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  1. Wait, I think you worded this wrong. Am I supposed to be dissapointed? Kappa
  2. I unfortuanatly have had no LAN experience do to lack of funds when Halo was big. But, I've been on that Halo grind since 07. I can tell that THIS is MY game. I feel so comfortable on H5. I am taking this as serious as possible. I have nothing but time to put game time in. I just give me a shot. GT: Thee Theory
  3. GT: Thee Theory I'm very smart player. I solo Q'd myself to Onyx in Team Arena with a 72% win rate. Been playing for years. Looking for a serious team for H5 and events. Message me for tryouts.
  4. I just moved to Tampa two weeks ago, so I'm trying to find a job at the moment. But, I carry kids in ToO on Desting for $$$. So, I have money. But, I'm definetly down to run some games.
  5. Tampa Florida, 23, and not sure what you mean by what do I do.
  6. I adapt to games really fast. If we go to Daytona, we'll place extremely high. I'm a person that observes, and can copy what I see almost perfectly, without any practice.
  7. Hey, I played a you a few times in Hardcore. But, I don't have any event experience, and I know people don't really want to waste their time, but how does one become a break out player, if no one gives them the chance? I'm probably one of the best support/objective players I know. I just need to be around some strong Janitors. GT: Thee Theory
  8. GT: Thee Theory No event experience, never felt confident enough with a roster to go. I can already tell I'm gonna be a monster in H5. Destroyed SK, Gamesager, Ssyphon, and their 4th, 4 games in a row. Wasn't even close. Finished H5 beta Semi-pro 1900+ ( 90% was searched alone. ) I'm willing to grind everyday and practice as much as I can. My support game is real. I'm still missing a few things, but if someone can show me the ways, I know my potential is infinite. I wanna do big things in H5. 100% dedicated.
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