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  1. When you tell squad about your rep ratio. -repDot out Edit: You ever think a centipede sees a millipede walking by and is like dayyyyyyummmmmmmmmmm -jDot out
  2. Pre-patch nascar was pretty fun, but honestly the servers are trash now. Love me some good left turning otherwise though. -jdot out
  3. Just gonna say it. Destiny kinda sucked. Naded top 1. Carry on.
  4. Who the eff does a dot gotta blow to get us a second stream? I mean by god I'll take one for the team just let me watch the fucking tournament.
  5. I muted the main stream and am listening to the periscope. Wait. Ya. Lol. -jdot... fuck it wtf is this
  6. Well fuck me sideways, fridays and up and down the highways. Who knew? I'll be damned if I'm gonna edit it though, can't let the world know I'm insecure about my metaphors, yknow?
  7. In the famous words of Kanye West I begin my post: "How it feel to wake up and be the shit.. AND the urine?" True, while Dr. YE may possess swagger levels none of us may ever obtain in our lifetime, it's safe to say he touched on something very relevant to the HCS. While we muster our energy once more for a torrential storm of shit AND urine. For surely we will feel the familiar sensations of watching that highly touted competitive FPS action in.. action. To the casual passerby by we proclaim, yo check this SHIT out! Ah, then that familiar sound as we aim for porcelain on the sides of toilet worried that others may overhear our 'stream.' Surely Mr. West was directly referencing the self-recognition that comes with knowing you are a fan of the most-amazingly-awesome-fuck-everything-else video game of the universe -- while at the same time afraid others may notice your balloons pissing in the wind. While I'm acutely aware that pissing in the wind is not a metaphor in any known language, fuck you. Having dug myself deep into a metaphor that at best vaguely touches the reality of our situation, nonetheless here we find ourselves once more. Another Friday of a keystone event in a league shrouded in non-alluring mystery. With all 7 and a half teams we prepare once more for a weekend which will undoubtedly be filled with the most phenomenal, awe-inspiring gameplay which reminds us all why we have endured the dark ages and fortified our patience with --sorry hang on... fucking armor lock... ------ hannnnng on, almost out... almost outtttt--- FUCK I GOT NADED. well played ReachKid1337, well played --- Anyways, you get the point. We've seen some shit. (and urine) And we're still here. cuz at the end of it all, it's HALO OR GTFO. New settings, new teams, new..dareisay it...champion? Idk, probably not but fuck if I'm not going to tune in to find out. Naded is finally teaming up with RoyBox after 10 years -- I mean c'mon, if that doesn't at least give you a quarter chub I don't know what to say. Still don't know what teams are playing (piss) but we do kind of know when (shit) so I'll let Mr. West ask you once more: How does it feel to be the shit... AND the urine? Happy Friday 'Yonders, see ya out there. -jdot out
  8. I had to read this about 10 times before I was confident that I was not in fact the one who posted this. And even now I'm still not entirely sure.. well played. -jdot out
  9. -jDot in I tried leaving once. Couldn't figure out how to close the tab without re-opening a new one and coming right back. So now it just stays open. like my heart <3 #d'aww -jDot out
  10. Make sure to tell all of your relatives. Familial or otherwise, so long as they are relevantly related to your definition of relative.
  11. Well, relatively speaking halo is also completely relevant. It just depends on what relation we want the relevancy to compare to. For instance, halo is relatively irrelevant to my relatives relation to me. True. However, perhaps it's also irrelevantly relevant that my relatives bought an elephant and the size of that elephant had no apparent relevance to the relation at hand. To that point I tend to find anything can be relatively irrelevant or irrelevantly relevant, depending of course, on the size of the aforementioned elephant. And ultimately, I don't think elephants care for halo -- so maybe you were right all along. Well, relatively speaking at least -jDot out
  12. They is also getting so much help from the other thread too. They is also getting so much help from the other thread too. They is also getting so much help from the other thread too. They is also getting so much help from the other thread too. They is also getting so much help from the other thread too. THEY IS ALSO #Mondays -TheyIsAlsoDot out
  13. My golden birthday is next Wednesday but you may have already put the icing on the cake, if you know what I mean Ya but those 3 wins are more than enough to get a dot rockin in my stockin's, if you know what I mean To be fair to both of you, I don't even know what I mean. I usually don't. But when I do... well you know what I mean - dot out
  14. Am I the only fanboy around here getting all tingly at the thought of RoyBox/Naded finally teaming? All I see are the skeptics and I'm just like... <3 <3 <3 -tinglyDot out
  15. Wasn't my prettiest looking post, I'll admit. Had an idea, had a second, hit a post button. Think I got my lewlz across though Seriously though, what they did with MCC should've been downright illegal I'm surprised there wasn't a class action lawsuit. 60$ of the most broken piece of crushed hopes and dreams I've ever purchased. (plus tax) MCC was essentially one of those dinosaur sponges. I now know exactly how Bart Simpson felt. ps LOL it's a spanish version god I love life
