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  1. Does anyone know how to Spartan charge? Hold melee? Double tap it ? Is it momentum based?
  2. Gamertag: MdotWhitee Customs/MM: Both Region: The Great State of TX
  3. I think the new engine might be a nice engine to play on. No sprint, Nice graphics, I just would like to see what the weapons are going to look like at launch instead of these placeholders.
  4. This!!!! Kids love to throw nades as soon as they can see you anymore
  5. This is so refreshing to know, only sad part is halo 3 will be halo 3.
  6. I like playing H4 more than H3 because I like the idea of my shots actually doing damage.
  7. I got into halo 2 really late and peaked out at a 26 in team slayer. The blue and purpleish rank gave me a boner. Out of all the 50s I got in H3 nothing was more sweet than that measly 26 I worked my ass off for. Now I'm a fan of anything MLG 4v4 , H2, H3, and yes I enjoy some h4 4v4 for the time being.
  8. Just some general tips that help you become a smarter player immediately. Team shoot, don't nade
  9. I'm just so excited that everyone is coming back, matchmaking will be filled with tons great players...if they get the ranking system right.
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