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  1. Hope everyone enjoyed the skillshot stream this weekend for Halo CE and the Halo FFA. Some new guys to the scene so wanted to give credit where it was due. Thank you for all the kind words we hope to be around more halo in the future. Skillshot stream team Brad - producer Dylen - director / observer Ray - graphics Blake - replays Conrad - stats Jamison - video content Until next time
  2. Hope everyone enjoyed the skillshot stream this weekend for Halo CE and the Halo FFA. Until next time
  3. Lol the classic :) were only operating the ffa and ce broadcast for this one though. Was some awsome games today. Wish you were here Simms
  4. Looks sick for sure but have not had a chance to play it, If you play it let me know what you think if you would
  5. Has anyone seen this looks pretty amazing. https://twitter.com/DejaVu_uVajeD_/status/981118278226599936
  6. I still run events just got back from one but it was all wireless "No Cables" LOL . I sell cables to pay for internet to see your beautiful posts. I'm down to about 199 thousand though
  7. No sir I wasn't able to make it up enjoyed the stream though, gotcha Friday 100% understandable today I saw a lot of timeline tweets saying that all stations were still being used for FFA, wish there was a way just to stay warm in between matches been a problem for as long as I can remember I miss the Bic FFA type stuff where we could just keep playing in between matches, it was more of what I was referring to. Good luck tomorrow I am sure it will be a great champ Sunday. Just something for future events I heard rumors of more then 1 year contract of MLG being around so just wanted bring up a old memory. Have a great night
  8. I wish there was more free play only reason I up-voted. Like I said I had fun was a good event for me.
  9. Anyone know where I can find the event rules for Orlando? looking for my team. @@Clap
  10. Winner gets a free trip to the Las Vegas races and cash prizing but hey I'll take the Xbox instead
  11. Lmao K continue to talk shit. I quite enjoy this. The production is gaming part and then will be on the main stream of NASCAR on Sunday my point was I have another event that my team is working. But I love you to lmao.

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