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  1. Hello Gamers, i am nocturnalkernal. I am trying to go pro, Respect to everyone, including teambeyond.net, for sticking with Halo through its ups a downs, GT:NoKcEtRuNrAnLaL
  2. Hello my Gamertag is NocturnalKernal and Im an Amateur Free Agent. I Have Tournament Experience and Specialize in 5th Place. Never teamed with anyone who has placed better than me. Wish I could get a team of Veterans, but I am willing to start from the bottom!
  3. Ok I did want to point out its a FPS Hub and it will expand to Cod. I just figured I'd start with the Halo Pros since I knew them personally.. but none of them responded anyways so I don't even think they'd have the dedication to do it. Couple questions about that wow site, You can have unlimited Friends on WoW right? and do they do anything other than add you that makes it for something? Im glad you all gave me your opinions, someone even told me use indiegogo instead of kickstarted cause you keep the money and it allows paypal So I will be restarting the Project Later. I got the vibe that its not really the right time to start a movement anyways. Thank you guys for your ideas too, when I relaunch this campaign i'm almost positive its going to be successful and ill have the info and pictures to back it all up.
  4. The point of learning from us is because we know how actual 4v4 Halo works as a team. We know how to actually build strategies, make teams, point out your flaws and help you improve individually in each aspect. I can watch pistola stream all day for FREE but i still wont know how ambush is winning every tournament with ease. Plus, you misinterpreted the entire thread. Its about getting all the Pros on a Hub Website where the community grows with the game and pros.. Well said and some good points
  5. That website is pretty Nice. The entire point of the Hub is to Capture the new FPS Games coming out like Destiny, Battlefield 4, and Call of Duty Ghost. Now im seeing Titanfall and I know Xbox One and PS4 are going to bring out a variety of new age type FPS Games soon. Thats why I feel its smart to get the Hub started with the little communities each game has and then expand when the game comes out with a better version Ex. Halo 5. Yea True, Thanks. Yea also True, I just now contacted the Halo Pros. Soon ill get a feeling of whether they really want to be involved or not. Im going to be getting the List of CoD players but LoL might need a little more looking into. I do agree I should expand way beyond Halo but im really trying to stay along the lines of Shooting games. Yea I also agree with the last statements, Hopefully the Pros are willing to do this and if so you'll be hearing more from me, Thanks
  6. Thats a very good point, but dont you feel halo is slowly being revived? I know theres not too much you can do to make the game itself better but every Halo even H3 started out as a work in progress. I feel ever since the 4 Shot update this Game is as good as Halo 3, as far as gameplay(Still needs REAL Ranks). Maybe I only see the competitive side of things but I like to believe Halo is alive again Ive heard of this Titanfall game a few times now, Im about to go look into that. I agree about its popularity, it almost seems like competitive players are 95% of the entire population.. but its not really the case actually, a lot of players who still play are casual gamers. people who signed up on my website that even played competitively were unsure of when to go to there first tournament, one guy was saying he had a hard time moving both thumbsticks. Most of the players that arent good and would be considered on the low end of the skill gap don't even know where to begin, especially when they think about how to go pro. I personally think the problem is how you cant get matches that are fair so you can even meet players of your skill to expand your knowledge of the game. Thats a huge part of why I feel this hub helps, It will unite every player within the game whether there really good or not. But hey, we aint all as good as you <3 nd i do see your point how a lot of people who compete and know pros in the competitve world wouldnt pay for improvement.
  7. Ok I just did. Also, 1 Backer already, Whoop!
  8. Ok there is 4 Different ways that Pros get paid. Lessons, Guide, Affiliate and Inner Circle. The Lessons would be a simple contact forum where the player gets in touch and can schedule the Lessons with the Pro they choose. and yea under the pros name they can have something that says "Times Normally Available". But in my mind its mostly between that Fan and the Pro to get things scheduled officially. Heres a very simple form of how the lessons page will look. http://www.halo4lessons.com/lessons For the inner circle we will be contacting certain Pros for Deals and Specials to see who really wants to make this a Job. As we know some of the Pros are lazy or dont even have streaming/recording equipment. For those Pros we will cut deals where we record and edit their videos and they become a part of a group inner circle. For the individual inner circle, yes, it will be about $9.99 a month. The Pro will add you, do gameplay reviews(gameplay reviews have to be organized games they cant be infinity rumble), and play with you. Brake and I are currently doing this and People are more interested then I initially thought they would be, and were not even mainstream because we don't play anymore. The contract for getting them the inner circle subscribers will most likely be 80% them, 20% us. If there is an Affiliate who hooked the subscriber to the Pro then it will be 70% them 20% Affiliate and 10% Us. So we will only take about $1-2 from the Pro. As for the Pros I just launched this campaign and started promoting it. I will be contacting literally every Pro about it daily. Every Pro thats willing to do it will most likely be promoting it through twitter and kickstarter. I dont have an official list just yet but I will definitely let you know as this progresses who is down and who is hiding. Let me know if you need anymore details
  9. Thanks for the Feeback, this helps answer my main question, How many people actually want to have an FPS Hub dedicated to education?
  10. I think you feel that way because that was MLGs Prime but you have to remember, MLG Didnt even have pictures of Pros outside Top 3. Anybody that didnt compete didnt know who was actually Pro. This idea will make it so Pro Gamers actually have $omething to show for it and it will make players want to compete again simply cause its a real Job! Im sure 95% of the Pros who quit didn't do it because they sucked, they did it because lack of dedication. Why did they lack dedication? The money they recieved for gaming everyday non stop didn't equal the effort they put into gaming and finding good teams. We all remember that survey that basically said the cashier at McDonalds makes more money then the Pros. And thats all because Tournaments, Teams, and even Sponsors are too inconsistent to base your lifes finances on imo. So if we bring honor to being a Pro by actually giving them money to live off then the drive to be Pro increases and can help restore Halo to its top spot while setting the standard for all other FPS games and Pros that follow. Also, Esports for FPS is only getting bigger Tournaments. Call of Duty had the million dollar tournament, Halo has a 500K tournament soon, and Im sure other shooters like Destiny/Battlefield will be big. So with E-Sports also becoming bigger the desire to be a professional gets bigger, and with that the desire to pay for improvement also becomes bigger.
  11. The problem with gaminglessons.com (That was T2's website right?) was that it didnt give the Pros incentives to do stuff so they didn't lol. They didn't see it as actually an income because it would be random when they got lessons scheduled. Where as we will be legitimately contracted with them to get money on a monthly basis, not even using lessons necessarily. The main thing is the Inner Circle where they add subscribers, play with them, and Do Gameplay Reviews to help them out. And the money they get depends on the work. If they get about 7$ a month per subscriber then its up to them to deliver the content to the subscribers. The more consistent content the more people stay, join, and pay. Which builds it up to an actual living off gaming that you can rely on monthly
  12. How??? Ill try twitter but idk if he'll respond
  13. Ok thanks for the Feedback seriously. How do I change the backers so It seems more Legit and less scamish?
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