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  1. Hey this is a few pages late but since it's a recurring complaint of the utmost importance I just wanted to touch on the whole lack of moderation thing in this thread. I have a short list of moderation requests that I think if the mods around here could adhere to, we could probably resolve this whole 'why can we talk about (a) and not (b)' thing. Requests: 1.) Perfection That should about do it. @@Saucey for Prez -jDot out
  2. I solved the case of Sir Saltz, aka Smee Mee. Apparently this fr request has been pending since fall of 2015... yikes. Sorry couldn't resist Mr Smee, but in all seriousness the tendency for the Forums to overreact to scrims and things that happen in scrims still baffles me to this day. You would never see @@Towey ft. the twins argue like that at a tournament.. and as far as the obligation to practice 7 days a week. LOL not even olympic athletes be grinding that hard does. Enjoy your Friday, you mofuggin' yonder lookin yonders -jDot out.
  3. Make sure you use extra soft pampers baby wipes when you're cleaning the shat out of the CPU, gotta be delicate with that puppy.
  4. I'm upvoting you just to upvote the post that I wanted to upvote again but then saw your post and couldn't pass up the lewls opportunity. Trickle down reponomics, as it were. OT: For the love of my bias can we get Naded on a team I can actually care about? This is w/e the fuck that team was with whoever tf Titomatic is all over again.
  5. Okay, so I had an epiphany last night and I think I finally get it. Just like Trump says the unemployment rate isn't so much a number as it is a feeling, I now understand that where Worlds is isn't as important as -- Nope I tried. WHERE TF IS WORLDS?! -jDot out
  6. I could listen to Ghost drizzle that buttery smooth knowledge into my ears all day. Mmm that's some tasty commentary
  7. My nine year old niece was watching that interview. What the $!%@ am I supposed to tell her now? Down-right, without question, in no contest, unquestionably, the MOST UNPROFESSIONAL thing I've ever seen. A bit of tomfoolery, no - that was a god-damn Trump pussy grab to my face. *jDot does not have a niece nor was he offended by the transcript of the interview. On the contrary, he laughed and now considers himself a Danactyl fan. However, in the modern world of safe spaces and holy-shit that was semi borderline offensive the dot must maintain my public persona to be as politically correct as possible* -Happy Halodays -jDot out
  8. Well, color me shocked -- This has to be the first time in history that there was a misalignment between what is socially ethical and the best business decision. The irony is that typically what's unethical is seldom legal, so I smell incompetencE(SL). lawlz, -jDot n stuff
  9. Not according to the daily growth my nostalgia boner has been experiencing
  10. gonna get str8 to the point here - I'm drunk. Well, not entirely drunk. Just the type of drunk when you're not sober. Predictions: Cratos to tickle people angry buttonz (all wordz are cooler with z's, yo) I'm gonna eat another bite of my slamdwich, yum That came true Ace to wake up just in time for champs Lethul to get another haircut. #hype Spartan to tweet a tweet so tweetful it makes my eyes water RoyBox to out BR expectations. VictoryX to still be underrated after only a 3 day halo career. hashtag lol Heinz, same boat. Ryanoob to eat a slim jim Lethul gets another haircut Lets talk more about haircuts Speaking of haircuts, Optic huh? Optic used to be good, now they are just average. So average that I have to break the pattern of my dope list so far and make this the longest line yet. So long in fact that it wraps around down here. Now i'm on this line. Woah, that's average. Naded to roar, Penguins I adore, p.s. Ogre2 to fuck around and win another champyship -jdotOut -lol
  11. Captain's log. Date entry: December the 11th - 2016: "It was quiet. Not the type of quiet that's actually quiet, but that uncomfortably loud type of quiet. Making no sense, I moved on with my forum post not truly knowing what danger may lie ahead. Behind me lay the ruins of a once mighty hype train, perhaps one of the most beautiful tragedies that ever was. 2016 was not kind to our old steam engine, the hype levels went from unsustainable in the early part of the year to barely kicking through the latter months of fall. The lack of hype in the fall season forced us to do away with the extravagances that so many of our passengers had come to expect. You know, like butterscotch candy dishes in the bathrooms or the slip-n-slide in compartment 4. Damn I'm going to miss that