  16. A live look inside 343i Studios on the phone with Microsoft, the day of MCC release.
  17. Sup Yonders, jDot here with a fresh screenplay I've been working on: 343, ESL, and the totally legit non-doctored viewership numbers Starring Judge Halo Halo Bailiff: The honorable Judge Halo will now preside over the case of 343 and the inflated viewership number reports. Judge Halo: The Defense may now make it's opening statements. Defense: Your honor, it has come to the attention of the defense that slanderous statements have been made about the legitimacy of our most recently reported viewership numbers. Today the defense will prove beyond doubt that the authenticity of our metrics has never been provided with more integrity or due diligence. We would NE---HEH--HEHH--EEEEVVVERRRRR inflate anything. Judge Halo: Very good, that's chill. The prosecution may now make it's opening statement. Prosecution: Prosecution: The prosecution rests, your honor. *hurried whispers* Defense: Your honor, we'd like to make a quick phone call. Judge Halo: Sure I don't know how this shit works, go for it. *outside in the hallway, the defense makes a quick call* ... Defense: Frank.. Frank you there? Frank: Did they.. did they show the balloons? Defense: Yeah. Frank: Fuck.. well just go play a Halo Wars 2 commercial or something it'll all blow over soon *the defense returns to the courtroom* Judge Halo: So? Defense: Can we... interest you in a Req Pack?? EL FIN -jDot out
  18. I also have a script that I run in the chrome console that removes all iframes and images from a webpage. Oh what's that.. a page with all text and no images or videos? Must be reading some boring technical document I'll just keep going -- keep up the good work jDot! lolololol -littleDoTheyKnowDot out
  19. Jdots work setup today: LEFT screen (the one visible to casual passerby): Some random SQL query that does absolutely nothing but looks like I'm working intensely RIGHT screen (the one visible only to me): MOTHA FUGGIN WORLDS AND SIMMS SPINNING HEAD ON A STICK. It's time. Let the dankness that is this weekend begin. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH HYPE -ahhhhhhDot out
  20. Just forwarded the schedule onto my boss Subject: LOL Body: LOL IF YOU THINK A DOE BE DOING A LICK OF WORK PAST NOON TOMORROW. LETS EFFIN GO LADS, CAN YOU TASTE THE HYPE?!!?!?!?!! -mothafugginjdot out P.S. CULVERS IS THE GOAT MIGHT HAVE TO COP SOME THIS WEEKEND: 'nuff said Culvers. 'nuff. said
  21. CHOO CHOO MOTHA%!&*$!SSSSSSS Getting to be about that time. The hype is literally so palpable I'm slurping down an extra large hype latte as we speak. 200mg of PURE EFFIN HYPE. But why you so hype my doe? -- LET ME TELL YOU WHY MY SONS (n daughters, lets keep it gender neutral aite its 2k17 up in this muh) We got the Naded. check. We got the overblown controversy. (that actually seems kinda like a legit concern but fugggg it cuz ESL yknow?) We got the GOA--- (too soon) but I'll be damned if that LCQ didn't have me hyping til the wee hours of the morn. We got the Bubu, and the Dubu. THE MOTHAFUGGIN BUBU DUBU YO. damn that's a fun name to say. We got Simms. My lord that dude could read me a fucking airplane safety pamphlet and I'd be on the edge of my seat. We've got the sold out crowd. I mean that's like saying we filled up a 2 stall bathroom at an old country buffet (like when will those stalls not be occupied at OCB?) BUT STILL. The old dusty hype rocket is coming out of retirement for this one folks. Utilizing our new warp-hype-hyper-drive-im-making-this-one-up-as-I-go technology we are going to fly the FUCK into that jiffy lube and tear that food truck up. ONE SHOT TOP MIDDLE. GOT HIM. LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO -anonymous, worlds 2k17 Remember Boss Nasti? Ya stfu me too. This has nothing to do with him. The only reason I bring him up is to utilize the following hype scale I'm just now inventing mid sentence: Boss Nasti ===================== Your first kiss ========== Your second kiss ========== aye ============ MOTHA FUCKING WORLDS 2K17 LETS. EFFIN. GO. Wishing you all a most pleasant day, -jDot out
  22. DUDE THANK YOU. I'm out here trying to just get basic info and ESL is playing where is $!*%ing waldo with the group announcements. I was about to go pop in National Treasure to learn from the man Nicky Cage himself on how to solve complex puzzles. Seriously though after the first few clips I was like pausing the video and zooming in on the weapons trying to see if I was missing some hidden text.. Overly dramatic and impossibly hard to decipher announcements aside -- LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO -IrishDotOut
  23. Wait -- am I a power user? I just need to know whether I should prepare an overly defensive retort or not. Never go over defensive with your retorts unless you're SURE you've been jested. Humbly awaiting confirmation, -jdot out
  24. MMMMMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMM, MMMMMMMMMMM sippin' on that roybox, straight juicy juice status what happened to this duo, they used to be the baddest back when winning was easy, shit it was a habit remember snipedown, lethul, the winning streak tho? before that with the wizard and the legendary goat? damn i'll even toss elamite and some clouds to this bitch back when taking candy from babies with walsh was a cinch i guess what im saying is for how long they've been playing still way too many naysayers and the haterwagon's dragging so i'm offering a lift up in these troubling times the boys are still sick it all will be fine jdot out, im burnt from the wick of these lit ass rhymes -jdot out jdot

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