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  1. I think they will get 4-0'd as well. As much as i want naded to win i just don't think its possible, unless ALG is playing their absolute best and CLG is playing their absolute worst, which doesn't happen. Either way the Semi finals should have been today as well, who's idea was it to have one best of 7 on Sunday. The viewership will probably be pretty low. Im still excited though.
  2. For some reason i thought the semi finals were tomorrow...? are they just finishing the tourney tonight? or are they only having one match tomorrow?
  3. Remember that time when everyone was predicting Infused to beat Renegades? yea me either....
  4. Today of all days, after 3 years my internet decides NOW it wants to have 330 ping....WTF. GG internet,GG :uncledrew:
  5. With those jackets, how can renegades lose? They have to be on fire.
  6. It really depends on the day, the other day RNG beat EG in scrims if im remembering correctly. I feel as if EG starts getting very frustrated after losing, they have a hard time shaking it off. If Rng can take game 1 off EG i could see it going in favor of Rng, if not i can see EG winning 3-0, really just depends on both teams mental game honestly. They both have the abilty to beat eachother, On the Rng vs CLG side of things, i dont believe anyone thinks Rng can beat CLG unless they get extremely lucky with gametypes and CLG tilting which doesnt happen.
  7. i got 68 the other day http://halo5arena.com/match/1de017a9-373c-4a9d-a6f1-76a67f5dd12b/darkzimpulse?timeplayed=2016-03-01
  8. I think the fact that we where only 7k down from the optic juice numbers is a pretty good standing
  9. Huke was on Denial playing CoD for a long time so i think they have a good relationship. Dont know if they would decide to leave.
  10. Back in 9th grade i remember trying to get through the rest of the week until i could watch the halo 3 event that weekend, and i kept telling myself just a little at a time and it will be here in no time. This week i have felt the same excitement as back in the old days and it feels good. I cant wait. i just have to take a quiz in an hour and im free to halo!
  11. Sponsors are probably one of the best things to happen to halo, with that said i miss the creativeness of teams coming up with their name and logos. It felt more personal.
  12. I think all the pool play should be completed friday? in that case i would imagine some matches would be skipped unless they go well into the night or start very early. I wish there was a schedule out already.
  13. Some days like right now RNG can be dominant, other days they just cant pull anything together. I dont get it, maybe EG is just having an off night but still.
  14. I doubt they would move in but i could see them coming for the regional grind. If they won worlds, then they move in lol

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