slip-n-hype. Much like the sister train, 'The Polar Express' (the king of holiday Hype) the HYPE express runs solely on HYPE. A significant engineering flaw aside, during the fall season the skepticism and wavering loyalty of our regular hypesters caused the old locomotive to deteriorate. And then, just when we thought all hope hype was lost it picked up steam. SO much steam in fact, that we went into hyperhype drive. CONTENT UPDATE? WORLDS 2K17? SIMMS? DUMBLEDOLA DEFEATS GRINDELXTHUL? OPEN LANS? ML-FUCKING-G?!?! chreest. That amount of hype swing can send a poor locomotive soaring off the tracks, careening into innocent bystanders as they clung onto their infinite warfare and megabots sequels (read: titanfall). Needless to say, the hype couldn't be contained... 12:00am - December the 12th - 2016: The hype express has been lost forever, last seen hyping past the outer regions of the Milky Way. The hype got too big for the ole gal and she blasted right off into the sunset. God speed. Later that day.. Our engineers met, gleefully unable to contain their own hype. I mean they had just accidentally created a motha-fucking hype rocket train after all, who could blame them? However, with so much hype running in so many directions, the people NEEDED a place they could ride together. And that's when it hit them, what's more hype than a steam engine? Well, almost everything. Regardless, a new transport was needed to assure the safety of all hype going into the new year. So without further ado, I present to you --- "THE HYPE EXPRESS, VERSION TWO" With exactly the same features you grew to know and love from the original Hype Express, this new steam engine will have you saying, "Damn, this feels oddly familiar. But like in a way I've never felt before, except that one time." SO CLIMB ABOARD, STRAP ON THOSE HYPEMETS (play on helmets? idk i'm reaching now, fuck you) AND LETS DO THIS THING. No filters, no edits, no revisions. I'll see you out there, -HYPEDOT out
  12. can't wait for this weekend, some of my all-time favs fighting it out for a shot at glory! All those months of hard work and sacrifice finally paying off. Will RoyBox emerge from the ashes to quell the naysayers? Will Naded finally break the curse? I. Simply. Can't --- oh, wait... nvm. Obvious league structure flaws aside, I am legit stoked for the weekend. All the tweets, all the disconnects, all the shadiness, all the memes, all the redundant 'all the's in this sentence. It's lit. Like lumos lit. Oh what's that, a convenient segue into talking about wizardry? Aka the one and only sir dumbledola? Ya, he'll be there. Or won't he? Woah, deep. You know who else will be there? mofuggin Walshy. MO-FUG-GIN Walshy. Rumor has it that Frosty has recently transcended the divide between being on the map and literally being the map. That makes sense, trust me -- the dude is a map. Lethul vs Snipedown. errrrrrrhhhhhmmmmahhhhhgawwwdddddddddd, member that? I member. and for all that is heavenly and pure I just want to hear Simms golden voice drizzle sweet one-liners down my ear canal. mmm, mm, mmmmm. -TSquared. #Mondays #Blessed #jdotOut Seriously, who decided last season that 5th/6th place format was alright. Like, I just want to be in the room when that discussion happened... Did they just get to the part where the 5th/6th placed teams were less relevant than teams that placed below them or was it all like "WOO FUCK YA PRO LEAGUE WE DID IT GENTS ON TO THE FALL SEASON, FUCK THE HATERS LETS MAKE RADAR TWICE AS BIG." Idk, just seems at some point someone might've been like heyyyy member when we made 8 guys throw away a couple months of their lives for a participation trophy? I member.. well, should we address that or -- "NAH MAN 5TH/6TH DONT MEEN SHET, CUZ 7 ATE 9 YKNOW?" Damn, k too much espresso and not too much esleepo. -sleepDeprivedDeliriousDotOut
  13. I've actually been playing more recently than I have in months, mostly because now that the team I coach is done playing on Saturdays I actually have free time. What's funny is I absolutely love halo 5, but it feels like 343 doesn't even want me to play their game. Getting banned because the game kicks you out of your fireteam for no reason is the most infuriating thing ever. As a developer, I honestly don't understand how 343 operates in the manner they do. Constantly releasing content that breaks things, not fixing things that are broken, terrible communication.. maybe I should go work there because if I did something like that where I work I'd 100% be fired haha
  14. 5th and 6th place hmm.. I forget since it's been awhile since I read the rules, but do the players get one or two pats on the back for their accomplishments? -saltyDot
