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  1. You have played halo while eating spaghetti
  2. ...you blow through an eighth, by yourself, playing strictly big team skirmish and flood.
  3. First of all, there is limited area on a map, so if your team is in good position, the sprinter will be "punished" eventually anyway. Second, saying sprint doesn't punish people who are one shot, Applies to everyone, not just noobs. - Creating no different in how "good" a player is. Pros - Incentivizes better teamwork Cons - No one can accept the small change BTW, I just got a spot on a team with some real good players other than myself, because my sprint is amazing. :ninja: :rolleyes:
  4. Sprint also makes good players even better. Sprint dosent add to or take away from the game as far as i'm concerned, it just changes it.. makes it interesting and new.
  5. So anyway I like sprint. It makes the game more interesting.
  6. No, I am just trying to disprove your theory of sprint enabling players to successfully get away.
  7. I mean, it incentivizes people to kill others more efficiently. If sprint is so easy to run, then why is your KDR anything under infinity? Sprint creates a different strategy where teammates need to have eyes on everyone so that they can team shot quicker. I think this makes Halo MORE interesting. And I am correct about the grenade thing, I was just wondering if you were aware. Yes, glitches like double beatdown, BXR, double shot were fun in Halo 2 (you speak as if i don't know what they are), but I don't think competetive players should be relying on glitch tricks - I think Halo is more about out smarting your opponent strategically.
  8. Okay then, Sprint could also mean, "Kill people quickly before they have a chance to run", which promotes skill and quick reactions. It just depends on your train of thought. Clearly, most thoughts here are set in stone from the past. I don't know if you saw UMG Chicago, but it was interesting as funk. Like i said, I played Halo CE-4, so i know what you are saying, trust me. I am pretty sure H4 has the grenade/sprint glitch/reduction of animation, am I wrong?
  9. I think Halo 4 is fun. I started on Halo CE like most of you, but seem to disagree on the whole sprint and such issue. Sprint and other add ons make a fast paced and unpredictable game. Those who take on the extra work to learn the ins and outs of the new game will do well, while those who are constantly dreading the game that they play because of such add ons will not. Learn to grow with a franchise; you are all stuck in the past and missing the games that no longer exist.
  10. Online Comp. - "To qualify for a chance to compete in the Finals, players will need to complete a minimum of 20 matches in the tournament playlist per week. At the end of each week the players with the top four average scores will be deemed winners and be eligible to compete in the Finals. Additionally, each week qualifying players will have a chance to randomly win** special prizes." I will see you guys on the dance floor.. LFG
  11. What is the best single piece of advice that another pro player has given you to improve your strategy/game-play?
  12. Dersky has a lot of experience with recent events and H4 in general, and is a free agent.. Maybe he isn't the ideal player, but neither was APG with his frantic gameplay. It is all about chemistry once you have a decently solid team.
  13. The last thing Warriors need is bad team chemistry. Cloud, according to you, and naded, according to Mikwen, will just add to Ninja's inherent drama. With that being said, I would like to see: Legit, Ninja, Dersky, Lethul
  14. I changed my GT yesterday... sorry for the confusion but could you change amanda to 'Please YIELD'
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