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  1. Best man you need to team up with Defy and come back for season 2
  2. I think the suds should go there separate ways they might have a better chance of placing top8
  3. Omg just picture Borat saying "halo is back......................................not."
  4. Other then NinJa.. live die halo imo. Im sure PC players laugh at the viewer-ship these days.
  5. Yeah true halo makes me pull my hair out playing without 3 or 4 in a party
  6. Love how every hcs match I play kids either go -15+ or quit I played with spartan and we won by 3 cause one of our teammates went 0 and 26. Nearly impossible to win all games even with a part of 2
  7. Best cup of the hcs season 1 imo gg's EG guess warming up with fifa really helps.
  8. Today I was playing hcs playlist on warlord. As I was running flag I fumbled because I picked up a pistol. I didnt even know warlord spawned pistols lol. 343 should take remove pistols frim hcs playlist
  9. Yeah. But c9 is getting worse every scrim. I mean you guys made ninja become an alcoholic lol. And btw you're my favorite pro too watch in H2A because you trash talk but in a respectable honesty kinda way. Good luck in your next event. You defiantly have my sub and I promise too drop you 100$ when EG wins g4g
  10. Looks like dropping Aries is biting optic in the ass. GOOD job flame! I hope optic places outside top 8 for g4g just to prove that dropping a well deserved halo player. I would think that anything with optic that thereplayers wiuld be on contract. Best of luck too noble black hope to see a top 4 placing:)
  11. Seriously how great was justin's "pistola" smack talk and objective style of play. I kinda like him taking that new role.
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