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  1. Even if you don't have a name or experience, I will run games with you.. However, if you have no experience or a name for yourself, you have to REALLY impress me for me to team with you, more so than people who have experience. That being said, I want to give everyone a shot, regardless of experience. I also will say though, that for the people with no experience, on top of having to play much better than the people with experience, I also need some kind of proof of your being able to afford tournament costs. I've had a teammate not show up at two events and I'm not about to have that happen a third time, that's another reason why having tournament experience is so important; but if you can prove to me that you'll be able to go, then your lack of experience will be less of an issue.
  2. Hey all, my name is Steven aka MuDShoT and I'm currently looking for a team for H5. For those of you who have heard of me, you probably already know my capabilities; for those of you who haven't, I have placed top 24 and top 32 in H3 and have won and placed 2nd in many online tournaments. I was also pretty much always on the main page on gamebattles in singles, doubles and 4v4's in H3, H:R and H4. I'm more than capable of placing high enough to be "in the money" and I need a team with the same capabilities and the "can do" attitude to get there. So, if you're interested in running games, make a post containing your teammates experience along with your own, your's and your teammates gamertags and I'll get back to you when I have time. Thanks and cheers for now, Steven
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