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  1. YOU know we back when travis from ongamers is interviewing halo players ! i'm so hype !
  2. yes this... i just posted this
  3. Can we have a thread about the full list of teams and whatnot like back in the old MLG forum days? or is there already a thread for this ?
  4. i just can't wait to actually try again... cuz we all know nobody tried in halo reach and halo 4 MM
  5. my halo children have been blessed....with their money. Now wait until halo 5.
  6. i'm just grateful sunny is trying to get something to happen, and he isn't just sitting there ignoring us.
  7. how drunk are goldenboy and benson right now lolol
  8. PLOT TWIST : UMG knew that by MLG announcing that they had an event the same weekend, so they plotted this whole thing to make MLG look bad and try to bring them down... UMG i applaud you . super genius
  9. i think we all knew what was going to happen as soon as MLG announced the event for the same weekend as UMG....
  10. halo 2: sanc,middy halo 3: narrows-construct halo reach: zealot- countdown h4 - ehh
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