this forum but holy god the whole pitchforks thing gets old fast. Just wanted to offer a different perspective, I'm going to buy the HCS contender skins to show support for the entire scene, and when more crowd funding opportunities arise I'll support those too. Anyways, I'm stoked for this weeks matches. Pro league has me locked down every Thur/Fri night because I fucking love competitive halo. There was always going to be hiccups along the way, and things are going to improve. That's not saying things shouldn't be constructively criticized and improved, but it seems 343 can't win with this community sometimes and it's worn me out. Rant over, back at it 'yonders. -Jdot out
  11. I've quietly been an NV fan for awhile now, and with Naded taking a step back they immediately became my undisputed favorite team. Couple takeaways from last night for me: Ola and Frosty are freaking fun to watch. Whether it's first person or spectator outlines, their movements are honestly top tier. I'm one of those old school halo codgers who's been hesitant to become a fan of new talent. I've recognized the talent up to this point, but last night officially made me a fan. Holy. Shit. If you want an example of how this game's meta has evolved in it's short life span, look no further than that series. The pace would change on a dime, and it's so fun to watch how two top teams instantly respond to each other. On that note.. Strongside and Elamite are definitely improving, which is encouraging. I like both of them as personalities, but I think they are still getting a feel for this which is fine. A perfect example (I dont have a clip) was SS pointing out the 'quiet' moments during matches and his voice would get almost whispery.. then a big clip and BAM he hits us with the hype. THAT is how you cast a match. But pleeaaasssseeee for the love of god (to both casters) if one of you makes a point don't hammer on it for 2-3 minutes while way more significant stuff has already happened. Example of this.. when sniper was down red cave and 2 minutes later Elamite is still bringing up how a lesser player would've stacked rockets/sniper. SS made the point immediately, analyze it briefly and move on. all in all. HCS is HYPE. I'm sleep deprived and love it. Back at ya 'yonders, -jDot out
  12. Just showed my boss the weekly power rankings. Guys, it wasn't prertty..I'm paraphrasing of course, but the convo went something like: Jdot: "KenDot, KenDot, KenDot!! Guess what!? This weeks power rankings are in, want to take a looksie??" KenDot: "About DAMN time, let's do it!!" *Ken proceeds to open the link on the teambeyond site. As his eyes scan down the page, a mixed expression of disgust and nausea fill his face. He appears to choke back some vomit, then looks up* KenDot: "Wtf is this shit?! SIXTH?!?! Liquid hasn't even WON a fucking series. Ninja == Pistola? wtf. no. Optic still has a halo team??!? no, no, no. this won't do at all. Jdot I insist you take the rest of the day off, I can't even imagine how screwed up your life must seem right now. As for me, I'm going to call my wife and have a serious re-evaluation of my life." *Jdot exits. In the background, faint sounds of KenDot sobbing and vomiting can be heard.* El Fin. Cast: Jdot as Jdot. Jdot as KenDot Screenplay written by: Jdot No Dots were harmed in the process of making this piece. Also shoutout to all my devs out there, just noticed I did the double equals sign to get that boolean comparison, ja feel? K, Jdot out.
  13. An ode' to Naded: Naded, naded, to the pro league did he doth finally make it, amongst trials and tribulations, many a team member were traded, a flaming beard did appear when the end was in sight and near a broken down old train, why not, a little rust and polish surely worth a shot the grind and the hate, is naded too late? a night off for drake, a mistake? that vlog of a fucking cake, hashtag gainz finally to the LCQ doth our sleep deprived heroes arrive matching foes, stride for stride! well except liquid... our humble author sighed one last chance against elevate! alas, the pro league we have made! Naded the great! quiet, a melancholy chorus as i look at the road now laid before us a sad post on the beyond forum our enamored hero departs, leaving many a broken heart an Ode to Naded, a man who truly loved that which he did, an inspiration to many, at heart just a kid, oft misunderstood for the emotion he showed, a community with a debt that he would never want owed, thank you for all you have done, now off you ride, into setting sun until your return, your words will echo on, one shot top middle -- OH. MY. FUCKING. GOD.
  14. We should probably just go all in and switch to hourly power rankings. If a pro tweets some of that icky sticky fire I want it to be reflected in the power rankings ASAP. ...Anyways I'm just throwing this out there, but it'd be soooo cool if there was like this "league" and every week we saw the top 8 teams competing in it against each other. I mean that would give us a legitimate metric to measure a teams rank compared to others, but I recognize how convenient that would be in stifling all this nauseating banter over arbitrary community ranks... Seriously 'yonders..let's collectively dehike the skirts a bit. Ranks are fun, stats are fun. Neither should hold this much weight. Pro League is coming...let's be hyped, not diaped*. *(diaped: securely fastening a diaper upon oneself, thus reflecting the nature of a baby. ) Jdot out
  15. *This hour on ESPN we bring you inside coverage from NFL team the New England Patriots training camp* ESPNDot: Rumors circulating around camp that the Patriots *insert whatever team didn't perform well in last nights scrims* considered trading Tom Brady *insert whatever player we want to over analyze and scapegoat* after he threw an interception in an intersquad scrimmage. We caught up with offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels on the matter: ESPNDot: "Josh, at what point did you realize Tom was the root of all evil and had to go?" Josh: Well Dot, to be frank we didn't go too in depth with the decision. What it actually came down to was an inebriated fan near the picket fence booing Tom after he had a particularly poor scrimmage. Now I know what you're thinking, it's just practice why would we even pay any attention to that. Well, turns out we went back to the STAT sheet and saw that Joey G had actually outperformed Tom by a 10% completion percentage. HOW could we ignore that? ESPNDot: "Years of proven mettle and consistency?" Josh: *slaps knee* Oh Dot! The naivety, I used to think as you do. Let's place less importance on sessions designed solely to improve performance and focus only on the outcome in actual pressure situations. I think if we would've realized the errors in our ways early on, it's safe to say we never would've lost anything. Scrims, games, playoffs, hell other teams probably would've just hung it all up. ESPNDot: Well there you have it folks, practice is everything.