  15. Going to sugarcoat this post with some rainbows and sunshine so as not to offend our overlords. (they're watching. always watching) Jk, lewls aside.. Just want to say I fucking love this community. Competitive halo deserves to be handled better, that's not an aggressive statement nor an unfair one in my mind. To let egos and politics determine the state of a game with this much potential really is a bummer. Huge props to the TOs that are going to be or have hosted Open LANs this season, and a giant fucking shoutout to @@Phade for his transparency throughout the weekend. God that's refreshing. Hosting a halo tournament isn't something that's just happenstance, I appreciate that there must be a fundamental level of passion for Halo if a company decides to host a tournament. I respect that and will support all those involved, the last thing we as a community need is segregation among ourselves. People who square their name may not see it, but this community is not just blind hate and negativity, in fact for a majority of us it's not even close to that. Don't confuse passion with anger, criticism with hate, or the vocal minority representing the masses. The people who come to this forum love this franchise, we are the heart and soul of competitive halo and that's not changing anytime soon. The idea that a casual and competitive community need to be integrated into one entity is so backwards it makes my head spin sometimes. CasualJoe343 is not going to all of a sudden play a competitive setting because it is more 'familiar' to him. Rather.. if CasualJoe343 has any competitive interest to begin with, they will play new settings and aspire to play at a higher level. Then, they realize there are people who play this game professionally for a living and resources available to learn from and elevate their own game skill. That is how you grow interest. I don't pick up a basketball and think, "Man if only all these hoops were shorter so I could dunk more easily." (Well I mean besides when I'm working on my 360 double reverse windmill slamzzzz, but you get the point) On the other side of this, competitive interest is lost when the settings are catered to those who may not have the desire to be and to compete against the best. We are SO close to Halo 5 being one of (if not the) most competitve 4 v 4 halos to date. We just need for the powers to be not just to hear us, but to listen and actually engage us. tl:dr -- fuck you, go read what I just wrote I put some heart into that ish. Cheers to the future of Halo, @@Saucey for president, and @@TheSimms I swear if I ever meet you in real life we're sharing a pint or two. -Jdot out p.s. MLG is halo. Please resolve whatever differences were had because ESL and MLG working in tandem could seriously take this franchise to the next level.
  16. That moment when you realize you've secretly been a fortune teller all along. Well 'Yonders it's been nice, but I'm about to drop everything in life to pursue my newly discovered talents... Ok in all seriousness.. @@Saucey hit the nail on the head with my above post; why risk hosting a tournament if you aren't even sure you can keep the lights on? I've said it since day one the biggest hits that Halo 5 took was lack of split-screen and LAN capability, which until the Xbox One were synonymous with playing halo. My brothers and I have a deep bond over playing halo together, yet last Christmas it required each of us to have our OWN Xbox one, halo 5 disc and separate live accounts. (like, what??! it's fucking 2016..) It goes back to the fundamental design of the console experience being flawed, 'immersion' means shit compared to a tangible social experience. I would take a tiny fourth of a 30 inch monitor over the full single player experience any day. I know friends who have stopped playing halo solely for the fact that you can no longer play with more than one person at a time. It's like if I went to the doctor and found out I had a torn ACL in both my knees, then brought that information to my team trainer and he says 'well lets just tape up those wrists for you and make sure your helmet is buckled on'. Gross exaggerations aside... Just my two cents. @ you are spot on as per usual and it's not just for nostalgic purposes that I miss MLG. The level of knowledge that MLG has in terms of console gaming/esports/doritos is second only to the passion that exceeds it. -NostraDotmus out
  17. It's 20-effin-16, and ALL I want is a new phone that doesn't work with my headphones and a gaming console that doesn't connect easily to other gaming consoles. I DONT THINK I'M ASKING FOR MUCH HERE #Mondays -monDot out.
