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  1. Is this gonna be over by the time Breaking Bad is on?
  2. In terms of the casting, I think there needs to be a distinction between the "play by play" guy and the expert/analyst. For example when Ghost and Ghandi were commentating, they were constantly talking over each other and it just seemed hectic. I think they should take a page from more traditional sport where the play by play guy will be casting the game as it happens, while the expert chimes in with his analysis of what just happened. For example, a team runs a flag to perfection, the play by play guy will cast the flag run, then once he is done, the analyst will come in and explain how they were able to run it so well, give his expert opinion. Too many times was there interrupting, both guys just screaming, etc. I think Goldenboy does this really well, but I think ghost needs to pick his spots better so that there isn't as much commotion . It's a small thing but I really thing AGL is to a point where a small issue like this can be easily resolved. Just my .2
  3. Doing FFA's right now, need people GT: Jukebox Villain - lets practice for this.
  4. Hey guys, Tonight around 7 or 8 EST I'm gonna try to host a night of FFA's. If you want to come send me a friend request/Message. GT: Jukebox Villain Only requirement is to not be a dick.
  5. Add me I'd love to play with you, I too am in a similar situation! GT: Jukebox Villain
  6. Would love to get in on some customs. GT: Jukebox Villain
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