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  1. nearly 30k viewers including the MLG stream for the LCQ and we hit around 40k for XGames. Blows my mind #optic
  2. Is this confirmed? i heard Spartan say today he didnt think Lifestyle was going with optic.
  3. Which is weird because during scrims they where winning OBJ and losing nearly every slayer it seemed like.
  4. I agree with this, only in retrospect was it the wrong play. Anything could have happened, it just didnt workout for him. The thrust was the only thing he should have done because that threw the flag to their side camo.
  5. Thats what i thought at first as well but im pretty sure their coach was inside their call during the OQ. Confused me.
  6. This is one of RNG's best gametypes, lets see if we can get a game 5.
  7. Same here. Its a shame people are so closed minded but its to be expected i guess.
  8. Where is the video of Hecz saying this? or was it not a video and just something else?
  9. Does anybody agree with me? I started thinking about the new Requiem team of Legit, Ninja, Ace and Derskey and couldn't help but think that they resemble the 08 Str8 team of T2, Legit, Elamite, and Snip3down. Legit = Legit - (obviously) Tsquared = Derskey - (both play a leadership role, both hype their team up and gives them confidence) Elamite Warrior = Ace - (first of all their brothers, but both of their play styles are similar being well rounded players) Snip3down = Ninja - (may be a stretch because ninja can be a little streaky, but he does have his moments of glory. Snip3down may be more consistant in his shots and plays but its still a match for me) Anyways, i cant wait to see how this new team does and how long they stick together. If they stick together i see them as a top 2 team... but we'll have to see... Let me know what you think.
  10. It was basically for dramatic effect so nobody knew what game it was until he took off the hood.

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