  18. Omg my mom has to stop posting my baby photos to the internet.
  19. weeeeeeee're baaaaaack... uh oh. WASSUP MOTHA 'YONDERS. I'm deciding to take a quick step out of the lurky murky mudhole, towel myself off and dive into the meme steam bath otherwise known as the beyond forums. actually that metaphor made zero sense, as the mudhole and steambath were both in reference to the forums.. but y'know.. crude segues aside WHO IS FEELING THE HYPE???? week 2, and already the skirts are hiked WAY up with the dropping of the first super-duper-totally-official power rankings sanctioned by none other than Barack Obama and the Confederate States of America. As always, the coinciding "Tilted-AF power rankings" also dropped today: Titled AF Power Roonks 1.) VAleeal 2.) Valhalla 3.) VEehah 4.) Dude I don't remember how to spell your fucking name 5.) but chill 6.) its just numbers 7.) and words 8.) oh and that $1000 per click the sites gets cuz of power rankings b/c our overlords are actually power hungry monopolists trying to take over the interwebs 9.) crude segues NADED. ya he's back. OPTIC GAMING #1, ya that's a thing. THERE IS LITERALLY A TEAM CALLED LOL IN THE LEAGUE RIGHT NOW.. I mean.. COME ON. If you're not hyped right now then you must still be worried that that velvety plush slap on the wrist to your favorite E6 personalities will leave a permanent scar. I promise, it won't. The only sad thing I suppose is that the league is almost over...... .. OH WAIT, IT'S ONLY WEEK MOTHAFEGGIN TWO. That's one less week than there are espresso shots in my mug right now. NOW THAT'S HYPE. On a related note (?) has anyone noticed that after a decade VictoryX still gets no love.. hrm. The RoyBox is playing determined, just gonna let history fill in the blanks on that one. Oh, and apparently the second coming of the wizard is in the form of Jesus with glasses? Anyways, Saucey for president -Jdot out
  20. I get the whole Optic scrutiny thing but...for the love of god... CAN WE PLEASE STOP QUOTING EVERY SINGLE [email protected]%*!$ THING MANIAC POSTS TO TWITTER. If you don't want to see his tweets, don't follow him. My god, twitter is not his halo career. It's literally a place to do exactly what he's doing, let the man tweet w/e the hell he wants to tweet. It's just desperate seeing every single tweet he makes end up in this thread trying to connect it to him be disillusioned from reality and Optics performance. Half the time it's just random quotes or random thoughts, y'know, the bread and butter of twitter. I mean shit.. dude can't even quote Space Jam without ending up in this thread. Damn, got a Dot ranting on a Friday. Back it 'yonders, just come on.. -Jdot Out
  21. Interesting wallpaper... MLG, is that a new org? We should see if they want to host a halo tourney that content looked pretty professional. trololololol
  22. Caught up on this thread and I just wanted to get some thoughts out there: I just remember that feeling I had when I saw the MLG graphic in the announcement for the Halo World Championships last year. No one knew at the time what their role was to be exactly, but there's something to be said that I literally felt butterflies just seeing that graphic. Think about that. I had an emotional response to a fucking graphic.. why? Because I LOVE Halo, and MLG is Halo. It always will be to me, plain and simple. That's not to say there aren't other organizations that can step up and put on great tournaments or leagues, and I fully support them. (fuck I even watched AGL y'know?) My only point here is that I truly don't understand how this connection isn't recognized by 343, or if it is, what legitimate reason is there to not take advantage of it? Look, I'm not a grab-the-pitchfork type of guy, but I am legitimately pissed hearing that the company responsible for my involvement in competitive halo is being shafted. It'd be one thing if I was sitting here longingly hoping for MLG to return to Halo. But to find out they have tried, and on multiple occasions only to be neglected legitimately irks me. I just wanted to address that above, because I don't even know why but if MLG needed my support for whatever reason I wouldn't hesitate to step up. That's how strongly I feel attached to them. I know I'm not alone in thinking this, so @ Thank you for all you have done, sincerely. For the record I am H.A.F. (hyped-as-fuck) for this upcoming season. Just wanted to show love where it was due. Carry on 'yonders -jDot out
  23. morning 'yonders. For those looking for the TL:DR version of last night's thread: - Liquid already won worlds, now in discussions with 07 FB as greatest halo team of all time - However, controversy over the results against NV as 3/4 of that team was playing without hands and while running on treadmills. Once they get those issues resolved though, then they are better than CLG again. - Speaking of, CLG/Optic in contract discussions for a re-release of Season 4 of gossip girls - Halo edition - We still have radar - Still not sure if people are +/- repping Smee Mee. I've officially given up -Jdot Out
  24. > Halo CE. Hmm what's this? Cool campaign turns into going to lan center and playing on massive Tube TVs with local kids who all think they are gods > Halo 2 --xbox live-- 'nuff said > Halo 3, played obsessively with my older brother. Every weekend, you know the grind.. 9am - 3am until Dad comes down yelling at you to STFU cuz it's 3 in the fucking morning. He doesn't know you just landed the 24-24 tiebreaker headshot. Silly Dad. > learned about MLG the summer after my senior year of HS in 2009. > spent the summer rewatching every rebroadcast I could get my hands on. > Football camp freshman year of college, I spent my downtime continuing to binge watch in my room >it was a disease, I was afflicted and addicted. >Dallas 2009, watched the entire event live. Carbon vs. Str8 Rippin....... Heard that Naded roar of "OH MY [email protected]%[email protected] GOD' for the first time ever live and there it was. Favorite player of all time. Favorite game of all time. Never looked back. Love this community. -jDot out

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