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  1. I think ALG gets 4-0'd. 

    I think they will get 4-0'd as well. As much as i want naded to win i just don't think its possible, unless ALG is playing their absolute best and CLG is playing their absolute worst, which doesn't happen. Either way the Semi finals should have been today as well, who's idea was it to have one best of 7 on Sunday. The viewership will probably be pretty low. Im still excited though.

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  2. Ok, let me rephrase that, because I meant the top 2. They are still 3rd on my list followed by Denial and Allegiance. I don't realize why people think RNG can compete with EG or CLG (mostly EG. I've been seeing and hearing people talk about how they might beat EG if they play, and I just cannot agree.) 

    It really depends on the day, the other day RNG beat EG in scrims if im remembering correctly. I feel as if EG starts getting very frustrated after losing, they have a hard time shaking it off. If Rng can take game 1 off EG i could see it going in favor of Rng, if not i can see EG winning 3-0, really just depends on both teams mental game honestly. They both have the abilty to beat eachother, On the Rng vs CLG side of things, i dont believe anyone thinks Rng can beat CLG unless they get extremely lucky with gametypes and CLG tilting which doesnt happen.


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