  16. "Hey, you!" .. "Who, me?" "Yeah, you with the $500,000. Bet you won't see that again!" "Are you taking it from me?" .."Well, no..you get to keep THAT $500,000. But you won't get another $500,000" "Oh. But to be clear I still won these $500,000?" ... "Yeah, yeah..but I'm saying you probably won't do it again." "Oh..." .. "Well ouch then, fuck you!" sorry, couldn't resist. Jdot Out
  17. Am I the only one who pays for their rent in req points? Running me about 1000 RP's a month for a 1 bedroom, with utilities. Also LOL to the posts about hand-eye coordination declining at 30, how old do people think 30 is?? I mean dear lord people..k I'm out. Psyche, OT power rankings: 1.) Naded 1.5) Optic 2.) Saucey 3.) JDot's Power rankings (a humble bronze) k, now I'm out EDIT: how does one plus rep themselves? Double EDIT: Was the first edit actually an edit? (O_o)
  18. alright, alright, alriiiiiiiiight. What's up motha 'yonders. Fresh off that 3pm triple espresso and ready to hop into things here. The HYPE is literally palpable, it's making me jittery. I just COULDN'T stay in the lurk for a moment longer. 100+ pages deep in a few days and already I can see this thread is just a continuation of everything we grew to knew and love of the world championship thread -- hold up -- quick moment of silence for the fallen Memes that lay buried beneath a heap of #intel, stats and cheeky rhetoric -- gone but ne'er forgotten. Back to it like there's nothing to it. The #intel has been stuck in a fine state of mist on a humid summers day. Just enough to keep you cool, but if the mist lets up for just a minute best believe that sweaty ass will be in full effect. One topic of discussion that keeps me particularly moist (in a non sexual/pseudo-sexual way) is the possibility of Naded to Optic. I'm not going to focus on the negatives of this, cuz my engine runs on HYPE but here's why I would love to see this: I've been a Naded fan since day one when I became invested with the professional halo scene. When you follow and support someone for that long there are legitimate reasons, and they go well beyond who he is as a player. I truly believe he loves this game, and I have a respect for people with passion for what they do. Now, as someone who has a passion for halo as a whole, I'm rather selfishly hoping Naded brings that love for the game over to the Optic brand. Personality alone, he would thrive with some optic juice in his veins. The scene would prosper immensely from this move in terms of viewership and interest alone. However, I also have reason to believe (CAVEAT ALERT, CAVEAT ALERT, CAVEAT ALERT!!! with a SOLID 4th player) that this team could actually be very good. Look at the composition of the base 3 players: FS, Maniac, Naded. I'd argue that Maniac thrives in a role where he can just slay, but he is also a smart enough player to position himself to help with objective. Compliment that with Naded and FS, two of the arguably (again, my opinion) most selfless players on the circuit. They will open up things for Maniac to absolutely do filthy things your mother wouldn't approve of. (Shoutout inseminating the competition, Hecz you dirty dawg!). Finally, I remember a discussion awhile back about how Naded needs a Towey on his team, a calm voice to keep him focused and avoid the negativity. FS has always been one of the best leaders in the game, and I think he is exactly the type of player Naded needs on his team. I blacked out mid post, so I'm just going to assume everything above looks good and hit that crispy Post button. Back at it ya scally wags, see ya on the lurk. You won't see me, but I'll see youuuuuuuu
  19. *clears throat. pauses. realizes congestion has nothing to do with typing ability. crudely segues* CHOOOOOOOOO CHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CHHHHHHHYYYYYYYPEEEEEEEEEEE. That's right 'yonders, we're back. It's your captain Jakerdot checking in HOT with the latest updates from the HYPE express. After regionals our engineers worked tirelessly to repair the damage done from the Allegiance listen-ins that nearly fried the sound system. Then there was that whole union strike, the awkward office party where I wasn't sure how drunk it was actually appropriate to get... OH, and I had to watch my parents dog for a week. Um..yeah -- anyways, Happy and HYPED to announce that we are fully operational once more and back on schedule with a full head of steam to the halo MOTHAHYPING WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Let's kick things over to myself in another paragraph with the latest on the weather. "Thanks Dot, it's me again in another paragraph coming at ya with the weather. It's looking nice. ... AND BY NICE I MEAN HYPING HURRICANES UP IN THIS BITCH. HOLY HYPE THE RICHTER SCALE IS RATTLING. Expect purposely convenient lows of 117 :halo: and h(YPE)ighs of 343 :ghost: this weekend with a steady mix of mist from all that steamy BR action we're sure to see. Tossing it back to you Dot in the next paragraph!" Thanks weatherDot, it's your conductor Jdot coming at you -- HYPE HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE HYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYPE -- excuse me, lost my train of thought (new tourney, same joke. lesssgedddit) Jokes aside now, let's break this down: -The over-analyzed arbitrary online stats are in (oops) -The predictions (that are literally only best guesses) have been overdefended (double oops) -The memes are danking up -THIS. ABOUT. TO. GO. UPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP. (you don't hype down, sorry. ya. just. dont) -My boss just asked what site I was working on -He walked away -LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO So strap your metaphorical HYPE belt on, put your hands up and let's ride into this mothafugga with everything we got. TL: DR; HYPE. _-Jdot out-_

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